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April 13th, 2009

Various things to link to. A lengthy and in-depth interview with me up at Literatopia, a german books-related site. English version here, German translation should be coming shortly. Though it occurs to me that if you can read this, your English is probably good enough to follow the English version. Anyway, we discuss all kinds of things, from writing female characters, to inspirations, to foreign covers, to whether I’m like Inquisitor Glokta. Only in that I often poo myself in bed. A ha ha. I’m joking. Really.

Or am I?

Next, I note, somewhat tardily, that my close personal friend Joe Mallozzi (alright, I admit we’ve never met) – writer, producer, executive producer, and dark overlord with sundry parts of the far-flung Stargate empire has cast his discerning eye over a proof of Best Served Cold:

“It’s fast-paced, absorbing, darkly humorous, and unabashedly violent, fraught with crosses, double-crosses, triple-crosses and ‘back up a second did that really happen?!’ moments. Gripping stuff. A terrific introduction to the work of Joe Abercrombie for first-time readers, and an immensely rewarding read for fans of the author. Highly recommended.”

I’d like to deny it, but it’s all true.

In other news, I note that I’ve wormed my way onto the Shortlist of five for the inaugural David Gemmell Legend Award for Fantasy with Last Argument of Kings. Also appearing are Juliet Marillier, Brandon Sanderson, Andrzej Sapkowski and Brent Weeks. Hmmm. My hissed congratulations through gritted teeth to my mortal rivals AHEM colleagues on the ballot. My heartfelt commiserations (alright, touchdown-dance-style gloatings) to those who didn’t make the shortlist.

The process for deciding the winner is some kind of a public vote, so naturally I will let you know how YOU can help ME overcome the forces of evil as represented by these four authors, and strike a blow for righteousness in the form of … er … me, as soon as I know. It is YOUR CHANCE TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE, PEOPLE.

That is all.

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  • Emma says:

    Eva&GloriaHey; Joe,

    nice eastersurprise- a interwiev wich I naturally understand.
    Do you link the German-version as soon as you get it here, too?
    Would be really nice, but knowing you you won't….heartless bastard.

    Ah, and a request of a poor fan:
    the German translation of your books are far to expensive!
    For each of your books I gotta work half a month…

    Have a nice eastern with your family

  • Ripper says:

    Hail, mine Lord Abercrombie. Yon winged angels have borne unto me the Holy Work of Your terrible, wondrous hand. Blessed am I to receive this bounty, and I shall honor Your gift by pursuing my duties as Your prophet with renewed dedication.

    (Or, I was delighted to find my copy of Best Served Cold in the mail the other day! Thanks again!)

  • Elena says:

    totally off-topic, but had to share. was in a cigar shop today and for the first time encountered the brand “Ghurka.” Did not try one, as they were like twice as much as my usuals, but that certainly seems like a good victory smoke for you. 🙂

  • Juan Ruiz says:

    C’mon Joe, quoting Woody Allen when a Girl said to him… “you have a one in a million chance to go out with me”… and he answered “are you telling me that I have A chance????”
    well, your odds are better this time… you have 20% chances… but…
    Weeks books are as darker as yours… Sanderson as originals… Spawosky (Sparvosky?? sorry, I couldn’t remember the spelling) well, are more tender than yours… Juliet haven’t read yet…
    Haven’t I said that I still haven’t voted???
    That’s what Democracy is…
    But don’t worry…. Neither Howard Hawks nor Hitchcock never won an Oscar…

    Good Luck!!

  • Steve Aryan says:

    Congratulations on being nominated for the David Gemmell award, it is very well deserved for such a remarkable end to the trilogy.

  • marky says:

    Five men enter! One man leave!

    On the other hand, should that be four men, and one woman enters! One man or woman leaves!

    Nope, doesn’t sound right. Kinda rude actually.

    Ah, who cares. It’s my Gemmell award thunderdome fantasy!

    Does that make me Tina Turner? This hasn’t gone well at all.

    Hmm, yeah. Good luck, Joe.

  • Congrats Joe! You going to the award ceremony?

  • Jim R says:

    Hi Joe

    I notice in that interview the mention of Ferro and that she is largely a peripheral character. I found her fascinating nonetheless and wondered if you might feature her more prominently in a future book?

  • Anonymous says:

    Do you win the sword shaped pool?


  • Jared says:

    Oooooh. Sapkowski is one of the rare few authors I’d put in your peer group in terms of talent. That’s quite exciting.

    We could have a horse race!

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m reading Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Last Wish and I’ve got to say that sadly I seem to like . . . Last Argument of Kings more. 🙂

    So, I’ll go and vote now, to help save the world from utter disaster and prevent the J-bomb from prematurely exploding in thousand bloody, gruesome, sharp pieces that will surely injure innocent bystanders near you.

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