Prince Calder, and an Extract

August 10th, 2010

Editing on The Heroes over the last week or so has centred on Prince Calder, one of the main characters on the Northern side of the issue.  The sharp-minded among you may remember him turning up near the start of The Blade Itself.  But things have changed a little for him since then, and not for the better.

In the North, they like their men tough, strong, honest, and loyal.  Prince Calder is none of those things.  He’s more thinker than doer and more lover than fighter, and that, and his habit of acting like a lying prick, have mad him a lot of enemies.  He could cope with enemies when his father, Bethod, was the all-powerful King of the Northmen.  But since his father was killed, Calder has been lurching from one near-fatal disaster to another.

He would very, very, very much like to reclaim his father’s throne.  There are just a few tiny problems to be overcome.  Firstly, Black Dow, the most feared man in the North, is sitting in it, and doesn’t want to be moved.  Secondly, Calder has a tough, strong, honest, loyal older brother with a pea for a brain before him in line.  Thirdly, he is widely mistrusted and despised.  Fourthly, well, there’s this war with the Union going on and, despite his best efforts, it’s looking increasingly unlikely he’s going to be able to keep himself entirely free of it…

We’ve also had a side-order of Beck, a more minor point-of-view character on the Northern side – a young lad obsessed with tales of heroism, and desperate for the chance to fight and win himself a name on the battlefield, and a high place in the songs.  Just like his father, Shama Heartless, a famous champion killed in a duel with the Bloody-Nine.  Knowing how my stuff goes, I’m sure that will all turn out exactly as planned.

Finally, a little treat for y’all, in case the saliva is not sufficiently flowing.  I’ll be posting a more substantial extract in due course, but for now my dark masters at Gollancz have decided, in their infinite wisdom, to post a not insignificant extract from The Heroes on their blog.  Why, tis the first chapter involving that military reprobate, Corporal Tunny…

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  • Harvey Quinn says:

    Incredible extract, I’m so bloody excited.

    I hope you know that I actually can’t wait, literally can’t. You need to do something about this. I have a condition.

  • Susanne says:

    Yay! I’m already in love with Tunny. Awesome extract. Can we have one, say, every month? To tide us over until January? This waiting thing is very hard. Also, Harvey has this condition, you see.

  • PammieR says:

    How brilliant! How fantastic…Do I really have to wait a hundred and something days? 🙁

    More now! Please! Now! Shouting at the screen does not seem to be working…so I am back to waiting again and I am sure I have mentioned previously I do not do waiting!

    At this rate I will have used the world supply of exclamation marks up by January – they are an endangered spieces you know! Doh! 🙂

  • Phil N says:

    So Beck, we have a character who has a link to The Bloody-Nine (fingers crossed maybe, just maybe there might be a Logen sighting or at least some hint as to his fate).

  • Troy says:

    yea i hope logen is still creeping around in the north somewhere. He better still be alive joe!!!!!!!

  • Yulwei says:

    Very interesting but I was hoping for some clue as to why Bayaz has allowed the alliance between the Union and the North to reach this point. I’d have thought he’d have been able to control Dow but I guess I’ll have to read the book to find out. Nonetheless, my appetite is wetted

  • madman42 says:

    I’m sure Logen is still alive. He’s the bloody nine after all! He’s out there hiding somewhere. Him and Dogman and Shivers. I think the question is how long will Joe make us wait before we see them again. Nevertheless, my anticipation for the Heroes is killing me!

  • Jurble says:

    Too soon, I can’t wait until Jan (or whenever it’s published in the USA) for this – if I keep hearing more about it. I wish I could fall into a coma with no repercussions (school-wise, financially) and wake up with The Heroes out.

  • Brett says:

    God Damn it Joe, you’ve done it again.
    Given us that tantilizing glimpse of something we have all been so patiently waiting for, then as soon as it starts getting good you rip it away from us. Like a child prematurly stolen from it’s mothers welcome embrace.

    I enjoyed the extract immensely, and my anticapation for The Heroes grows with each passing day, I just wish that there was some way that I could travel through time to the exact day of publication so I can get my hands on a copy!

    Anyone here now how to build a time travel machine?
    If you do, I will gladly collaborate with you in order to be the first to get our hands on a copy of this book!

  • Al says:

    This excerpt is a pleasant reminder of how fun it is to read an Abercrombie book. I particularly enjoy the immersive aspect of reading without realizing at the time how much detail I’ve absorbed. You’re like the Alfonso Cuaron of fantasy!

  • Mark C says:

    You had me at “Tunny.”…

    Mark C

  • Won’t somebody please think about Harvey’s condition!?

  • Bloody Nine says:

    Fantastic start, Mr Abercrombie. Look forward to giving you and your publishers and my local bookstore money in the semi-near future.

  • Jason Whelan says:

    Poor Harvey!

    Joe, You have to do something! Time travel or something! Get that book released now!

    As for the extract, damn. Love Tunny, (still think Dunny, especially with all the shitty latrine happenings in the background.) Can’t wait, man. Can’t wait.

    If Harvey dies from his condition, and PammieR uses all the Exclimation marks, It will be ON YOUR HEAD JOE!

  • Tsaot says:

    I can understand typos in a personal blog. For instance “have mad him a lot of enemies.” For a publisher advertising on a professional blog it is just plain lazy; “Staff officers bean to scatter from the house in all directions” I am by no means an editing pro, but that doesn’t prevent me from spotting stuff.

    By the way, I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE HEROES!!!!! (edited or not)

  • Michael_C says:

    Is anything so comforting as immediately warming to a new perspective character in a book you’ve been highly anticipating? I should think not.

  • MaTT says:

    A great character. I am really looking forward to this book, especially the crossing of characters for earlier writings. Incidentally, I am listening to those on audio, Stephen Pacey has done a great job.

    One extremely minor point, is that these spell checkers are not too hot “Staff officers bean to scatter” (began) and I am far too picky …sorry!

  • Phil N says:

    Had to re-read it again. Love it and cant wait to get better aquainted with Tully.

    “Wars are hard enough without people fighting in the middle of ’em” has to be a quote to remember.

  • Phil N says:

    Tunny…TuNNy….must remember to read before posting!

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