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May 7th, 2014

Let’s face it, if you’re a regular visitor to this site, the chances are reasonably high you’re already planning to give Half a King a try when it comes out in July.  But just in case any of you are still lurking on the fence, Publishers Weekly have given the book a very enthusiastic starred review (and one star, in this case, is a good thing – no stars=a book, a star=a noteworthy and important book):

“In this superb fantasy trilogy kickoff, Abercrombie (the First Law trilogy) regales readers with the tale of a young man who is thrust onto the throne by unexpected betrayal. Yarvi, the king’s second son, is not destined for the Black Chair or kingship of Gettland: he has a withered left hand, and is bound to become a minister. But everything changes when his brother and father are murdered. Yarvi is clever and knowledgeable, thanks to the years he spent studying for the ministry, but none of that will amount to much unless he can survive the sheer cruelty of being raised to the crown, nearly murdered, and traded into slavery in the span of days. The one thing he knows is that he plans to live long enough to take revenge on his father’s killer—when he finds out who it was. Abercrombie’s stellar prose style and clever plot twists will be sure to please both adult and teen readers.”

Just thought I’d mention it, since we were both in the neighbourhood…

Posted in reviews by Joe Abercrombie on May 7th, 2014.

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  • Lewis says:

    Link please?

  • Lord Beric says:

    Looks good .. looking forward to Spain!

  • Darren says:

    Looking forward to this. Im sure you’re sick of hearing it, but the YA was slightly putting me off, but either way, I am going to try this. The description sounds great and I cant wait to read some of your work again. Maybe even introduce my 14 year old son to it…..

  • Hero says:

    I was lucky enough to get an ARC. (Perks of being a librarian #23–Publishers bring ARCs to library conferences.) Trust me, there’s no reason to be put off. It doesn’t have the swearing and sex, but it’s still harsh, tragic, and a book only Joe would write.

  • Lewis says:

    Thank you sir. Its funny at first I was lukewarm to the idea of these books but after reading the chapters you put up and having now read a number of reviews I can say that I’m coming to the boil nicley. Role on July!

  • Alan says:

    I wonder if it will be sold in bookstores in Singapore when it comes out in July. The euphoria of devouring a freshly baked book right from the oven can never be replaced by Amazon deliveries.

  • Darren says:

    Thanks Hero,
    The more I hear about it, the better it sounds. Also, getting my son into Joe’s work sounds good at the age of 14 which will lead onto the first law in a few years time…..

  • Sarah+D says:

    Lucky bookseller that I am, I received an ARC ~ LOVED IT! Cannot wait to recommend to anyone I find lurking in the Fantasy section.

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