Half a French King

September 26th, 2014

Apologies for the limited posting around here of late, it’s many years since I didn’t make at least one post a week on the site, but my nose is to the grindstone after all the events trying to get a decent second draft of Half a War together by year’s end, plus various finishing tasks for Half the World.  Tis a busy time.  But I do love a nice piece of art, so I thought I’d bring to you the recently revealed cover for the French edition of Half a King, from those wonderful folk at Bragelonne, art by my old friend Didier Graffet (who produced the weapons that adorn Best Served Cold, The Heroes, and Red Country):


Nice, huh? Evocative, atmospheric, dramatic. Draws you in.  And it sits very comfortably alongside Jon McCoy’s excellent vision of the same world for Subterranean’s limited editions, I must say.  Some nice clean lettering too.  I particularly like the contrast with the more graphic covers in the US and UK.  The book’s coming out in French translation late October, with the other two books in the trilogy both following in 2015.  Further details over on Bragelonne’s site

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  • Lewis says:

    Beautiful piece of work.

    I figured you were just clocking some game time, tried that Destiny yet?

  • innokenti says:

    I appreciate what the US/UK covers were trying to do, and I like them but this one? This evokes a lot more from the book.

    I really really like.

  • Robert Borchert says:

    I like to see books getting back to great art work on the covers. On of my favorite book cover artists for years was Darrel K Sweet. That is a great cover on that book

  • Phil.I.P. says:

    Excellent work from M. Graffet.

    I will by a copy just for the jacket.

  • Iangr says:

    You have to admit,it’s better than the english editions…

  • nikhforos says:

    Greetings Joe,

    I am a gigantic fan of your work, coming from Greece. I’ve read The First Law trilogy which was epic and I bloody loved it. Your writing skills are… are… f***ing magnificent would be a two-word sum up of my description to it.
    My big question is; will your other books be translate in Greek? (Only The First Law trilogy is.) I’d really like to read the rest of them.

    P.S Please answer, I’m dying to know. [Thanks for your attention]

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    Honestly not sure. I don’t think there’s currently a greek deal for anything except the trilogy. Doesn’t mean there won’t be in due course, though.

  • Alissa says:

    This is really good! Reflects a lot on the French taste, very evocative (though I guess it’s not the South Wind).
    Along this line, will there be a collector hardcover edition of the whole First Law trilogy? The Subterranean Press edition is out of stock -and while I like their versions of The Heroes, Best Served Cold and Half a King, I’m not sure about the trilogy- and the regular hardcovers are mostly gone as well. Thank you, I hope you can reply.

  • Javrri says:

    Nickhforos. Read them in English! You seem to be writing well in English..

  • Ann Grice says:

    Just simply I really enjoy your books and can’t wait for the next one which will be?

  • Salva says:

    Buongiorno Signor Joe, la volevo ringraziare per i suoi libri mi affascinano perchè non sono il solito prodotto fantasy, ma mi sono davvero piaciuti tantissimo. Mi scuso per il disturbo
    Cordiali saluti

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