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July 7th, 2014

I have returned from a week of events for the UK publication of Half a King, and they went very well, I must say.  On previous tours there have always been a couple of great events but a couple of … less great ones, especially with the daytime events where you’re not talking or reading, just signing.  This time around the rooms were pretty much full throughout, which makes the whole business a pleasure.  You’re largely reliant on the staff of the bookshop to publicise it and get people in the door, a good bookseller really making all the difference, so thanks to all the staff who helped to make the events happen, and to all the readers who turned out, not to mention my long-suffering publicist Jaime, whose unenviable task it was to get me from A to B.

HOWEVER, if you were unable to make any of last week’s events but STILL BURN TO SEE ME IN THE FLESH, I’ve got a few appearances coming up over the next couple of weeks in London, Bath and Derby:

Friday 11th July

6.00pm – Signing at Forbidden Planet London179 Shaftesbury Ave, London WC2H 8JR. For more information contact the store on: 020 7420 3666

Saturday 12th July

10.30am – Talk and reading at YA Lit Con/London Film and Comic Con, on the book zone main stage, followed by a signing.

Wednesday 16th July

7.30 for 8.00pm – Talk at Toppings Bath, The Paragon, Somerset BA1 5LS. Tickets are £6 and available in store or on 01225 428111

Saturday 19th July

Edge Lit festival Derby For further details check here.

3.00pm – Panel: Are We Entering a New Era of Fantasy Fiction? Graham Edwards, Janet Edwards, Freda Warrington, Joe Abercrombie in Cinema 2

4.00pm – Guest of Honour Interview/Q&A in The Box

I’ll also be sit-down signing at some point in the day, impromptu signing at any point in the day, AND, I believe, later on, I will be presenting the Raffle.  That’s right.  Can’t say I ever expected to present a raffle.  But it’s happening.

Hope to see some of you at one or other of these…


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  • Dai Topliss says:

    So why don’t you come to Wales Joe?

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    I pretty much go where my publicist tells me, she plans a tour based on pitches from bookstores, her own experience of where shops tend to get good crowds, and where we can physically get to from one day to the next. That does mean you usually follow a well-trodden path between the big English and Scottish cities where authors often go and the shops have plenty of experience at running events. But with the next book (february) we’ll try to spread the net a bit wider if we tour again. I hope we’ll be able to fit in a welsh and a northern irish event, we shall see…

  • Dai+Topliss says:

    Fair enough. You’ve got an ever increasing fan club in Swansea. Be great to see you this side of the bridge.
    Loving the new one. Have to limit my reading time so I don’t finish it too quickly.
    Thanks for responding.
    Take care

  • Dai Topliss says:

    Ah that’s fair enough.
    Still, hope to see you this side of the bridge one day.
    You’ve got an ever increasing fan club in Swansea.
    Thanks for responding
    Take care

  • James says:

    Was great to finally meet you and for you to see my wife’s rather large obsession with a certain Caul Shivers!

  • Count+Spatula says:

    My sis and I really enjoyed the Oxford Q&A session, Joe, it was brilliant seeing you in the flesh.

    And I absolutely ADORED the book, it was severely entertaining in the classic Abercrombie style – I loved all the wonderful three-dimensional characters, the vivid setting, those sneaky plot twists… I just want to know what happens next! More please!!

  • Dave 9 Fingers says:

    Another Welsh fan here, please convince your publicist that we too buy your books. Heck I will buy a second copy if I can get you to sign one. And yes I have 9 fingers, but mine wasn’t in heroic circumstances.

  • Chris says:

    Half a Sussex? Great to meet you at Goldsboro last week. If you’re planning to go off the beaten track for the next book in February, how about Brighton or Eastbourne in East Sussex!

  • Ashana Lian says:

    Excellent! Super chuffed I managed to finish Half A King in time, and I wasn’t going to review it on my blog but I had so much praise for it that I did anyway, heh. Now I can bring it along to London Film And Comic Con tomorrow, hopefully get it signed…? 🙂 Sweet!

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