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January 26th, 2009

Hmmmm. Trying to move house, at the moment. Well, found a house, now we need to sell our flat. Good moment to buy. Not such a good moment to sell. We shall see.

But you come here to hear about writing, right? Not houses.

I’m researching.

Alright, you got me, I’m playing Total War.

And I’m tinkering with my short story, which features Curnden Craw, Mistress Wonderful, Jolly Yon Cumber, Brack-i-Dayn, Never, Scorry Tiptoe, and Shimla of Bligh. Oh, and the Father of Swords, which the valley-folk worship as a God.

So there.

My thanks to those who turned up to the ten-author signing at Forbidden Planet, by the way. Especially those who bought books, of course. My thanks to the other authors that attended and allowed me to bask in their reflected glory, especially David Devereux, who was the one who actually had a book out. It seemed like a great success, though, so perhaps there’ll be other like events in future. Since someone was asking, I’ll probably be doing a signing there in June for Best Served Cold when that comes out, some day around the 18th, I would’ve thought. More when I have a date.

Right, got to go.

Total War doesn’t play itself, you know…

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  • Swainson says:

    Moving house eh. You actually found a house with a swimming pool shaped like a magic sword??

    Good luck with that, cos it’s a total nightmare moving. You don’t even forget how bad it is, the way you do with very young kids up at all hours.

    It was a great evening at forbidden planet and I think David may have started something. I hope he has anyway.

  • What’s all this I hear about you tasting like apple crumble, Joe?

    It seems your fellow writers are just a bunch of Shanka’s in disguise!

  • Jack says:

    Hark! Doth mine ears decieve me? Another Total War fan, in the shape of a brilliant author? Pray indulge me and reveal which Total War game you partake in, Joe.

  • alex-bell86 says:

    Wha- what’s going on here? You’re dead! We ATE YOU! Who’s writing this blog????

  • mythusmage says:

    I am almost done with LAoK and it has occurred to me that you don’t write dark fantasy, you write dysfunctional fantasy.

    It’s kinda nice to know that Bayaz and Glokta have sociopathy in common.

  • swainson,
    Moving only gets worse the older you get and the more stuff you have, as well.


    I’ve been a big fan since Shogun first came out, and played ’em all heavily. I think Medieval II is the best since Shogun, though, and have the highest of hopes for Empire…

    Did you seriously think that fool I send out to meet the public is the REAL Joe Abercrombie?

    All the best people are sociopaths. Wait til you see the cast of Best Served Cold.

  • oops.

    Wilfred, I refer you to the answer I made to Alex. Did you really think that bumbling baffoon could have penned the majestic work published under the Abercrombie name? DID YOU?

  • harvb says:

    I was a huge fan of Shogun – the others I’ve enjoyed but not as much. I actually didn’t get Medieval 2 as I thought it might be more of the same (as Rome). And I’m not sure about Empire as I think they’re pushing the seafaring side too heavily.

  • Ah Joseph, another thing you share with your namesake Stalin…your body doubles.

    To be honest I already wondered why you were a lot shorter in real life than you looked on tv.

    I’m just glad to hear that this diminutive person I met at Midwinter Fair was not really you. 😛

  • Den says:

    Master, I failed thee. I was ill and thought it best not to come and deliver my germs all over you author-type people. Balls. Stupid germs, spoiling my fun.

  • Bear Nasty says:

    I’m just here to burden you with some more praise about your books and about your choice in games, I have faith that Best Served Cold and Empire will be big hits

  • “Did you seriously think that fool I send out to meet the public is the REAL Joe Abercrombie?”

    Ah, you have decoys like Queen Amidaladaladingdong! Those films were good for something after all.

    I don’t think my machine can run Empire, although I think the demo is due any day so I can at least test it beforehand.

  • Darren T says:

    You have time to play Total War? You lucky, lucky bastard…

  • marky says:

    Good luck with the move Joe. Are you flitting because you’re getting death threats from chav’s with banister marks on their heads?

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