Magnificent Eight

January 4th, 2009

Thanks to master of the occult, security consultant, keen pilot, social gadfly, and even occasional writer David Devereux, who when asked to do a signing for his new book, asked a few other authors if they fancied joining him.

The result will be an eight-way signing/chat/blather-fest to be conducted at Forbidden Planet, 179 Shaftesbury Avenue on the 22nd of January (a Thursday evening) and featuring the following personable and higly talented authors (and me):

Joe Abercrombie
Alex Bell
Mark Chadbourn
David Devereux
Jon Courtenay Grimwood
Tom Lloyd
Suzanne McLeod
Steve Savile

Man, I love alphebetisation. No one beats me at alphabetisation. I, and indeed everyone else in my family, are the lords of alphabetisation. Unless you know anyone called Abbot. Get them away from me! They are my kryptonite.

Anyway, if you should desire to buy books from, have books signed by, hurl abuse at, pick the brains or bask beneath the sunny smile of any or all of these authors, come along from five until … don’t know. Closing time?

Unless your name’s Abbot.

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  • Jared says:

    Neat! I’ll have to scrounge up the Dutch edition or something!

  • Den says:

    I don’t think I have anything left unsigned either. I guess I’ll just show up and look unsavoury.

  • Erik says:

    Lynn Abbey pwns you, Sir Joseph


  • Liz says:

    Does a freaky little dance – hurrah! Will be there with a horde of books to be signed by all and sundry.


  • Northman says:

    And yes, your self agrandisement, along with your profile, continues to rise. And how very droll is the delight with which you greet a new edition of paperbacks with your name (instead of the title) emblazoned large upon the cover. But what of us who already have books 1 and 2 with your name writ small? When LAoK comes out in trade paperback the series won’t match on my shelf. You can revel in your success all you want Abercrombie, but what about the dodgy, mismatched collection I will now be displaying to all and sundry? Answer me that Mr Smarty Pants!

  • pangalactic says:

    I’m there. Unless I can’t get time off work. In which case I’m not. Yeah.

  • Steve Aryan says:

    Sadly it’s a wee bit too far south for me, so I’ll have to miss it. But can we expect an epic 100 day worldwide tour when Best Served Cold comes out? It will give all us Northerners a chance to praise or hurl well-practiced curses your way!!


  • Alex Bell says:

    You have knocked me from my spot headlining the Magnificent Eight, Abercrumbles, and for this I must challenge you to a vicious and brutal fight to the death. Bring your own cutlass.

  • Steve says:

    Right. I shall just get it over with and change my name to “_” then.

  • Aaron Aaronson says:

    Did someone mention alphabetisation?

  • Alex says:

    A propos of nothing much, did you know that when “Abercrombie” is entered into Amazon, you’re up in second place, after that world-famous “New Touchy Feely Knit”?

  • Aaron Aarons says:

    Why yes, yes i did

  • mythusmage says:


    What I most regret is that you dwell a few time zones east of me

  • pangalactic says:

    Tickets booked and time off work taken. Don’t you flake on us now, Mr ‘Alphabetically Superior’ Abercrombie.

  • Little Kid,
    I’m sure you can look unsavoury with no effort whatsoever.

    What of those who have the old edition with my name writ small? Why, I would have thought that would be obvious. Their skulls shall be crushed to meal and used to pave the mighty road down which my colossal ego shall be hauled in triumph by a million sweating slaves. That’s what.

    Alex Bell,
    I would prefer to use the duelling method chosen by my great-grandfather when challenged to a duel by Ezra Pound (true story) – that we bombard each other with unsold copies of our books.

    Aaron Aaronson,
    Aaaaaaaaaaaarghhhhhhhhhhh! Get it off me! It burns! It burns! My powers … are … fading …

    As for the rest of you,
    I look forward to seeing anyone who’s coming along, and I greatly pity anyone unfortunate enough to live further than easy travelling distance from me.

  • Northman says:

    OK, I was only asking.

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