Goodbye Blogger, Hello WordPress

March 18th, 2010

Ah, it’s good to be back.  For the last couple of weeks we’ve been in the long overdue process of moving the site across to WordPress, which has caused some interruption to posting and e-mail.  And when I say we, of course, I mean people other than me.  People who actually know what they’re doing.  So if you’ve had no response to your query about where my next book is, that’s why, and not because I’m too lazy to reply.  Not just because.  But it’ll all be worthwhile.

Upsides – better functionality, greater flexibility, and with any luck more frequent updates of both site and blog, and in the longer term perhaps all kinds of exciting re-skinning and clever whoop-de-do.  Maybe.  Plus from now on the site will be up to 20% more informative and 30% more amusing.  Honest.

Downsides – undoubtedly there’ll be some teething issues, some broken links and so forth which will hopefully be ironed out in due course.  And comments to old blog posts have been lost to the ether.  Sucked into the void.  They are no more.  I know.  All those lovely comments that created the illusion that I wasn’t all alone in the world.  That made me look like a hilarious, beautiful person holding forth to a delighted, thigh-slapping crowd rather than some mental person shouting at nonexistent aliens on a midnight street corner.  All those expressions of sympathy when I was hit over the head with a banister.  All those messages of support when I got a bad review.  And all those people who thought Glokta should have two heads on the cover, or whatever.  All gone, leaving my forlorn posts with that gravestone exclamation point of “0 comments”

Still, if we all pull together on this, I feel confident that we’ll soon have more comments than ever.  Yeah.  Thousands of comments.  Too many for anyone ever to read.  And spam.  Piles of spam.  So much spam no one will be able to find the real comments!  Real fake watches, cut-price viagra-substitute and phishing scams a-go-go!  And I shall reign over the internet from a throne made of your broken skulls!  Yeah!  You hear me?  Ahem. 

By all mean leave a comment.

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