Progress Report April ’24

April 30th, 2024

Last time I announced that The Devils was basically finished, this time I’ll announce that it’s even more basically finished, the copy edit having been done and sent back. US and UK cover art is now pretty much finalised, more about that when it’s appropriate, and we’re currently working on some exciting internal art. In fact the book’s so near to being finished that when I was in New York recently I stopped into the offices of Tor, the US publisher, to sign a few very advance reader copies:

And no, you can’t have one. These are strictly for the best people, the VIPs, the taste-makers and industry leaders. Or so they tell me. I didn’t even get one (mind you I’ve already read it, it was brilliant incidentally). There’ll be a much bigger round of ARCs and electronic galleys going out later in the year, but it won’t actually be coming out till May 2025, I’m afraid, by which time the sequel will hopefully be close to finished.

Talking of which, I’ve revised the first part of that one and sent it off to my editors just to prove that I’ve been doing something (and to garner their valued opinions). Quite the shambles right at the moment, being honest. The characters that appear in it from the previous book are all working well, giving rise to some HILARIOUS SEQUENCES but the new characters really haven’t come together yet giving rise to some BORING SHITE. Still, I trust over time the pressure will crush that shite into diamonds, as I plan out and write the rest of the book and work out just what the hell I’m doing with it. Some thinking and planning time definitely needed to fill in the blanks before I think about setting out to write the next chunk. Probably a good old bit of reading around the subject and repeatedly revising what I’ve already got too.

Right now I’m taking a break from the books to do a few film and tv things I am frustratingly unable to discuss. Still nothing I can say about the Best Served Cold film, sadly. Lots of backroom wrangling going on but nothing to trouble the industry papers with. I hope you took my advice, and didn’t hold your breath…

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  • Frank O’Connor says:

    I wonder how many more idiots like myself will be humming delightedly to themselves before fully digesting and absorbing that single, specific digit.

  • Stefano S. says:

    This is great news Joe. Should we expect your trademark witty commentary on human misery, or are you walking a different path with The Devils?

  • Rick says:

    I really hope that the ambiguous film and tv things you are working on include a First Law television series starting with The Blade Itself, but probably not given that it looks like the Best Served Cold adaptation is still being worked on. I just hope that someday soon there is a quality adaptation of your work.

  • Curly says:

    I am still holding my breath and will continue to do so til my eyes pop and my skin turns blue (body found floating at the docks). Keep at it old boy, we’re all a shiver(s) with antici………pation

  • Zak says:

    Thanks for the update Joe, and wonderful to see those advanced copies of The Devils. Sure I can’t have one? May 2025!?!? So far away! Can’t wait to read it. As usual, your reports of your productivity make me envious.

  • Liam says:

    Best fantasy author of all time imho. I have high hopes for The Devils but do hope you return to the first law universe and call me a fanboy but I hope we haven’t seen the last of Ninefingers. I mean if anyone can avoid the great leveler it’s the great leveler himself

  • David L says:

    I doubt you write these updates with the intention to empower us neophytes but by god you accomplish it. I always enjoy observing similarities between my writing processes and those of an author who inspires me. It tells me there is hope.

    I’m stoked for your televised adaptations. While awaiting news, I’ve decided to hold my enemy’s breath rather than my own so this is working out great. Hopefully your works get the Fallout treatment (rather than Hobbit, Halo, WoT, Witcher, RoP, etc).

  • Jools says:

    Loving this news Joe – I’ve really missed you

  • Zephee says:

    Can’t wait Joe. Keep’m coming!

  • Michael DAmbrosio says:

    Let’s hope that when you do have news to share about Best Served Cold it’s that Steven Pacey has been cast as Morveer!

  • CJ says:

    If that Aberrcrombie guy says it’s brilliant then I guess we better trust him.

  • ArisToddle says:

    Great to hear Joe!

    Audible version – please tell me Steven Pacey is back in the saddle for The Devils!

  • Steve G says:

    The best things are worth waiting for, and we’ll still be here holding our breathe. Thanks for the update Joe.

  • Matt Belcher says:

    Great update Joe! Can’t believe we have to wait 12 months to read The Devils but super excited!!! Most anticipated read of 2025 for me.

  • Andrew Simpson says:

    I’m somewhat of a taste-maker myself. Are you sure I can’t have one?

  • Dean Williams says:

    Just remember Joe,
    You are neither Patrick Rothfuss nor Scott Lynch!

  • Corey Long says:

    I’m really hoping what you can’t talk about is the Shev and Javre stories being directed by Tim Miller and being a part of Love Death and Robots…. Those short stories would be so good in an animated format…. Dreaming but looking forward to everything else!!

