Epic Confusion – Detroit

January 4th, 2012

I am off to Detroit in a couple of weeks for Epic Confusion, January 20th-22nd, and it promises to be a doozy for fans of recent epic fantasy, or authors of it too for that matter.  First of all, I’ll be there – which is the defining moment of awesome for any convention, of course – as a guest of the wonderful and handsome Subterranean Press along with Robin Hobb, Peter Brett, and Brent Weeks.  Some guy called Patrick Rothfuss will be guest of honour – I know, the name means nothing to me, it’s not as though he made no. 2 on the UK hardcover bestseller list a few brief weeks after I made no. 3, or anything, those type of things don’t stick in my mind – and Jim Hines will be toastmaster, and there will be a whole host of other authors in attendance, including but not limited to the likes of Scott Lynch, whose first book totally wasn’t published at the same time as mine to far greater acclaim, John Scalzi, Myke Cole, Tobias Buckell, Elizabeth Bear, and so on.  Holy Cow that’s a lot of great authors.  And me.

Usually at conventions I’m lucky to find a single panel to which I might contribute, but the board this year is jam-packed with the epically fantastic.  My own preliminary schedule:

7pm, Friday Salon E     I, Suck  –  Jim Hines   Patrick Rothfuss  John Scalzi  Scott Lynch  Joe Abercrombie

8pm, Friday Salon E     Opening Ceremonies

1pm, Saturday     Boardroom   Reading  –  Joe Abercrombie   Robin Hobb  (we’ll both be reading for 10 or 15 minutes then taking questions)

2pm, Saturday     Salon G    Trilogy: The Base Unit of Fantasy  –  Joe Abercrombie   Bradley Beaulieu    Saladin Ahmed    Michelle Sagara West

5pm, Saturday     Salon E    Mass Autograph Session  –  EVERYONE

8pm, Saturday     Denison 3/4 (Un)Necessary Anachronism  –  Merrie Haskell    Patrick Rothfuss    Violette Malan    Joe Abercrombie   Brent Weeks

1pm, Sunday Salon G     Horses and Swords and Castles, Oh My!  –  Myke Cole   Patrick Rothfuss    Joe Abercrombie   Peter V. Brett    Bradley Beaulieu

I know.  Great lineups, huh?
As usual, anyone who wants any/all of my books signed can feel free to track me down either at the mass autograph session or really at pretty much any other time I’m not actively involved with the programme.  I daresay I will generally be found haunting the bar.  Hope to see you there…

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  • John says:

    Joe – in the future would you consider posting your travel schedule further in advance? Those of us on this side of the pond (United States) don’t get a whole lot of opportunities to meet you and this line-up is crazy impressive.

    Will you be making any other appearances while in the States?

  • Chris says:

    Wow, some great fantasy authors there! Is there anything like this closer to the Central IL area. Maybe Chicago, STL, Springfield…around there? Troy, MI is an 8+hour drive for me.

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    Usually I do post way further in advance as well but looks like I dropped the ball this time. Sorry, it’s just Detroit this time around and currently no other Stateside plans – it really does depend on who happens to invite me. I’m getting a lot more invites as time goes on, though, so you never know. I’ve yet to do any actual touring in the States.

  • ColinJ says:

    Sounds like a blast. Any chance you could do an advance reading from A RED COUNTRY?

  • redhead says:

    this is my first Convention, and if I get to see you it’s gonna spoil me forever.

  • JDP says:

    Holy duckshit, Batman! That is an impressive lineup indeed.

    Unfortunately the location has missed it’s ideal target by about 3,710 miles.

  • SwindonNick says:

    A very impressive line up. Hope Scott Lynch makes it, he has been somewhat quiet of late because of health problems. I shall look forward to your after match report….!

  • Adam says:

    If you’re in Detroit and you’re not a vegetarian, go get some barbecue.


    Thank me later.

    Every time I’m in Detroit, this is a high priority for me. There and Mudgie’s Deli. Either one is a great place to get some chow.


  • David says:

    Give Scott Lynch a hug from us here in England. Hope he’s doing ok.

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