Extra Events for The Wisdom of Crowds

September 20th, 2021

Due to various unforeseeable circumstances, such as the Swansea branch of Waterstones flooding the evening before I was due to arrive (seriously, you can’t make it up), we had to shift the three extra Wisdom of Crowds events back a couple of weeks. Obviously it’s bad that the shop flooded, but the UPSIDE is that if you live in Swansea, or for that matter Cardiff or Birmingham, THERE IS STILL TIME to get a ticket and come and see me in the actual flesh. Details below:

Wednesday 13 October 

6.30pm Waterstones

Tickets and more information


Thursday 14 September 

6.30pm Waterstones

Tickets and more information


Friday 15 September 

1.30pm Waterstones

Tickets and more information


Hope to see some of you at one or other…

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  • pctek says:

    Some of us live far too far away to go to such things.
    Still, I have only met one author, and while it was pleasant listening to his speech (at a con) I don’t feel the need to meet them, I just buy the books, read them over and over and remain happy they made the effort to provide me with great entertainment.
    I guess it’s a publisher thing….promote sales….
    I think it’s good for first books….but then once you have found an author, I always look out for new books from them from then on.

  • Mark Coulter says:

    Any idea of when you are coming back to the northeast England?

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    Generally appearances aren’t a lot of use for new authors, unless they’re already celebrities in some way, cos no one’s heard of them by definition so probably won’t come to see them. From the publisher’s PoV it’s mostly about building support from booksellers and getting copies through the till on the week of sale. But it is always nice to look the readers in the eye as well…

    It’s mostly up to the booksellers to invite me and put together a compelling pitch that they can make an event work. With pandemic still looming over shopping behaviour I think a lot of stores are worried they won’t get the attendance to make it worthwhile. And maybe they’ve got other more pressing stuff to worry about.

  • Kate says:

    Hi 🙂 would love to meet you some day. I live in Germany and haven’t yet managed to be in the UK whenever one of those events take place. Hope to catch you one time, haha :)) love your books and can’t wait to read Wisdom of Crowds!

  • Cynthia says:

    What are the chances that would tour in Germany? It’s been a while since I met you at the Worldcon in Finland, back then I was a new fan… Now I cannot get enough of your books. I have read them all <3 and recommended to all my friends.
    Hugs from Germany,

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