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October 6th, 2010

Some trains, some sleeping on an inflatable bed, some more trains, some trudging through miles of anonymous airport corridor, some customs and security checks, some films on a tiny screen (Kick Ass – good fun, bit less interesting than I was expecting, though, and Prince of Persia – vaguely distracting hokum with some laughably ropey dialogue) and here I am in New York.  Man, it’s just like being on a film set.  Why aren’t the manhole covers all smoking, though?

Sorry to say that the bookstore event on the evening of the 7th got cancelled, so the only place you’ll be able to look upon me in the actual flesh and perhaps even get a book signed is as an attendee at the Comic Con.  I shall be signing at the Orbit booth (2315) on Friday 3.00-4.00 pm, and on Saturday 12.00-1.00pm.  On Friday evening I shall be playing fifth wheel on a panel of modern-day fantasy talents: Peter V. Brett, Jim Butcher, Naomi Novik and Brandon Sanderson, where we shall be discussing epic fantasy.  That’s right.  I shall also be found wandering the floor, pimping my books to any who will listen and many who will not.  Feel free to collar me and tell me how much you love my writing.  Go on.  You can lie.

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  • Peter says:

    Hi Joe, I’ll be sure to check you out! Also I just wanted to ask, have you read THE LONG SHIPS by Frans G. Bengtsson? It’s set in the late 900s to early 1000s in the southern provinces of Sweden. By now I’m sure you’ve figured out it has everything to do with Vikings. The reason I ask is because such a novel could very well have been used as research material involving your Northmen. Thanks!


  • Lars says:

    I actually enjoyed the Kick Ass movie quite a bit, except the ending which I found rather cheesey. I’ve heard that the actual comic is a lot better though…darker, grittier, with an unhappy ending and a completely different take on the Nicholas Cage character ‘Big Daddy.’ Kind of makes me wonder what Hollywood would do if they ever made a movie out of Best Served Cold or the First Law. Ouch.
    Well I wouldn’t mind actually, since you’d probably be happy becoming stinking rich. I live about a billion miles away from America so I won’t be there, though I pray someone films that conversation, it looks like it’ll be a fairly good one.

  • Rosemary Punter says:

    Hello Joe

    What a disappointment that the book shop event was cancelled.

    Hope all goes well at the ComicCon. I’m sure you will be kept busy signing books and enjoy being on the panel discussing epic fantasy.

    I’m sure there is no need for you to ‘pimp’ your books!


  • Skout says:

    *sigh* I wish I could be there. Take the train down to Baltimore when you’re done and I’ll buy the beer and crabs, Joe! 😉

  • GC says:

    Um, flying X hours, dealing with New York, Customs. Hope us New Yorkers treat you well. And remember any new Yorker will be happy to tell you where to go!

    Are you probably going to be signing longer than the 1 hour? Just incase your line is SOOOO super long, Orbit is not going to cut you off, are they??

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    Sorry about the bookstore.

    The Wire has made me keen to visit Baltimore, but I might not manage it this trip…

    I’ve got a few other things I need to do after the Friday signing, so it’s possible they might cut that one off on the hour, but I’d be very, very surprised if I’ve still got a queue at that point.

  • GC says:

    was thinking Saturday. Friday, Pfft!

  • Eric says:

    I recently slept on an inflatable bed. Although “slept” doesn’t seem like the right word. More of a shabby, unprofessional sleep. Sleep that I grew so tired of sleeping. Ah, I’m drunk.

  • Stuart says:

    Looking forward to trying to run into you tomorrow at the Con. If I miss the signing I may have to stalk you through the hall disguised as a ridiculously obese Wolverine, or as Lou Ferrigno.
    The best factoid about Kick-Ass is that it was Nicolas Cage’s idea that Big Daddy’s disguise involved a mustache extension. Genius!

  • Peter says:

    I will be there and I will make sure you get more questions than the other panelists.

  • Scott says:


    Have you read the books by Brett and Butcher? Your thoughts?

  • Tom Adams says:


    I’m the nerd who said I have your books but haven’t read them yet. After meeting you and watching your panel I will get right on that. I’m just pissed that I failed to buy the new one and have you sign it. I wasn’t really thinking because I was at the craziest Halloween party of my life. Maybe next year.

  • Stuart says:

    Got a quick autograph right at 3, then attended the panel. You aquitted yourself nicely, sir. Next time I recommend a Tshirt cannon or some kind of beer-spraying hose.

  • MikeS says:

    Thanks for signing my copy of Best Served Cold! And enjoyed the talk a lot… always good to have a bit of Brit humour at these things!

  • Dan says:

    Your a lucky man Mike! I’m envious. Anyone have photo’s from the event they can link?

  • Jeppe says:

    You were great on the panel last night Joe, thanks for coming to NYC!

    Now stop slacking off and get back to the bricklaying.

  • PatS says:

    Thanks for signing the piece of scrap paper I threw in front of you on Friday. Thanks for taking the time to put up with my praise for your books (BEST fantasy since The Black Company).

    And hey, thanks for showing up to your booth a full 30 minutes early!

  • Mia says:

    Hi Joe. I saw you at NYCC, First Law books 1 & 2 in tow. Thanks for helping make my first con an absolute pleasure. Sometimes you meet famous people and they’re unapproachable, arrogant or awkward? None of those adjectives apply to you — or else you’re an incredibly talented actor and the RSC beckons. Before you protest, you ARE famous, for many reasons I can imagine and others I can’t. You were witty, engaging, humble and downright charming. I’m not gushing. I’m a New Yorker and thus not prone to gushing. We complain, yell, stare but we don’t gush.

    And that Fantasy Writers Panel? Talk about people I’d love to be stuck in an elevator with. Throw in some cocktails and that’s close to my idea of heaven.

    Sincerely, thank you so much.

  • Dan says:

    Pat’s fantasy hotlist has the comic con panel for those that want to watch the video. Of course Joe is the coolest one amongst the group.

  • Khaldun says:

    Definitely a cool vid on the hotlist. Nice job, Joe.

  • mia says:

    In case you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a nice picture of Joe wrestling with fellow fantasy writer Peter Brett on the latter’s website. Here’s a quick link — scroll down to the middle of the page:

    These fantasy writers…so prone to violence. I love it!

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