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September 5th, 2008

Konigsklingen, Heyne’s german translation of Last Argument of Kings, is out a month early, and now available on Get ’em while they’re hot, German speakers…

In great news for the ancient nation of Greece, Unicorn publishing have secured rights to translate the entire trilogy into Greek. I think that’s fourteen translation deals for The Blade Itself now, though I could easily be miscounting there. Tis humbling to think of people scattered across the globe enjoying (or indeed despising) stuff what I made up in the middle of the night.

And I’m going to be away on holiday (so working harder than ever, probably) in Italy for the next couple of weeks. A week in Rome, a week in Tuscany, so we’ll aim to take in a bit of Florence and Siena as well. I’ll probably be off the interweb in that time, and not responding to email, but for those of you who simply can’t get through a week without the sound of my voice, There’s a new interview with me up at SFRevu, discussing such matters as worldbuilding, the state of epic fantasy, change, and failure. Yeah, like I know anything about THAT. Well, apart from the last one, of course. There’s also a reprint of John Berlyne’s review of Last Argument of Kings. Mmmmm, smells like … victory.

See you all in a couple of weeks.

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  • I was just in Rome and Tuscany in August. You’ll have a great time in a beautiful land.

  • Anonymous says:

    just read the blade itself – awesome!
    looking forward to the rest of the series. thanks!

  • Enjoy your holiday Joe!

    Good work on colleccting another positive review, and I must say I enjoyed reading the interview – nice nod to Pat Rothfuss, I just read his book it rocked!

    Ah, enough about your rivals!

    *much self-abasement at Joe’s feet*

  • MILE says:

    Hey there, any plans for having the trilogy published as audiobooks…?! I tried searching and the iTunes store but couldn’t find any of your work on there… 🙁

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