My Thoughts on the Hugo Awards

April 23rd, 2014














I think that covers it.

Posted in opinion by Joe Abercrombie on April 23rd, 2014.

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  • Dav says:

    Cheeky bugger.

  • Paul (@princejvstin) says:

    “This space intentionally left blank”, to quote the old Infocom Invisiclues

  • Talon Wilson says:

    My dear Joe struck speechless, who would have thunk it? LOL

  • Daniel says:

    Say one thing for Joe Abercrombie, say say he has a good sense of humor 🙂

  • Unionjane says:

    This is like Halo, where you project your own opinion on the blank space (Master Chief’s head) in order to derive meaning.


  • Frank Fitz says:

    You’re like the Leo Dicaprio of Fantasy, aren’t you?

    I’m predicting, right here and now, that a ‘Half a King’ is at least nominated for one.

    I think they’ll eat it up now you’ve a book labelled YA instead of grimdark, even though you’ve assured us it’s still reasonably grim and dark.

  • Derek K. says:

    In the grand tradition of the internet:

    Everything you said is wrong.

  • Chris Upton says:

    Concise,to the point.

  • Susanne says:

    No, you’re wrong.

  • aaron says:

    Too busy to read all of what you’ve said 🙂

  • Steve says:

    Needs a grammar and spell check…

  • shawna says:


  • […] My Thoughts on the Hugo Awards (Joe Abercrombie) […]

  • Eric says:

    No comment.

  • Myrddin says:


  • Jacquan says:

    Finally Joe. Someone has the guts to say what we’re all thinking!

  • Brenda Jones says:

    TLDR :-p

  • Rowan says:

    Every year I spend time and thought deciding what books I have read and considered worthy of the Hugo even though I am well aware that my opinion will be thwarted by a small legion of people I am completely baffled by. Needless to say I have voted for people like GRRM,and Joe Abercrombie(sorry Joe your renown has not yet met the credentials to be recognized by initial only), Tad Williams and many other fine fantasists just to be struck dumb and annoyed. I believe if we all stop to recognize how elitist within a small community the award is it will prove to be what it is………………a meaningless award. WELL SAID JOE!!

  • David says:

    Blankety blank.

  • AntMac says:

    It is elitist in a way. Deliberately made to be self referential. And if only the past winners were not such an august group, one could cock a snoot at the entire thing.

    But you are the Hugo winner this year in my heart, Joe. =]

  • barney says:

    Words and hugo awards r for fools…..

  • You have to be realistic about these things.

  • Lewis says:

    hee hee

  • Slogra says:

    I am from Russian, can you great post in Russo for me Joe Ambercrom make benefit my understanding? Other stereotypes in -stan countries etc.
    I make love your books,

  • Mus says:

    Just to play devils advocate; might your opinion change if you won a Hugo award?

  • red+snow says:

    It’s a shame we’ll never know how Jonathan Ross may have made fun of Joe on two levels now.

  • barryT says:

    Wouldn’t expect you to be much concerned about the Hugo, Joe. Though over the past few years the nominations have been stretched beyond the SF genre a time or two. I know there where sharp intakes of breath across SF fandom when they awarded it to a Harry Potter book, for gawds sake.

    As a fully paid-up member of the awkward squad, I truly believe that the Hugo (and even more so the Nebular) would gain much in terms of credibility if once in a while they just admitted that “Sorry folks, can’t see anything that deserves one this year.” Giving an award to the best of a mediocre bunch – well, can an award be considered prestigious when the winning book is most definitely not a classy product? Or does the awarding of a prestigious prize automatically turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse? Interesting question.

    Unfortunately, the way it’s set up means a winner is an inevitability, no matter if it’s good, bad or indifferent.

  • Øystein says:

    ..your argument is all over the place.

  • DRFP says:

    Not directly related… But let me say that having read a proof version of ‘Half a King’, I thought your new book great, Joe.

    I was one of those evil persons who thought ‘Red Country’ a misstep and even ‘The Heroes’ a minor wobble, so was very pleased to discover ‘Half a King’ being a return to form and a very good book. I think you’ve done a really great job in the YA genre.

  • Chris+Upton says:

    Heroes a ‘minor wobble?’ It’s generally considered his best by quite some distance.

  • Maenad says:

    Joe wins at life. As always.

  • Mike T. says:

    I make love your books as well, Joe.
    I cannot stop myself from questioning the ‘Heroes: a minor wobble’ comment. Really? Have you not read any genre novels in the past 30 years? What do you consider the ‘wobbly’ part of it? I am intrigued as to how you will explain your statement.
    Hugo’s be damned.

  • Robb says:

    What book got awarded? I don’t follow these things, but I have seen plenty of trash on the market get the highest praise. More so in the last ten or twelve years.

  • travis nelson says:

    this is why i love all things abercrombie. cheeky bastard indeed.

  • Adrienne says:

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