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April 24th, 2009


Looks as if Best Served Cold will be Waterstones sci-fi/fantasy book of the month for June. That’s exciting for me, of course, because it means all kinds of excellent selling opportunities like end displays and tables and stickers, and those little tags on the shelves where x says they love y because of z. It’s exciting for me because I love sales like Scipio Africanus loved dead Carthaginians. That boy could NEVER get enough, and neither can I. Sales, that is, not Carthaginians.

But maybe you’re thinking – “Hold on. I don’t know if that’s all that exciting for ME. I can see why you’re excited, Joe, but why should I be, huh? I already knew the book was coming. I’ve already been jonesing for the book ever since I finished Last Argument of Kings. My life has been on HOLD, man. I’ve already ordered the book. I’m not going to get it until the 18th of June when I’ll lock myself in the bathroom so I can read it six times and my friends will all think I’ve died. I don’t need Waterstones to tell me to buy it. So just what good is this to me, Joe, huh? Why the hell should I be excited? WHAT’S IN THIS FOR ME, JOE, FOR ME?”

Whoah, there, calm down. What’s in it for you is that Waterstones want to make it book of the month for June, right? That means the whole month. That means right from the start of June, not just from the 18th. That means publication comes back. That means the book’s going to be out in the UK on June 1st, not June 18th. Imagine how many times you could read it locked in the toilet for those WHOLE EXTRA 18 DAYS.

Now do you see why you should be excited?

Do ya?

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  • Jason H says:

    Will you be doing a book signing tour Joe?

    If so I think including the Waterstones in Leadenhall Market would be a really good idea 😛

  • Anonymous says:

    Does that mean Amazon will send the book early or will I need to ‘physically’ go to Waterstones and buy the book to get it those 18 days earlier?

  • Jason H,
    I’ll certainly be doing a signing in London, possibly one or two elsewhere. Weather Leadenhall Market specifically, I couldn’t say yet…

    I believe Amazon, and, indeed, all other booksellers, should be shipping on the 1st. It’s short notice, though, so there may be some minor delays in getting the books out.

  • Awesome. I’ll have to place my pre-order with Amazon.uk today.

  • Emma says:

    Seems like fate really hate me…well but only if it’s exist.

    Two days earlier and I’d be able to buy it myself in the UK…
    But no, me and my class are going 2 days before 1st June back to Germany.
    but okay~ I’m looking forward holding your novel in my hands.

    Do you intend to come sometime to Germany?

  • Theology Jen says:

    Top banana! Now we can read it on our holidays, like we did with the other three. A tradition is maintained – huzzah for Waterstones …

    ,,, er, and for you, of course, for writing it in the first place, you excellent fellow.

  • Good news, Joe 🙂

    @ Emma

    UK bookstores have a ‘relaxed’ attitude to when they put their books on shelves, unless the author’s name is JK Rowling and they have more lawyers than God. As a result, it’s not uncommon to see the latest hot release on sale several days before the official date, sometimes as much as two weeks. So it’s certainly worth taking a look in the shops two days before the release date just on the off-chance.

  • K. Sun says:

    You should get down and dirty with us Aussies sometime. We enjoy good fiction. Yus we do. Oh yus ser.

    When is Best Served Cold being released down under anyway? I don't remember actually seeing an Aussie release date.


    But congratgulations anyway.

    On a completely unrelated note, I wish I had a banister. >:

  • David Wagner says:

    Awesome news. I hope this year turns out to be your best one yet.

  • Brian says:

    How incredibly inconsiderate – now I’ve got even less time to finish the other 75 books in my ‘to-read’ pile before starting on your new one.
    The sheer cheek of it. I may write to my MP…

  • Anonymous says:

    can i order it from germany and get it on 1st june ?

  • Susanne says:

    What utterly spiffing news. I’m having minor surgery on the 2nd, and your new tome will no doubt totally make me forget any pain! (Especially as I’m expecting any character of yours to experience much, much worse pain than I ever will. 😉

    Awesome. Oh, and very well done to you!

  • marky says:

    Joe, does that mean I’ll actually get the copy I won before June? Or have you simply forgotten about me because you’ve been spending too much time looking in the mirror and making babies?

    (In the voice of Harold Steptoe) You dirty, dirty old man.

  • If it’s book of the month will they be making it cheap?

    I was just going to steal it for scanning purposes, then put it on the internet.

    Wouldn’t have read it and it’s one of those automatic scanners so there wasn’t even any risk of catching the occasional word during the monotonous process of feeding in the torn out pages.

    But if it’s going to be cheap then I might steal two in-case one Jams up my scanner.
    Cheap books mean i’m robbing you of less right?

    And I liked your first three so I suppose I owe you some meagre courtesy.

  • Tyson says:

    Hey Joe,
    I love your series and I am looking forward to your upcoming book, any idea if your publisher will be releasing it for ebooks as I live in Korea and have difficulty finding English books like I would back in the states. The Amazon Kindle is my perfect solution only problem is that your books are not available. If you could make this happen I would be extremely happy. Thanks for your time.

  • Jamie says:


    Check this link when you’re in the UK: http://www.waterstones.com/waterstonesweb/displayStockAvailability.do?sku=6209816

    It should let you know if any of the Waterstones stores have it before you leave. Note that you might have to get them to go look in the back, as, if they’re busy, they may only check the shelves.

    This persistance led me to get Dan Simmon’s ‘Drood’ before the official release date.

    Good luck.


  • Mad Hatter,
    Place away.

    Some good advice from other posters there…

    Theology Jen,
    Huzzah! Huzzah!

    My advice is to burn those other books. On June 1st they will all become obsolete.

    K. Sun,
    You get the UK editions, so it should be around in June, possibly even on the 1st, but I don’t know for sure.

    David W,
    It is great news

    Not sure about that one. Possibly…

    Yes, the extreme pain experienced by my characters even in the first chapter will no doubt make you feel much better.

    Have you not received anything? It was sent out some time ago. You were the second dice rolled winner, right? I signed it and everything.

    Yes, cheap books mean you’re robbing me less. Sigh.

    I think they’re releasing the ebook about the same time as the hard copy. Not absolutely sure where or how, though. I’ll post as soon as I hear anything.

  • marky says:

    Not a dickey-bird, Joe. Me thinks the postie is enjoying my spoils. I’m utterly gutted, and if I catch the sneaky offender, they’ll be shitting through a straw for years to come.

  • El_K says:

    Aaah exams in June, they finish on the 16th so 18th is good.
    1st is bad!! Im gonna fail if I even make it…
    Hope nothing good comes out this time next year cos I’ll be repeating this year for sure!

  • phild says:

    One signing venue doth not a tour make (especially as you are favouring our Scandinavian cousins with at least three).

    How about a visit to the provinces (a progress as it was called in ancient times)? After all, it is only fair to give the masses a chance to touch the hem of your garment.

  • Leiali says:

    Great news, seeing as I bemoaned the fact that it wouldn’t be out on my birthday in the first week of June, but lo and behold it will be!

  • Isis says:

    Nice! Probably see you at your London signing then, where I will make a special exception and buy a copy of your new book even though I’ve just finished reading it. Jolly decent of me, I think.

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