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July 12th, 2016

A few appearances coming up over the next few months.

19th July, 19.00 – Espacio Fundación Telefónica, Madrid – I’m going to be talking about my books and stuff with Spanish author Juan Gomez-Jurado. I’ve been told to expect some other hijinks but my Spanish is nowhere near good enough to decipher the further details which are to be found here.

20th-23rd July – Celsius232 Festival, Aviles, Spain – yes, after a year’s absence, I’m going to be back at my regular haunt in spain, the Celsius festival in Aviles, where I’ll be talking about books, signing books, writing books, maybe even reading the bastards.

17th-18th September – Gollanczfest, London – Once again my UK publisher Gollancz will be bringing some of the finest writers in sci-fi and fantasy together with the finest readers in a cornucopia of panels, talks, workshops, signings, and etc. Further details here.

23rd October – Harrogate History Festival – Once again talking about my books and stuff and perhaps even signing them.  Details here.  I believe there may be a panel about Game of Thrones in which I am involved as well, but no details right now on that one…


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  • Bernardo says:

    When are you visiting Argentina?

  • Andrew says:

    Yes, but when will you be visiting the abandoned and derelict slaughterhouse across from my house in Idaho?

  • Darren says:

    Look forward to seeing you at Harrogate.
    Will you have your books for sale there (I assume not as it isn’t in a book store) or can we buy in the town and bring them with us?

  • Josh Bingham says:

    Hi Joe (spoiler for red country ahead)

    I recently finished the red country and absolutely loved it. One problem I encountered came when I was researching the book, pre-read, on good reads and got a rather unnecessary spoiler in the description of the book section. It mentions the return of Logan nine fingers and the book obviously means to make it a reveal. Just thought I’d mention this as it was a minor disappointment. I guess the lesson is read the book, then research

    Cheers Josh

  • Darth Belial says:

    Great to see you back on your blog. How’s the new trilogy coming? I loved all the shorts, especially the Monster… you twisted bastard! Keep up the great writing.

    Cheers from Phoenix,AZ

  • Tommy says:


    This is a question about The First Law world. Spoilers for some. How come after the trilogy the shanka basically are gone.

    In The Heroes there are no Shanka which is all about the north. There is mention at the end of Red Country but other than that it seems like a plot device you kind of just finished.

    Is there a reason behind it? Just curious. I honestly never really cared for them in the story but no one is asking for my opinion.

  • Phil Coady says:

    This is not related to your blog but I just had to ask if you are watching the Preacher. Now, you’d book’s were ever to be made into a TV series (fingers crossed ) then you couldn’t go wrong with the guts who do the Preacher!


  • Jim Gallagher says:


    I don’t know the correct answer, but I’ve wondered that a lot as well.

    My guess is that the Shanka were being attracted to the North by Bethod’s witch (and it was part of this migration that Logan’s company met at the start of the books) and largely used as cannon fodder in a series of battles.

    With their numbers vastly reduced and no reason to move to the North once Bethod was defeated, the chances of encountering them are now very slim.

    It may also be the case that Shanka prefer to avoid human contact under normal circumstances, hence lurking in places people normally aren’t. So without the witch attracting them, they have retreated away from ‘civilisation’.

    But I guess only Joe really knows…

  • David says:

    Bloody hell, the one weekend im working and your in London. When might you be in London again?

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