Progress Report June ’14

June 24th, 2014

Time sure does fly.

Fair bit of progress the past couple of months, and other than a little continuing work on the secret project I can’t tell you about and probably never will be able to tell you about hence shouldn’t have mentioned, work in May and June has all been on Half a King and sequels, which are now otherwise being called the Shattered Sea books.  In reverse order:

The third book, Half a War: first part of four drafted, second part planned in detail, a pretty solid rough plan for the other two parts.  Hoping to get the second part drafted over July and August around the many events and touring commitments I’ve got going on for Half a King, though I know from experience it can be tough to get much done as far as writing new stuff goes while on the road.  Still, if I can get most of the second part squared away by the end of August, that gives me September, October, November largely free to concentrate on getting parts 3 and 4 drafted, with a view to having a solid 2nd draft by the end of the year.  That should work for a July 2015 publication date.  Pretty happy with how this book’s going, generally, though it’s still early.  Subsequent books in a series are usually that bit easier as you’ve got a lot of the story lines up and running and the setting defined, but these books are slightly different from what I’ve done before in that each book introduces different point of view characters.  We shall see…

The second book, Half the World: Written and edited.  Still needs a final pass through to consider the detail of the language before it goes for copy edit, but I should be able to get that done while on the trains around the UK at the start of July, and I’m reaching the point now where I’m very pleased with how this one has turned out.  Half the World is more or less certain for a Feb 2015 release, though I don’t quite have a specific date yet.

The first book, Half a King, meanwhile, is printed, distributed, and will be released on the 3rd July in the UK, 15th July on the US.  I might take the opportunity to say it’s available for pre-order on amazon at a 62% reduced cutting-my-own-throat discount price of £5 for the hardcover and £4.35 for the Kindle edition.  Seems like only yesterday I was meeting with publishers to discuss the possibility of this series and now, suddenly, here it is, greeting the public.  Early signs are really good, but that never stops a writer crapping their pants, of course, especially since this book is with new publishers both sides of the pond and aimed at a (slightly) different audience.  Promotional work has been grinding into gear over the last couple of months – I signed 3,000 copies a few weeks back for Waterstones and other retailers, and I’ve got a fair bit more stock to sign for Goldsboro Books and others over the next couple of weeks.  Few interviews and blogs been done as well, along with some talking to bookseller style events, and the UK tour kicks off on 29th June with Edinburgh and will then wend its way around England.  Further details here.  I’ll then be in and around the west coast of the US from the 22nd June.  Further Details here.  And I’ll be at Celsius 232 festival along with Brandon Sanderson and Pat Rothfuss in Aviles, Spain 1st-3rd August.

That is your progress report for June…

Posted in progress by Joe Abercrombie on June 24th, 2014.

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  • Thile says:

    I was checking my preorders and noticed the “Shattered Sea” series/trilogy not too long ago, and was wondering when and how that came about? Do you get to choose that or nah? Will there be a map!

  • Bobby says:

    Have you signed any books for Waterstones in Liverpool? I have pre ordered from Amazon but will cancel if my local waterstones will have signed version

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    I think all Waterstones stock is signed, but as it goes I’m going to be in Liverpool signing evening of June 30th. Either you can come along, or talk to the store, they should be able to reserve a signed one (probably dedicated too).

  • Esteban says:

    Hi, I´m from Argentina. You have no idea the difficults I have to get your books in spanish, unfortunately my country is a very little market for the fantasy literature. I swear that I would love to get to Spain just to get a copy of Red Country (or to read a little bit better in english) =/
    Meanwhile, I´m very happy reading this Progress Report you make and want congratulate you because of the amazing worlds you create.
    I hope you never get tired of it =)

  • Phil says:

    I see there is now the audio book version ia uo for pre order on I’m undecided to buy the book or the pre order the audio book. I usually end up reading the book and then listening to the audio. Shame this book will be narrated by a different actor. The guy who did all the other book’s was amazing.

  • Lord Beric says:

    Very good news for Spain to come back, I hope!

  • Frank+Fitz says:

    Shattered Seas? I like it, you’ve got the Frank Fitz stamp of approval.

    Question: who comes up with the trilogy titles? You, or the publishers?

  • Nicky D. says:

    Congrats on top billing in the _Rogues_ compendium! I enjoyed the story. Is the Lioness in any of your other books? I must confess, I now realize that I have long desired her and my life was incomplete before she was around. (My Abercrombeducation is lacking, having only read the First Law trilogy and Best Served Cold.)

  • Chris says:

    Oooh, you, Rothfuss and Sanderson. Add Lynch and I think we’ve got all the heavyweights of the younger generation of fantasy in one room.

  • Daniel says:

    Hi joe,

    Will steven Pacey not be working on shattered seas? I guess it makes sense for a new voice for new characters but I could happily listen to Pacey read the phone book!

    Will you be coming to Belfast for any signing events?

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    Titles are always mine, though I’d certainly listen if the publisher had an issue with one. Can’t remember it happening, though.

    Nicky D,
    Javre is in another story in the David Gemmell Legends anthology, and will probably appear in some other stories in my own forthcoming collection.

    It won’t be Pacey reading the Shattered Sea books, no. Ben Elliot in the UK, and a different narrator in the US. I love Pacey’s readings and they’ve been hugely successful, but it makes sense to try a different (and slightly younger) voice for these different books. I’ll certainly try and get Pacey for all future First Law stuff, though.

  • Meraxes says:

    So excited for Half a King! Should be getting it sometime in mid July! Meanwhile, I’ll be going back to The First Law world with The Heroes this weekend! It’ll be my first read through and I’m super excited!!
    Greetings from Paraguay!

  • Mike G says:

    All great to hear, Joe. I cant’ wait to read Half a King here on the 15th. Thank you for all of your wonderful work!

  • AaronH says:

    Hi Joe, Looking forward to the new edition. What do you mean by “a slightly different audience”? Why is the audience different?

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    It’s sort of a kind of a young adult book, different world, slightly different style.

  • ed says:

    Got an email from waterstones today to say my copy is on its way….huzzah!!
    On a side note, what the fuck is wrong with people? I was on Amazon earlier and happened to notice half a king has quite a few reviews. I assumed these were reviews by people who had preview copies but no, these simple minded fucks are putting up reviews after reading the first chapter sample. Why????
    For some reason this has really pissed me off, what is it with people wanting to spread their ignorant meaningless opinions? Once upon a time these people would have been confined to being known as the pub bore but now the internet gives them further room to talk absolute bollocks.
    I appreciate the majority give excellent reviews so not much for Joe to complain about but one starts off “Difficult to review a book on just a few chapters” at this point you might expect him to stop but oh no, irony is lost on this half wit who goes on to give a negative review of a book they have never read…Grrrrr, I really dislike people sometimes.
    Angry rant over.

  • Richard Mc master says:

    It’s intriguing to hear about the progress, even if there’s a mysterious project we might never know about. Your focus on “Half a King” and the Shattered Sea books is exciting. It reminds me of the dedication an Aaron’s War book author puts into creating compelling stories. Looking forward to more updates!

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