October 9th, 2013

This being a wednesday, there’s a new page up at, the last of the fourth issue and, I’m sorry to say, it’s going to be the last that goes up there for the time being.  The four full issues – 90 pages – that have already been published will stay live on the site, but no new pages for now.  It’s on hiatus, and I’ll get back to you as and when I have further information.

Apologies for the minimal posting lately, got a lot of work on finishing the edit of Half a King and forging ahead with its sequel.  It’ll probably be mostly minimal news-style posts running up until the new year as a result, rather than think piece and opinion vomit, though you know how it is with opinion, who can say when you’ll feel the urge to spew…

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  • Badger says:

    Time constraints or financial? Either way my Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings will be a little gloomier, but slightly more productive. :o(

  • Badger says:

    Oops – That was a sad face with a round nose.

  • Niels Toft says:

    Dang. Been buying them in Comixology as soon as they came out. I was really looking forward to seeing Bremer in action.

    I hope this hiatus won’t be too long.

    Keep up the excellent work!

  • Alon says:

    Gutted!! And I’ve almost finished Red Country… what to do now?

  • Lewis says:

    If you gonna spew, spew into this

  • sword1001 says:

    About time you put the crayons down and got back to your day job 😉

    But seriously, I hope the reason for this is not financial – the business model was interesting and definately kept me coming back. I suspect sales of the hardcover will pick up when people no longer have to pay to get it shipped from America – which I have to admit, certainly dampened my enthusiasm to hand over my cash

  • Jonnyboy says:

    When is issue 5 coming out? I will pay good money!

  • SwindonNick says:

    Was the hiatus planned or was it that people are busy on other projects? It’s been a really good visualisation to date and I hope it continues soon. Dare I ask if the numbers have ben what you hoped for?

  • I hope it comes back soon. I’m very much enjoying it.

    Thanks to everyone involved for all the work so far!

  • Ferro Ninefingers says:

    Congradulations. You’ve just ruined my Christmas holidays. I’ve been hoping to see Ferro around that time so that I could start working on her cosplay (my first cosplay ever) and be ready with it before April or at least May. (You know, being even slightly dyspraxic really, painfully sucks.) How long will we have to wait just to catch a glimpse of her? Could you possibly give us a clue?

  • Aled dan Thomas says:

    This is the worst news I’ve heard in ages. I bought all four issues on their respective release days and thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the colourful interpretations of my favourite characters and places. Alas! As long as you Facebook/Twitter/Messenger Pigeon me when Issue Five is due out, I’ll die smiling.

    Keep writin’!

  • Gru'ud says:

    Spew when you must, post when you can. We’ll be here. 😉

  • Steve says:

    That’s dissapointing to here. I’d definitely buy it if it was available in N.A., it’s been impressive so far. Really hope the project is completed.

  • Hawkeye says:

    My fear is that it wasn’t selling. The first book starts slow and the lack of action inthe first four issues probably didnt help. I sure did want to see the Northmen in action. Damn.

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    Sorry to all the folks who’ve been following along. I really enjoyed working on it so far and I’m proud of the results. It’s a combination of different issues. We’ve lost our artist, Andie Tong, who’s been great, especially on the design aspects, and the idea of bringing another artist up to speed is pretty daunting. And, yeah, it is a lot of work, both creatively in revising scripts and supervising the artwork, the colours, the letters and layouts, and from a marketing and promotion standpoint too, and if I have one problem in life, lack of work is not that problem. We’re considering how to proceed. Nothing’s decided…

  • dan says:

    Man that sucks, I really wanted to see what Andie did with Ferro and the Northmen. Shame. Maybe hit up Whilce Portacio, I always loved his work.

  • SwindonNick says:

    you are right to be proud, it had been great so far. The shame is that it has also been building the plot and the characters and there is so much more to enjoy just arou d the corner as it all starts coming together. I really hope you find a way to continue it.

  • Heyo says:

    Aw, was just starting to save up pages… Too bad about Andie, truly great artist. Even though you were the mind of the project he seemed important to it.

    Can’t wait for Half a King to enter my soul.

  • Magnus says:

    it will still be printed, right?

  • Ron Ward says:

    Let me add a cry of pain at not getting to see Ferro, also Logan’s crew in action. The misery is building into a wail of grief. I love this retelling of the first book. The (author approved) images helped to see the world in a different way than I had painted it in my head. We can only hope a window of time will open in the future allowing this project to be invigorated. (don’t tell her please, she would be so disgusted, but I have a bit of a crush on the demon girl)

  • Jason says:

    Oh man that sucks. I was planning on buying it as a graphic novel. 🙁

    You know I don’t think the art style needs to be the same throughout. look at how many artist have worked on some of the most loved comic series we have seen them drawn so differently but we still love the characters and story. To see our favourite characters in any art form is amazing.

    You should do a kick starter maybe I bet you would get a lot of support if needed.

  • Ben says:

    I don’t really know what to say… I’ve never been into comics but this was brilliant. Its been a genuine pleasure every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

    Hopefully it gets sorted soon Joe!

  • Mr. Beckett says:

    Rats. I was really loving the issues in comixology. Looking forward to your new series Joe. Although I always thought a follow up of Ferro and the Gurkish would be cool. Here’s the deal you keep writing and I’ll keep proselytizing for your novels.

  • Thaddeus says:

    This is a shame. Like others here, I’ve been enjoying the comic. Hopefully it can come back/continue at some point.

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