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January 23rd, 2010

I’ve been getting quite a few emails about the absence of kindle editions of late, which I am now very pleased to announce are available via amazon.com:

The Blade Itself
Before They are Hanged
Last Argument of Kings
Best Served Cold

An audiobook of Best Served Cold has also recently come out from Tantor Media, which is available as a download from Audible or in oldskool physical compact disk form , though one should be aware it is unabridged and therefore somewhere around 30 hours, or 22 cds, in length. Wow, that should keep y’all busy. This is an American version, and though I haven’t listened yet myself, I imagine it’s an American reading, which would seem a little strange to me, though probably not if you were American. There are supposed to be some British readings of the First Law appearing at some point, but they’ve been delayed some time due to contractual wranglings of some kind at a level far above me, and at the moment they’re slated on Orion’s website to appear in June this year. So we’ll see…

Posted in announcements by Joe Abercrombie on January 23rd, 2010.

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  • chris says:

    Do we know who the actor/narrator is? Just imagine Roy Dotrice?Andrew Sachs? Christopher Lee? Henry Kissenger?
    Uk version should have Geoffrey Boycot!

  • Wattsyfb says:

    Cool, but one question? How come I cant download the Audio book in Australia? Audible are saying its not available in my area. I know we are poor colonial cousins and all but surely we deserve some pity.

    I always think you get something different out of an Audio book than you do when reading it yourself so looking forward to it.


  • lucidlunacy says:

    So I wasn't the only one e-mailing? My might seems now much diminished. None the less, I have purchased The Blade Itself, and if it continues to please you may fully expect me to purchase the rest for Kindle as well.
    Thanks again.

  • Elena says:

    30 hours! shit, I think I could get just about anywhere in the lower 48 AND BACK with that kind of time! if i ever get enough vacay time to take a road trip again… In the meantime am giggling to myself imagining the truckers who pick it up just for the length, or the hot chick with a sword on the cover, or because it's not daniel steele or dan brown…

  • Chris,
    Boycott was busy, so we're looking into Richie Benaud.

    No idea about Australia. The rights situation is fiendishly complicated, and when it comes to internet sales different publishers, or different parts of publishers, are still trying to protect their territory in the way they would with physical books, which in the long term clearly ain't going to work. But Hachette, who are the overarching international media conglomerate who own Orion, Orbit, the soul of my firstborn, and lots more besides (and distribute the physical books in Australia) seem to be handling the ebooks centrally, now, which gives me hope a consistent worldwide approach can not be long off. Obviously I'd like it available everywhere.

    Your might is as big as you make it.

    Can't say I much care WHY they pick it up…

  • David says:

    Oh this is awesome. I am already going to order the Blade Itself.

  • Oberazzi says:

    Thanks again for pushing the audio versions. It is too bad that the rights situation is so complex. One would think that they would have sorted this out by now. I am reading the Kindle version (on my iPod) while listening to Best Served Cold. Very cool.

  • Jimmy Fleming says:

    Pffft, I'll do the audio recordings for free if'n contractual wranglings are too much…

  • Wattsyfb says:

    Yeah its a shame its not available down here. I havent tried for the e-book, just the Audible.com audio file. I have this issue regularly though, even the ridiculous situation where some books are available in abridged form, but not un-abridged.

    I understand that publishers are trying to protect their copy-write, but by making it hard for people to access files in different countries it simply drives people to torrentz or file sharing. If it was easier to buy i, and many others, would do it everytime. One day record execs (and i now add publishing execs)will get the point that if you value add enough, make your product easy to access and safe, then many people will happily stay away from sites where you get all kinds of junk in your download and simply pay for it. Of course there are many who will still pirate, but thats no different to people who never buy books in the first place (and just use the library for eg).

    Audible, I believe, have mostly done a good job with there audio books. Its cheap, if you get the monthly membership, and the system is simple to use… just a shame i cant get Best Served Cold there for the moment. (promise I won't pinch it from a file sharing site!)



