October 5th, 2009

So I’m off to be a guest of honour (I know, stop laughing, they are clearly using ‘honour’ in its broadest possible sense) at Fantastyval, a fantasy festival (No!) in Holland from 16th-19th October. The schedule shall be:

Saturday 17th
11.30-11.50 Reading
13.00-14.00 Lecture (Probably about expectations in epic fantasy)
15.30-15.50 Reading
16.30-17.30 Informal chat, Q&A;, and signing

Sunday 18th
11.30-11.50 Reading
13.00-14.00 Panel “Writing across borders”
15.00-15.20 Reading
16.00-17.00 Informal chat, Q&A;, and signing

So a lecture (which I have given before but *ahem* some members of the fantasy-buying public have yet to hear it), plus some informal Q&As; and four readings. Still wondering exactly what to do for the readings, but probably at least one from the First Law, one from Best Served Cold, and one from the forthcoming and as yet entirely-un-exposed-to-the-public The Heroes (ooooooooooh, how incredibly exciting). Perhaps I shall look forward to seeing some of you there…

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  • Anonymous says:

    I have asked this before but when are you coming to the USA!!!!!!! It's time i say it's time!!!

  • Anon,
    I'll be coming just as soon as someone invites me. When that'll be, I don't know. It's a costly and time consuming business getting an author to the US, and then around the US to visit a reasonable number of places, and these days it's often money that's better spent on marketing and publicity. Hard to make the sums add, I'm afraid…

  • Anonymous says:


    You can do anything if you put your mind to it. Turn a couple tricks, you'll be here in no time.
    Good luck.

  • Bombie says:

    If I'd go, I'd have to cross the border. If I'd go, I'd go for you.

    Any clue as to the odds of not getting inside for the reading/panel/..?

  • Erik says:

    awesome! Please save the Heroes reading for the Sunday

  • Anonymous says:

    A book called the The Heroes set in the north with more cameos than Best Served Cold. I cant wait. When might the lowly JOE fans across the pond get to read a sample chapter?

    P.S. If I get to read your next book before I get to Read GRRM's I think you will be my new favorite author (and I am a HUGE GRRM fan)

    Your writing seems to improve with each book which should make The Heroes the most entertaining book I have ever read. Pleas don't let down 🙂

    (no pressure)

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey Joe, just a quick question.

    In the First Law trilogy, you used periods between words to act as pauses. In Best Served Cold, you used "…"
    Something. Like. This. (First Law)
    Something… like… this (Best Served Cold)

    Any reason? Or was it a publisher's idea? And what will it be in Heroes?
    Personally, I prefer the periods. Clearly, that means you should switch back.


  • björn says:

    I know, stop laughing, they are clearly using 'honour' in its broadest possible sense

    They're honoured that after everybody cancelled, you were willing to come anyway 😛

    Pitty, I didn't know it earlier and that it takes so much time before your books are translated into Dutch. ;(

  • Stephen says:

    Totally unrelated to your post but, Newsnight Review last night did a bit on geek culture, and sci fi and fantasy books, and whilst the cameraman does the browsing the local bookshop insert, I spotted a few books with your name on them. Some of them with the new cover too! Can't complain at free advertising on the BBC.

  • Anonymous says:

    I see that the festival is on the 17th and 18th, but you are in Holland from the 16th to the 19th. Are you doing any other signings or events during your stay?

  • not so anonymous says:

    Joe, I am formally inviting you to the US. And what better way to get readers' attention than oh I don't know say A BOOK STORE! There problem solved, no more excuses.

    But seriously please let us know if and when you do plan to make the treacherous journey!!!!

  • Kim says:

    Hello Joe,

    As promissed, on Fantastyval, I’ve read your first book. I also promissed that I would let you know how I liked it, so here I am, trying to type something in Englisch on your website.
    Maybe it where my little knights (now 5 and 2 years old)who distract me, or I couldn’t find a good position on the sofa, but te first part of the book gave me a bit of a struggel. I put it away when I was about halfway and left it on the shelve for about 2 months. Then I gave it another go. This time it was easy to read and yesterday I finaly finished it. Luckely I boucht the second part also (but without your signiture, so we have to meet again)and I can asure you it won’t be long onread on the shelve.

    Groetjes Kim

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