God Bless Us, Every One

December 24th, 2008

Ho, ho, ho! Ah, tis Christmas Eve. Some very merry Yuletide cheer to all readers of my books or blog at this most festive season of the year.

All alone at Christmas? Reconstituted turkey roll and one bar on the electric fire? Never fear, there is an extremely lengthy and in-depth video interview with yours truly available courtesy of Rob Grant at Sci-Fi London. Why, it’s the next best thing to actually having me as a house-guest over the Christmas period!


As well as the season of holly, carolling, snowmen and Santa, it’s also the season of year-end best-ofs throughout the blog-o-sphere. Let me dip into my sack (ooh er) to see what Christmas goodies I can find…

SFX magazine asked its readers to vote for their favourite book of the year. Who’s down there at number eight? Why, it’s only Last Argument of Kings! And Pat of Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist has posted his 10 favourite genre novels of 2008. His top four are a total mess, but around number five he starts to sort himself out. Werthead did better, he only got number 1 wrong! Last Argument of Kings came in at number 2 on his list.

No doubt there will be more top 10 style amusement as we pass into the new year. I for one can hardly WAIT.

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  • Last Argument would have gotten that half-star extra and come #1 except…

    NO MAPS.

    Oh yeah, I went there 😛

    Merry Christmas, Joe!

  • Bob Lock says:

    Nadolig Llawen Joe!

  • David M. says:

    Very interesting interview Joe, very honest.
    I read all 3 of your books this year, and they each made my Top 10; in fact they made the Top 3! Would love to hear audiobook versions – any news?
    And thanks for the enthusiastic posting about The Wire which persuaded me to buy the DVDs – on series 3 right now…

    David M.

  • ashono says:

    Joe, I just finished reading The First Law trilogy and just wanted to say that I enjoyed EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER. Couldn’t say the same for anything else and I’ve read quite a few.

  • ron says:

    thanks. and you have a good time, too, Joe!

  • Adam,
    You may go where you please. Just don’t be surprised if you find there’s no one else there…

    Bob Lock,
    No speako Klingon, Bob.

    David M,
    Audiobooks should be coming in the not too distant future. They’ve been slightly held up by contractual wranglings, not involving me directly. I’ll keep y’all informed as and when. Audio rights in German were also sold a couple of weeks ago, actually…

    Thanks a lot, glad you enjoyed ’em.

    My pleasure.

  • Bob Lock says:

    Klingon indeed!
    Don’t you recognise Ferengi when it’s written?

  • lannasdad says:

    The books are bloody good – win awards – there is the next inevitable step…..this probably has been raised before, but what about the movie rights ? I know it may be a sod to sell a movie trilogy so full of bad language,lost souls and flying limb, but imagine this:
    Gerard Butler/Russel Crowe as Ninefingers
    Kevin Spacey (or even Johnny Depp) as Glotka
    I’m sold. Who would you have as Bayaz…..?

  • Well Pat did make it up to you by naming you MVP AWARD: SFF AUTHOR OF THE YEAR.

    And even better for us fans you won the MOST ACCESSIBLE AUTHOR AWARD. Which is totally deserved!

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