Half a King SIGNED

May 20th, 2014

Some of you will be thinking about buying Half a King when it appears in July (3rd in the UK, 15th in the US), some of you (and I really love you for it) may already have preordered it, but some of you will want to take that extra step of devotion and get your sweaty palms on a signed copy.  Some of those will be able to make it to the various events I’m doing to get their books signed in person (details of UK events here, US events here), but some will, for one reason or another, not be able to make it.  For them, might I suggest a couple of friendly book retailers who should be carrying signed stock?

In the UK, Goldsboro Books, specialists in signed first editions, will be hosting a signing with me, and should have signed hardcovers as well as a limited run of numbered signed editions.  They also have signed first editions of some of my other books in stock, though a hardcover of The Blade Itself will set you back a hefty £550 these days…

In the US, meanwhile, I’ll be signing stock for The Signed Page, and you can preorder a signed First Edition from them right now.  As it happens, they’ve also got an advance reader copy to give away.

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  • Count+Spatula says:

    Whoo.. £550 eh? Sounds tempting though 😛

    Just wondering, how much would the humble author get if one was to purchase the signed first edition?

  • Jonathan K. says:

    Just the information I was looking for. Thanks very much and I’ll see you in Redondo Beach.

  • Kim says:

    Is it possible to get one to the netherlands?
    I have a signed first edition of “De eerste wet” but I don’t planning on selling.

  • Ash says:

    Not related, but from the link below can we infer that John Keating is narrating the audiobook?


  • Deb E says:

    I would love to get one sent to New Zealand. Any way that could happen?

  • SacramentoGunsmith says:

    my wife and i are excited to make the drive to San Francisco to support you

  • mike says:

    Any idea when audible version will be out?

  • Muzza says:

    Guys I just order and inscribed first edition from the Signed Page website. Easy as pie. Deb, mine is being shipped to Australia and was about $25 so NZ should be similar.

  • Deb E says:

    Thanks, Muzza. I forgot The Signed Page sent over here… even though I just pre-ordered Brent Weeks’ The Broken Eye — duh! In that case, the postage was more expensive than the book itself, but there aren’t too many books I buy in physical form these days… There you go, Joe, feel special.

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