Midwinter Fair On – Aetherica Cancelled

November 11th, 2008

The lord he giveth and the lord he taketh away…

Sorry to say Aetherica, the new convention in Chester that I was due to be guest-of-honouring at in June 2009, has been cancelled. Poor economic circumstances and some unforeseen problems with the venue are apparently to blame. And not at all outrageous demands on the part of the guests of honour, I assure you. I would have made those as the lights went up and the people were waiting, like Chuck Berry used to. A shame, but these things happen. Thanks to those who worked hard to put it on, apologies to those who were planning to attend.

But on the upside, it appears that I’ll be guest-of-honouring at the Midwinter Fair at Alphen aan den Rijn in Holland, on the 13th-14th of December this year (so in a mere month), partly to promote the Dutch edition of The Blade Itself, which is out this week. Not totally sure what I’ll be doing there, but some combination of reading, signing, and answering questions will almost certainly be involved. More as I hear it…

Posted in appearances, news by Joe Abercrombie on November 11th, 2008.

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  • Joe,

    Any more info on the midwinter festival you’ll be attending in Holland?

    Is it the Archeon Midwinter Fair? Or another midwinter shindig?

  • Wilfred,
    It is the midwinter fair, yes, that was not really enough information, was it? I’ve updated the post to reflect that, and hopefully in the next couple of days I’ll know a bit more about what will be involved…

  • mickymanga says:

    How does it feel to be promoting a book you’ve written years ago, in a foreign language, no less?

    Though, Holland is not exactly a market for Dutch language literature, is it?

  • Sidney says:

    That’s a shame about Aetherica… I was planning to attend!

    Hopefully, you’ll be attending other UK conventions next year?

  • Bob Lock says:

    To get real street cred you need to get translated into Welsh… 😛

    And when are you coming to visit us down here in sunny Wales?

  • Erik says:

    Wow! Need a place to stay when you’re in Holland? 😀

    Hope I can manage to get over there this december. Would be awesome

  • mickymanga,
    One of the strange things about writing is you’re always promoting last year’s book.

    I may be at other conventions. Don’t know really. I’ll post if I will be.

    Bob Lock,
    No word of welsh translation yet.

    With any luck the publisher will put me up. Hope to see you there, though…

  • isis says:

    Pffft. I was looking forward to visiting Chester though.

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