One Week until Half a War…

July 9th, 2015

Half a War comes out in the UK in hardcover, e-book and audiobook in but 7 short days.  Here be its cover…

Half a War Final HB

And here be its blurb…

Words are weapons

Princess Skara has seen all she loved made blood and ashes. She is left with only words. But the right words can be as deadly as any blade. She must conquer her fears and sharpen her wits to a lethal edge if she is to reclaim her birthright.

Only half a war is fought with swords

The deep-cunning Father Yarvi has walked a long road from crippled slave to king’s minister. He has made allies of old foes and stitched together an uneasy peace. But now the ruthless Grandmother Wexen has raised the greatest army since the elves made war on God, and put Bright Yilling at its head – a man who worships no god but Death.

Sometimes one must fight evil with evil

Some – like Thorn Bathu and the sword-bearer Raith – are born to fight, perhaps to die. Others – like Brand the smith and Koll the wood-carver – would rather stand in the light. But when Mother War spreads her iron wings, she may cast the whole Shattered Sea into darkness.

And here be some early reviews…

“The final instalment in the Shattered Sea series is the perfect ending to an outstanding YA trilogy … Joe Abercrombie has long been the master of grim and gritty fantasy, but Half a War proves that he’s got all the skills of a master romance writer. The battles are bloody, the twists are shocking, and the deaths are heartbreaking.”

“War reaches the boiling point in the impressive conclusion … Abercrombie piles on shocking betrayals and charges his characters a high price for vengeance in this powerful and fitting final volume.”
– Publishers Weekly

“The narrative, well-sprinkled with gory action and impelled by characters at this stage not just familiar, but gratifying, moves along at a brisk clip. Best of all, the relentless intrigues, plots, and schemes bubble just below the surface.”
– Kirkus

“In his Shattered Sea saga, Abercrombie has created a series that is by shades engaging, mesmerising and jaw-dropping, possessing themes and complex characters so rarely interrogated by YA fiction.”
– Sci Fi Now

Here are the times and dates for my UK events next week, with visits to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, York, Nottingham, Ely, Colchester, London, Reading, Bristol, and the YA Literature Convention…

And over here you can find further information, the first three chapters as a sample and, oh, look at that, information on where you can preorder…

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  • Darren says:

    Wow, that’s come round quickly! Looking forward to a read as good as the previous two.

    See you in Leeds for my early signed copy!!

  • Dean says:

    Wow we were told the 28th!!
    Well anyone who can’t get to any of Joe’s signings go to and we will have signed copies. We also have a half the worlds signed first editions too.

  • Steve Hick says:

    Tease, we wait until the 28th in the US. And then another year before the short story collection and then another year (and more?) before the next novel. At least you don’t tie yourself into Gordian Knots like that other fella….you seem to cut through them rather than unravel them.

  • Apostate says:

    Enjoyed the series and the development of the characters through it. However, my favourite is still the First Law Trilogy and Glokta with his wonderful hatred of stairs!

    Having now purchased NINE Abercrombies just wondering if I get the tenth free?!

  • AntMac says:

    I am halfway through my copy, Joe, and I just had to say how much I enjoy the detail you always put into characters personality. You get a real sense of them as their own people, with their own obsessions etc. Father Jarvi in particular seems to have both grown as a person, and ( like we often do ) become set in his ways and opinions.

    I am enjoying the series, though it is noticeably a YA book, it is still a J. Abercrombie book, and you don’t seem to know HOW to write a bad one. I wish people had written books like these for me when I were a young adult.

  • LeeAnn Larkin says:

    Just started Half a War, really surprised to see the maps

  • Prez says:

    Oh no, just finished reading the trilogy and am now going Cold Turkey! Brilliant finale to the trilogy. Tremendous development of Yarvi. Who would’ve thought it?
    Favourite novel still The Heroes though! When can we expect the next masterpiece, as I’m now climbing the walls!

  • Max says:

    Just finished Half a war. Why am I so sad?
    Is this unfinished or maybe I just want more….it will be more of the Shattered Sea saga Joe?

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