July 2nd, 2010

Off on holiday for a week from tomorrow, so look not for updates, responses, or moderation here in the mean time.  As usual with holidays, my thought process goes something like, “A ha!  No internet, building projects, or distractions, I can finally get some work done!”  One day, perhaps, I’ll go on holiday and won’t even take my laptop with me.

Yeah, right.  Good one.

Posted in announcements by Joe Abercrombie on July 2nd, 2010.

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  • Pink Ink says:

    Haha have fun ^^
    Where will you be ( might be I’ll be able to stalk you)grin

  • Dan says:

    Enjoy, Joe. You have earned it. Thank you for not making us wait five years between novels.

  • ColinJ says:

    Joe, enjoy your holiday away from work, and us assholes.

  • Derek says:

    I thought it was one long holiday for you wordsmith guys….pah

  • Tera says:

    Have fun! Oh, and don’t get sunburned if it’s somewhere sunny! If not… then… be careful anyways? Don’t get frostbite?


  • Skout says:

    In honor of your holiday, I went out and picked up a copy of Swords and Dark Magic last night. Can’t wait to sink my teeth into it.

    I couldn’t believe there was an Elric story in the middle of it. I haven’t read MM in a couple decades… sounds like fun!

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