  • Wattsyfb says:

    oh.. and its always been a dream of mine to here Richie Benaud narrate a novel..Catch 22 would be perfect!

  • chris says:

    Rab C Nesbit reads Catch 22!

  • enjai says:

    My girlfriend is a big audible fan and I have bugged her for some time to listen to your books (and don't have the time or gravitas to read them too her), so this may well be her next "free" monthly book.

    The question is whether reading BSC will spoil the first law? I think it's probably not too bad if you are genuinely ignorant of the series. Plus it is a real stand alone so an easier way to judge your writing. I guess Shivers and Jezal could spoil it a little. What say you Joe, should she wait or jump ahead?

  • marky says:

    I’ve never really done the whole audio book thing. But obviously they’re great for people who haven’t got time, or can’t read. The last time I listened to a book being read, I was tuning into Jackanory!

  • Wattsyfb says:

    @ Marky.
    I know what you mean, i never used to be into Audio's either. But my job has my driving loads and over the last year or so Audio books are now a staple for any trip. If I read a book, then listen to the Audio you get two totally different experiences as well, the narrator makes all the difference but great books i'd definitely recommend listening to on audio as well as reading

  • Anonymous says:

    Enjai best served cold wont spoil the first law. I gave it to my girlfriend to get her addicted to Joe and it worked perfectly she hates spoilers and had no problem reading BSC before TFL Joe did a great job of keeping it spoiler free.

  • enjai says:

    Good to hear Anon. No slight against "The Blade itself" but i think it's easier to convince an on-the fence reader with a stand-alone than part one of three.

  • Anonymous says:

    Recently picked up the audible version of Best Served Cold and am loving it! I'm about 1/2 way through reading Last Argument of Kings, but I have a 3 hour round trip commute to work so I am always in the middle of one (or more) printed books and an audiobook as well.
    I can't agree that is entirely spoiler free however. You do learn the fate of some secondary characters and some other things in BSC that may reduce some suspense while reading LAOK for me. But they are relatively minor and I do love the sense of extended continuity.

  • Jakobi says:

    Hey Joe, when's the First Law trilogy coming to the Barnes and Noble ebook store? I'm hoping your publisher isn't keeping it on Amazon only.

  • CJM says:

    also looking for the ebooks on B&N

  • Ruthven says:

    Still no word on when/if it will be available for the B&N ereader? The series certainly has my eye, but I have spoiled myself into not wanting to carry large physical books around anymore.

  • NMMc says:

    Heroes audiobook read by Stephen Pacey?

  • Chivalry says:

    Please.. if there is a God… let Heroes be read by Stephen Pacey….
    Not that Best served cold was badly narrated… but once i have voices set in my head.. its no fun trying to re-adjust to a new set of voices…
    And to be honest,,, after hearing Pacey do the first three… he has become me second fave narrator after Roy Dotrice.. if not joint first….
    Pacey is just awesome…

  • Jared says:

    Chivalry – i felt exactly the same! i listened to Best Served Cold right after The First Law Trilogy and it was a jarring experience. Steven Pacey’s Glokta was amazing BTW 😛 I’m chuckling thinking about it. Cant wait for Heroes on audible, I’m checking every other day.

  • RISSY says:


    it is great that it is published now as an ebook, but for those of us who have other ebook’s besides amazon kindle, do you have another way to by your ebook? (unfortunatly amazon’s kindle and ebook file type are the only ones that are not compatible with anything else.. epub or pdf file type would be the best).

    if there was another to buy your ebook besides via amazon.. that would be really appreciated…

  • MaTT says:

    Just finished the First Law and Pacey was brilliant, brought it all back and sounded just as I imagined.

  • dee says:

    When will the First Law Trilogy be available as an ebook in epub format (some of us have nooks or other types of ereaders other than kindles) in America?

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