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September 24th, 2013

You can pre-order the print collection of the first four issues of The First Law Graphic Novel now over here at Blind Ferret’s online shop.  It should be possible to get delivery to pretty much anywhere, I am told, though there may be some cost implications.  Just so that no one gets confused, this is a preorder, I’m told the book won’t actually be shipping until December.

Folks been asking me if there’s going to be a hardcover.  No such plans at the moment, this is a 128 page full colour soft-cover.  I’ll try to answer any questions below…

Posted in announcements, Graphic Novel by Joe Abercrombie on September 24th, 2013.

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  • Davieboy says:

    Thanks, done! I’ve been avoiding looking at the online pages to avoid spoilers (yeah, I know…).

  • Andy says:

    Hi Mr Abercrombie,
    I’m interested to know if at this early stage you have an idea how/whether this is working out as a successful model for you and your collaborators (if you don’t mind sharing this info of course!)?

    Very much enjoying the comics.

  • Phil.I.P. says:

    April 10th, 2013: “Finally, for those who want something to grace their coffee table, we’ll be collecting every four issues into a hardcopy collection, with further bonus material. Availability and price of that to be confirmed.”

    You promised!!

    How about a limited edition hardcover for us manic collectors out here?

  • How limited is the release? I want a copy, but not sure where I’ll be living in December so can’t really order now. I don’t want to miss out though.

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    I said hardCOPY, as distinct from digital, not hardCOVER, as distinct from soft cover…

  • Jordan says:

    Joe, just wanted you to know that you’re on my man crush list, bro. I mean, mate!

    I’m a high school English teacher (bored at parent/teacher conferences right now, in fact)and I love graphic novels. Would looooooooooooooooove to use First Law in the classroom. Getting the higher-ups to agree to it, however……..

  • MaTT says:

    Those postal cost implications are more than the book, I’ll wait for Magus Abercombie’s apprentices to do some dark dealings with the Amazon Clan.

  • sword1001 says:

    Is there a particular reason this is being shipped from America?

  • Phil.I.P. says:

    It was worth a try. For sure, softcovers never grace my coffee table – they’re too … soft?

  • AntMac says:

    Kids today, don’t know how spoilt for choice they are.

    Hardcover, soft cover? In my day, ’twas all hard flippin’ cover, Ogg didn’t carve no SOFT cave walls. Delivery costs too much for ‘ee?, try luggin’ hillside around inn’t back pocket lad. Eeee, we had it ‘ard.

  • BigZ7337 says:

    Quick question, I’m a little turned off by the shipping cost, do you think that there’s a chance that you’d be selling the graphic novel on Amazon? I have free 2-day shipping there instead of ~6 dollar snail mail through the site you linked.

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