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May 13th, 2014

I now have a firm schedule for a trip to the US in July for San Diego Comic Con. I’ve got a lot of other stuff happening around that time so it’s by no means a comprehensive tour, just a few dates on the west coast. Sorry, everywhere else, I’ll have to catch you later…

Wednesday,  July 23 – SEATTLE, WA
Time: 7:00pm
University Bookstore
4326 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105

July 24 – July 27 – SAN DIEGO, CA
Comic-Con International
Panel and signing times to come

Monday, July 28 – SAN FRANCISCO, CA
Time: 7:00pm
Borderlands Books
866 Valencia St.
San Francisco, CA 94110

Tuesday, July 29 – REDONDO BEACH, CA
Time: 7:30pm
Mysterious Galaxy
2810 Artesia Blvd.
Redondo Beach, CA 90278

Wednesday, July 30 – SANTA FE, NM
Time: 7:00pm
Jean Cocteau Cinema
418 Montezuma Ave
Santa Fe, NM 87501
*event with George Martin and Cherie Priest

And, yeah, that last one is being interviewed by GRRM at his cinema in Santa Fe along with Cherie Priest . Heh.

Incidentally, there’s going to be a UK tour at the start of July but I haven’t got all the details of that yet – I’ll let you know soon as I do.  Hopefully I’ll see some of you at one of these events…

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  • Ryan says:

    Woo! I don’t have to deal with the Comic – Con idiocracy! See you in Redondo!

  • willie says:

    Put in a good word for ireland joe …

  • Seth says:

    Finally, see you in Seattle!!

  • Ronny says:

    I’m VERY excited to see you’re coming to Borderlands. It was the manager at Borderlands that turned me on to your books. I’ve always read SF, never fantasy, but GoT on TV got me interested. I told her what I thought I didn’t like about fantasy, what I was liking about GoT and I was concerned about starting a series that had a dozen books of a thousand pages each. She said “So you want something with an ending?” and she showed me “Best Served Cold” and a couple other books. Yours sounded the best and tried it. I’ve been a huge fan ever since. So yeah, that will be a great place for me to see you read. Looking forward to it.

  • Lord+Beric says:

    What about the festival Celsius? You can come to Spain this year?

  • Mab says:

    Comic Con AND Borderlands?! July is looking to be a very happy month.

  • Marc A says:

    Come to Scotland or the North won’t forgive.

  • Chris J says:

    Any chance of an east coast tour? I won’t be able to make it to Comic-con this year.

  • AO says:

    This is great news that you’ll be in my area (Redondo Beach), thank you so much!

    Is there any chance that you might bring some copies of the Heroes and/or Red Country with those beautiful, wonderful UK covers to sell? Large paperback would be especially appreciated, but I would feel extremely grateful to be able to buy those versions in any format.

    It’s probably a long shot that you would be able to do so, but I felt obligated to ask as it would be amazing to finally own those books presented with that wonderful map-style art.

  • Matt says:

    I’ve read everything of yours up through The Heroes (Red Country is on my short list of titles to get to). I’d definitely enjoy seeing you up here in Seattle.

    One question about protocol: Can you sign my Kindle? Everything I’ve gotten of yours has been digital. I guess that could be perceived as a dis toward the bookstore that’s hosting the signing, but that’s my preferred format. What do you suggest I do there?

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    I’ve got no problem signing your kindle if the bookstore are cool with it. Maybe talk to them? If it’s a ticketed event I’m sure no one will mind…

  • Charlie says:

    GREAT!!!! I can’t wait for you to read in Seattle! Pre-purchasing my book now!

  • Sierra says:

    OMG you are my favorite author ever and I love your books. I love Black Dow. I can’t wait to meet you I’ve waited fore years.

  • Scott says:

    While I’m disappointed that you won’t be coming to Powells in Oregon, I might still try and make the trip up to Seattle to see you :3

  • Setsu says:

    Very excited to see you in San Francisco — ditto on Ronny’s comments.

    Can we bring you anything?

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