  • Sidali sodro says:

    Dear sir! All I hope that your great writing meets Steven pacey’s voice for the devils, and damn it 2015 is so far away…. I’m listening to a little hatred for the 12th time…because I finished reading and hearing the rest of the first law for more than 50….50 times so thanks for making other books shot for me….

  • Marco says:

    I get that the ARC is for the crème de la crème, but when ARC 2 (Son of ARC) is released you should set one aside and do a giveaway drawing for your loyal blog commentariat.

  • Jeremy says:

    Here’s hoping The Devils brings us an update on the status and exploits of one Ferro Maljinn and her noble quest for vengeance.

    Keep up the dark work Joe….we are grateful for it.

  • Mae says:

    I still hope that the Best Served Cold film gets made someday. I’d love to see Monza and Shivers on the big screen.

  • Brad Pitt says:

    Tastemakers, you say?

  • Wombat of Hoskopp says:


  • The hairy bear says:

    I’m wondering on what subject do you need to “read around” in order document yourself for the next chunk. Is it hystorical underage popesses, Trojan emperors, cannibalistic elves, or something else with even more available bibliography?…

  • B-h surfer says:

    Guess a collosal marketing push is the reason we’ll have to wait for a year. If you’re shootin for stardom, hope it doesn’t shoot back.

  • Sholla says:

    2025!!? – Get that book out now or I’ll cut the bloody cross into ya

  • Shawn says:

    May 2025. Long way away, but hell, delayed gratification can be a wonderful thing. I’m sure The Devils will deliver as have all of your books. Like everyone else here, I wish the process works faster, but we can’t really question your work ethic.

    “Just to prove that I’ve been doing something.” Ha! Your work ethic is impressive. What with everything else you have going on and of course the natural need for some downtime here and there, your writing output is much more akin to Erikson or Sanderson than say, Rothfuss or Martin. I mean, apparently only certain grimdark authors can blog about their hobbies (I for one rather enjoy your mini reviews of video games and movies/shows when you mention them) and still be very prolific in their writing output…

  • Adam says:

    Simply wanted to express my appreciation for your updates, the continued hard work to provide enjoyment to your existing and soon-to-be fans, and beat wishes towards great outcomes for all your endeavors.

    With all that’s going on, please make sure to get enough time to rest and enjoy your life.

  • Victor Strawn says:

    If you ever do an adaptation of the trilogy, I beg you to consider Burn Gorman for Glokta. I feel so incredibly passionate about this. He’d make the absolute PERFECT Glokta, imo. (Yes, off topic, but then again if I wait for you to mention his name again I might be waiting quite a long time indeed.)

  • Wombat of Hoskopp says:

    @Michael DAmbrosio

    …and Nicomo Cosca, famed soldier of fortune, two parts Arthur Daley to one part Jack Sparrow. Or the other way around, if you prefer.

  • Hot sauce Hammond says:

    Yawn…..Bored of waiting I think I’ll go and worship another author instead…

    Only kidding but all these people getting the book in advance are NOT the important ones we are by which I mean me….As for a Glokta… Ronald Lacey would have been great but sadly not with us anymore.

  • Olde Manriver says:

    Patience is a virtue, impatience is reality. I’m old, crotchety and picky about what I read.

    May 2025 flirts with my expiration date, and re-reading Tolkien, Gemmell, Moorcock, McLellan, Ryan and Abercrombie runs the risk of bleeding all the joy and wonder out of those novels.

    Sigh… time to find some hobbies for the next 12 months.

    Now don’t be reading these geriatric ramblings, get back to books 2 and 3! And don’t you go catching Martinitis or Rothfussenza any time soon…

  • Doug says:

    Love your work and humor, which is unparalleled. Could you get the audiobook to be released simultaneously (or even ahead of the printed copy)? No reason for that to wait for artwork.

  • Carola Groenendijk says:

    Great to hear About new aventures off Ninefinger and others. Hope to find the dutch translation someday

  • Gary Shank says:

    Ohhhhh to be soooo lucky as to get an early copy of this. I can’t wait to read and/or listen to it (I love the audio versions of all your books)!

  • Paul Bibby says:

    You you know we love your work, we love your characters and we love you, mate.

    In a northern, Lancs sense, of course.

    As in, “What do you think of that Abercrombie bloke? He’s got a new book coming out … You know. The writer … from Lancaster. “,
    “Who? Oh yeah, … I love him. He’s brill. I loved that book I borrowed. I loved Glokta & Logan. Why d’ya ask?”
    “No reason.”

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