Medio Rey (and other Spanish events)

May 6th, 2015

The Spanish edition of Half a King, Medio Rey, is published tomorrow, May 7th by Penguin Random House’s new SF&F imprint Fantascy:

CEQbyp2WIAAjcLY.jpg-largeThere’s also going to be a Catalan edition in due course, I believe. I’m going to be in Barcelona to meet bloggers and booksellers and do some interviews, and will be signing on the evening of the 20th May at the famous Gigamesh bookstore, where they already apparently have a reasonable selection of my work in translation…


Now that’s what I call a fantasy section. Hopefully I’ll see some of you there, but in the meantime for Spanish speakers among you there’s a translation of an interview I did with my Italian translator, Edoardo Realti, over here

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  • Roger says:

    Excellent news! I’ll be very happy to meet you at Barcelona!

    Too bad that it seems the Catalan edition won’t be ready by the time you come here. But I hope that I can have you sign my entire English collection! 🙂

  • Oscar Velzi says:

    How I wish I could get it in spanish for my wife to read them… I can’t find them anywhere here in Argentina 🙁

  • Jim Cormier says:

    That Spanish cover is gorgeous….

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