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May 12th, 2011

It seems I am now able to add another name to the ever-lengthening list of awards I haven’t won, for I duly note that my short story, The Fool Jobs, is one of five finalists for a Locus Award.  It’s actually not a short story apparently, as at some 8,000 words (yes, I can’t even write a short short story) it sits in the novelette category, somewhere between a short story and a novella in length.  The cynical among you might say something like, “ha!  Novelette is, like, way the softest of the categories, I’ve never even heard of that before,” to which I would reply something like, “I don’t care, bitch, I’m a finalist, yeah!”  And then the cynical among you would say, “Neil Gaiman’s in the same category as you, you might as well go home,” to which I would be all crestfallen and say something like, “ah.  Shit.  You’re right.  Never mind.  I don’t care about awards anyway.”  I also note, however, that the anthology in which The Fool Jobs appears, Swords and Dark Magic, is a finalist in the anthologies section.  My congratulations to its editors Lou Anders and Jonathan Strahan, along with the galaxy of other leading fantasy writers who contributed, though obviously less well than me, since they weren’t finalists individually.  Yeah!  It’s me that gets my ass handed to me by Neil Gaiman.  Meeeeeeeeee!

In other news, the shockwaves of bankrupt nihilism continue softly to reverberate, and have inspired an interesting consideration of The Heroes by Alex Preston writing in Salon Futura.  You tend to read opinions from folks steeped in the fantasy genre, so interesting to get one from a writer who stands well outside it but happens to specialise in violence in literature more generally.  As an interesting aside, I note in comments that Guardian columnist Sam Jordison went to the same school as me.  What are the odds?

And in further news my UK publisher, Gollancz, is celebrating its 50th birthday this year, and to celebrate will be reprinting 10 of its most notable fantasy and science fiction titles in traditional yellow jackets.  You may go and vote for your favourites from a list of 50, and believe me it’s a hell of a list.  Oh look!  There’s one of mine on there.  Fancy that…


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  • Eli says:

    You got my vote, Sir. Man, there were many good ones in there, though! It’ll be interesting to see who finally wins

  • Joe mate, Tim Pratt beat Gaiman to a Hugo. You can do it!

    Glad you liked Alex’s piece. Comparable to Tolstoy at his best, eh?

  • Harry Fairless says:

    Even if you don’t win, I’ll still love you (just not as much).

  • Patrick says:

    I went to the website with every intention of voting for your book, but when I saw Patrick Rothfuss’ excellent The Name of the Wind, I had to vote for that. And it’s not just because we share a first name.

  • chris upton says:

    Bankrupt Nihilism. Hmmmmm. Someone should do a t-shirt with that as a logo. Kind of along the same lines as “Oh John Ringo no!”

  • chris upton says:

    Oh and congrats on the nom.

  • Jacob says:

    Don’t fret it too harshly if you do loose to Neil. The guy’s a “popular” writer who has legions upon legions of fans who only enjoy his work because he’s rather “soft and poppy” so to speak. Rarely do most within the real world today enjoy “actual fantasy” in the form where it imitates the dark, cruel natures of reality. Such as you and Martin.

    Gaiman is a competent writer. but has been hoisted up on the shoulders of the masses.

    Other than that, congrats on the nomination man! Your short and Tim Lebbon’s “The Deification of Bal Mora (sp?)” were excellent. Can’t forget Steve Erikson either.

  • Carl says:


    Whew! I just read that article. So many big words! Well written though and I like the fact he is on our side in the Battle of Bankrupt Nihilism.

    Also, I notice you posted on the 4th, the 8th and 12th. I guess the you posted on the 4th from America, pumped after you interview with GRRM. The 8th was short because you were busy reading Dance and now that you have finished, a longer post today.

    So, spill the beans, is the wait worth it? Is Dance a good read or what?!

    Finally, I would buy a t-shirt with Bankrupt Nihilism on it.

    Choice bro,

  • ColinJ says:

    Careful, Joe. You’re dangerously close to being humblebragged. 😉

    All kidding aside, congrats on the nomination.

  • bta says:

    Nice one, Joe.
    ‘Swords and Dark Magic’ is a quality collection, what you might call a ‘best of breed’ showcase. Inclusion equals kudos IMO.

    As for the Locus shortlist, yes, Gaiman is there, but if worst comes to worst you can take consolation in the fact that you have a much better haircut. And that K.J. Parker isn’t lurking in the background.

  • chris upton says:

    bta-But how will we know if KJ Parker is lurking in the background? No-one knows who s/he is.

  • DJR says:

    Gluck Joe.

    Did you get any say on which of your books Gollanz put forward?

    I saw your series getting recommended on the iMDB Game of Thrones board the other day, soiling the sensibilities of many sensitive Americans it seems. Had an increased U.S. reaction since your HBO interview?

  • Faust says:

    Patrick, you voted for Rothfuss over Abercrombie? You chose pretentious boredom over action and interesting story?

  • Benjamin says:

    Firstly Faust I agree holeheartedly with you! Joe congrats on the nomination to be in the shortlist alone is some acheivment what a collections of authors to say the least, good luck!

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