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September 23rd, 2007

Time for my regular orgy of self-gratification, as I utterly ignore my writing to scour the internet for the slightest whiff of praise for my old books.

We begin with John D. Borra, on Flowers from the Rubble, who has been reading Before They are Hanged, and says:

“Pick it up. The darkly comic was never this…comic. Imagine Ricky Gervais doing Lord of the Rings and you just might have Before They Are Hanged.”

Mmmmmm, deliciously dark and subversive. William Marnoch has posted a review of The Blade Itself over at his website, Voidhawk:

“Abercrombie’s writing style is witty and fast-moving with memorable dialogue and efficient descriptions of the action scenes.”

He adds on the subject of Before They are Hanged:

“The characterisation and dialogue continue to be entertaining and well-written … a very entertaining book and as the series goes on the plot is becoming increasingly complex and interesting.”

John, of Grasping for the Wind, has been continuing to discuss his reaction to swearing in fantasy with great dignity around the internet. In spite of all the swearing, he had this to say:

“I recommend reading The Blade Itself. The story is wickedly funny, the fight scenes memorable, and the characters fascinating. Nothing in this novel is as it seems, and Abercrombie’s contribution to the genre is sure to endure.”

An enduring contribution? Can it get any better than that? Well, I’m pleased to say it can. Rikazaza dares to go a step still further when talking about The Blade Itself on her live journal:

“This is the best book I have ever read … Go buy it and read it immediately.”

Oh, bless you, my child.

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  • Thanks for the shout-out Joe! I can’t wait for the US release of Before They Are Hanged! That is, if Pyr doesn’t see fit to bless me with an ARC first!

    I hope the hype has increased your sales. We need you to keep writing, and it takes money to do that, unfortunately.

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