Heroic Fantasy at Sci-Fi London

April 2nd, 2009

Heretofore, Sci-Fi London has been mostly a festival for the sci-fi film, but this year they’re also running some literary events, discussions with proper, honest-to-goodness authors such as that clever China Mieville, that insightful Charles Stross, that talented Chris Wooding, and yes, you guessed it, that unbearably smug Joe Abercrombie. You can see the full schedule of films and events here, but of course the one that really interests US is this particular panel:

Sunday 3rd May at 11:00 – The New Heroic Fantasy
The days of by-the-numbers ‘swords and scorcery’ seem to be well behind us and modern fantasy writers have brought a new type heroic fantasy to the masses. Is that a conscious effort by today’s fantasy writers or just a new sensibility for a modern world? How has the massive rise in popularity of fantasy fiction changed the writers approach? How hard is it to maintain a fresh approach to such a well-defined genre?

Panellists: Joe Abercrombie, Stephen Deas, Adrian Tchaikovsky

I may also be participating in a few bits and pieces later on in the day, more news as I get it, but I’m sure there will be many other talks and workshops of interest to folks like YOU, despite the insurmountable handicap of me not being directly involved…

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  • Anonymous says:

    London my back side,can I ask when you intend visiting Glasgow. Great pubs and ermm great pubs. I’m sure I’m not the only fan in Scotland.

    Will you be doing a book signing tour?

    PS.Can I ask what actually happens as I’ve never actually attended one. Do you bring your previously bought book or is it considered good form to buy another in the store?


  • Swainson says:

    The very question I asked Joe on my first author signing.
    I think the answer was “If you’ve got a book of mine I’ll sign it. If you want to buy a book of mine I’ll sign it.”
    I’m sure he actually said it in a more pithy, amusing and suave way.

    The really clever bit was that Joe asked “what was your favorite bit in the book” and then he wrote that in the front cover and signed it. Fantastic.

    So good I have asked other authors to do the same.

    PS it was when furious bit that guys nose off. I laughed a lot.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks Swainson, never been to a book signing or the even stranger mass signings with Z list or ‘aren’t they dead’ stars that seem to occur now.
    It all seems alittle ‘fanboyish’ at best or stalkerish at worst.But since I’ve become a fan of Joe it’s seems ok to actually meet the author.
    What’s the decorum at these signing situations? Pithy, erudite exchanges between author and fan or bored, forced pleasantaries between superstar voice of a generation and 37 year old teacher?


  • Tarn says:

    Alas, I can only attend S-F-L on the Saturday. Damn the schedules!

  • innokenti says:

    Will be there, cheering Adrian and yourself on!

  • Unlikely to make this I’m afraid.

    Are you going to the Gemmell Awards? Sounds like it could be an interesting knees-up.

  • marky says:

    I’m with Bryce. Sling the talks in bookstores, and come to sunny Glasgow, and give us some Chat in ra pub!

  • Bryce and Marky,
    I went to an Eastercon in Glasgow shortly before the Blade Itself came out. Where were your offers then, I’d like to know? Or are you simply jumping on the bandwagon now that I’m a published author? Eh?

    And I certainly don’t mind signing anything by me at any time. Maybe it’s bad form as far as the bookshop goes to arrive with an armful of books bought elsewhere, but I doubt anyone’s going to complain. Getting people into the store is what it’s all about, they’re not going to insist on you buying anything.

    Maybe another time…

    See you there.

    Maybe. If I get nominated it will be one of the most important award ceremonies in the genre. If I don’t get nominated, of course, it will be pointless nonsense and I’ll be nowhere near it.

  • marky says:

    Or are you simply jumping on the bandwagon now that I’m a published author? Eh?
    Yup, pretty much.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, my chance of meeting Joe is…let me think about it…0%.
    Firstly, I don’t try to hope he does come to germany, neither I think I will be that often in England…
    My only chance would be if there is some book-signing Tour at the end of May 2009.
    Can’t be helped, he?


  • Anonymous says:

    Correction, only because you are a ‘successful’published author are we interested.

    Apologies Joe but your readership/ fans/stalkers are as shallow as you. Anything less than 5 star ratings for any of your books and you’ll be dropped for a better younger more successful author.

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