Midwinter Fair and etc.

December 10th, 2008

OK, so I’m definitely going to be at the Midwinter Fair at Alphen aan den Rijn this weekend. Schedule is as follows:

Saturday 13th:
4.00 pm – Brief talk on expectations in epic fantasy, brief reading from Best Served Cold, opportunity for questions and signing.
4.44 pm – Buried under a hail of abuse and rotten vegetables by the 6 irate Dutch fantasy fans who stayed until the end.

Sunday 14th:
14.30 pm – Brief talk on expectations in epic fantasy, brief reading from Best Served Cold, opportunity for questions and signing, now somewhat nervous after the hail of abuse and rotten vegetables yesterday.
15.29 pm – buried under a hail of abuse and rotten vegetables again.
15.30 pm (or as soon as vegetables are cleared) – Panel – Sense of Wonder, with Anne West, Thomas Olde Heuvelt and W.J. Maryson.

Monday 15th:
No less than four interviews with assorted fantastical press in Amsterdam – even I’ll be sick of talking about myself after that lot (alright, you got me, I won’t at all) – before hopping on the flight back to London. Home before midnight.

First significant foreign publicity trip I’ll have done, not to mention the first talk I’ll have given to readers, and the first reading I’ll have done, for that matter, so I am somewhat excited/nervous. The first book has only just come out in Holland, so it seems unlikely I will be besieged by fans, but I guess they read quite a lot in English out there anyway, so we will see…

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  • Erik says:

    Hmm, I should have bought tomatoes earlier. Now I fear they will not be squishy enough this saturday…

    I hope im gonna make it there 🙂

  • Bob Lock says:

    Bah Humbug! When are you coming to Wales?
    If it’s rotten vegetables you’re after my compost heap has stuff decomposing in it that quite frankly frightens me. However, in the interest of art I’m prepared to shower you with it if that’s what turns you on 😛


  • T.D. Newton says:

    Bah, indeed. When are you coming to the US? Colorado doesn’t host many conventions but we do have COSine coming up next month. Your devoted Denver fans need some love too.

  • Susanne says:

    Bah for real, when are you coming to Hertfordshire? We have rotten fruit here, too, you know.

  • Wilfred says:

    Joe, are you sure about those times? On the official Archeon Midwinter Fair site your listed as being on at 4:30 pm (Saturday) and 2:00 pm (Sunday).

    Or is this just a clever ploy to limit the amount of rotten vegetables thrown at you?

  • Erik,
    Hope to see you. At least I will not be alone, then.

    Who says I’ll come to your part of Wales even if I do?

    Not sure, maybe some time next year, somewhere in the US. I’ll keep you posted…


    Hrm. Those are the times the organiser sent me, and they match the ones my publicist gave me in the schedule. But dunno, I’ll be there half an hour either side, anyway…

  • Bob Lock says:

    Who says I’ll come to your part of Wales even if I do?

    Ah ha! so my compost heap has got you worried too eh?

  • Anonymous says:

    Russian cover ( and edition, of course) of TBI. At last…or should i say at the very looooooong last? http://www.oz.by/books/more1060000.html

  • Ken says:

    You should get yourself a session at the Edinburgh Book Festival. It would be unique because, being Scotland, the rotten vegetables would be deep fried first.

  • marky says:

    Afternoon Joe. Doing the rounds I see. A scribe’s work is never done.

    I’ve just started reading The Blade Itself. I had a reading list to get through before I started it. What the hell was I thinking? I got through the first hundred pages and immediately went on to Amazon and purchased Before They Are Hanged. What a book. Logan is my kinda guy. (Not in a Julian Clarey way I might add) I love all the characters so much, I got a verbal warning today for being late For work.

    You know if the public appearances dry up you really should consider writing. I think you might have some talent in that field.

    @Ken. We only deep fry mars bars now. And people who mock Haggis.

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