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January 31st, 2012

That you may all mark out time in your calendars now, my preliminary schedule…

3rd-5th February – SFX Weekender, Prestatyn, Wales.  It’s been a real laugh the last two years, with a bigger and better venue this time around, and I understand some 4000 attendees expected, which I believe makes it the UKs biggest genre event by some margin.  I’ll be on a couple of panels:

3pm, Friday 3rd: Elf Preservation – without magic and monsters it’s not fantasy, is it?

4pm, Friday 3rd: Signing at the Forbidden Planet stand.

5pm, Friday 3rd: SF&F Just a Minute hosted by Paul Cornell and featuring the comic talents of me, Sarah Pinborough, China Mieville, and Toby Whithouse.  This should be a scream.  Of undiluted frustration and shame.

4pm, Saturday 4th: It’s not a story it’s a map – does fantasy place worldbuilding over character?

6th-9th April – Eastercon, Heathrow.  Looks as if I may be on a couple of panels related to the writing craft, but details as I have them.  I’ll certainly be haunting the bar if nothing else.

26th June – Middlesbrough Literary Festival for a reading and Q&A.

5th-7th October – Swedish Fantasy and Sci-Fi Convention, Stockholm, where I’ll be a guest of honour, would you believe.

2nd-4th November – GenreCon in Sydney, Australia.  This is a new event combining authors and enthusiasts from various genres.  It looks as though I’ll also be touring in Australia as part of this visit, but the exact details are very much up in the air.

More details as I have them….


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  • James Salmon says:

    I hope that this potential tour of Australia, despite its details being up in the air, will include a stop in the frequently forgotten Tasmania.

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    Well, I guess I’ll know that once the details are no longer up in the air. Honestly, where I go will be largely up to my Australian publisher/distributor. It’s not confirmed that I’ll be doing anything yet. But a strong possibility.

  • Suzann Welker says:

    Soooooooooo what does Mrs A and the little A’s think of all this gadding about? I think you should pack them all up for a look at the roos. And what woman doesn’t want to be called a sheila just once in her life?

  • Harvey Quinn says:

    See you at Eastercon then Joe!

  • Bridie says:

    Im shocked that Bath Literary Festival didnt make a fabulous event to honour you now being a Bathonian, shame on them! Also will you attend the night with George R R Martin on April 4th? Because that would be mind blowingly awesome, in fact you’d probably steal the show from His Beardyness.

  • RuthAnn says:

    DragonCon in Atlanta? I would brave the Miss Klingon pageant itself to have you sign my copy of The Heroes!

  • Johan says:

    “5th-7th October – Swedish Fantasy and Sci-Fi Convention, Stockholm, where I’ll be a guest of honour, would you believe.”

    Uppsala, not Stockholm, as a matter of fact. Though they might look the same from a distance – a forty minute train ride from the centre of Stockholm to the centre of Uppsala, both twenty minutes from the airport – they’re distinctly different cities.

    (, if anyone in Sweden is reading this and wondering what and where and so.)


  • Yax says:

    Sydney in November is some great timing Joe as I’m moving back up in August!

    Never been to any sort of event or expo thing for writers and never really wanted to go, but for some reason I have an overwhelming desire to be there now! *insert excited girly squeal here*

  • James says:

    OMG so close! *cue whiny school girl voice* Pleaaaaaaase come to Melbourne, Melbourne is awesome. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want you to come down for completely selfish reasons.

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    What can I say? The organisers said Stockholm…

    It was your moving back that first made me think about it.

    Wait and see what gets arranged. Melbourne might be on the itinerary…

  • Longbowman says:

    Joe… August looks pretty open for you! You should put Gen Con Indy on your list of things to do and places to be! Hang out in Author’s Row… meet your fans, play some games, drink some adult beverages, no downside! And you get to benefit from all the improvements that Indianapolis has made to the city since they got the nod for hosting the Super Bowl! What’s another trip across the great big sea to a famous person like you?

  • Max says:


    Do you ever dome to Kent at all? You don’t seem to get any authors coming to Kent.

  • Jimmy says:

    Joe, when in Sweden (Uppsala, the last heathen outpost in Scandinavia) I recommend visiting this place:

    The Royal Mounds are cool.

  • Jeff says:

    Come to the US. You can totally stay at my house. I have both whiskey and whisky.

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