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July 22nd, 2009

So it would appear I am due to be guesting on a Radio 5 Live spot hosted by Dotun Adebayo on the morning of Monday 27th of July all about fantasy fiction. Well, it’s kind of the night of the 26th, unless you get up really, really early, since it’s taking place between 0200 and 0330 on the morning of the 27th. What time did you think they’d be talking about fantasy fiction on the radio? Anyway, discussion will focus on a recent book and a classic, in this case Richard Morgan’s The Steel Remains (Woo! Read it!) and Fritz Leiber’s stories of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser (shit, I’ve read some of those too, what were the chances!) And then will wander into the realms of caller’s questions and who knows what fantastical lands (not too far afield, I hope, lest I quickly end up somewhere I don’t know what I’m talking about). Tune in, if awake, and I’m sure I can soon send you off to the land of nod.

In other news, the first exploratory chest-slaps in my heavyweight verbal wrassling match with Brent Weeks have already taken place at Border’s Babel Clash, with heeeelarious consequences. Currently we’re arguing about whether writers should blog or not, but I daresay the topic will shift rapidly to other pastures. Hey, why not stop by and lay down some smack of your own? You could even suggest some different subject matter for us to linguistically suplex each other over…

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  • Doh! I forgot to add subject matter. now I gotta go back and further increase the relevancy of your post over Weeks.

  • R says:

    I know this is not really related to this comment so much, but I just read your first book on a whim and enjoyed it throughly. This was excellent escapism for me and it grabbed me from the beginning. It's really amazing that I work in the corporate world and see similar interactions and real life characters from a political standpoint on a day to day basis. The earmarked "golden boy" future executives who are annointed early in their careers (Jazal), the positioned and polished yet ruthless scheming directors and middle managers (Glokas' boss), the intelligent yet troubled party girls who long for love but make bad choices and can't keep it together at happy hours (Ardee), and of course, the role players (practicals, apprectices, etc.) And, there are the normal rats in the race like me who are a combo of Logen and Glokas. The realism of these characters are what sets them apart – truly three dimensional. I plan on buying the next two. I give up easy on epic fantasy because I don't like to waste my time, but this was a pleasure. Thanks for writing them. I hope you are succeeding and getting wealthy from these.

  • enjai says:

    I guess I could get drunk and stay up late to ask a question. Do you know if the show will be podcastable?

    I'd brace yourself for some strange callers. Only the crazy and obsessed ever seem to call in at those hours, if the "Dr Carl" show is anything to go by…

  • dyginc says:

    Brent just smacked you HARD…I can't wait to see how you come back…
    BTW not that it really matters because i am no GRRM or other well known anybodies let alone a great reviewer but my review of BSC is up on Brent's Ning Site under Blogs (heather–the pic of the beluga whale is me) as well as at—I am not a great accomplished reviewer but I said as much as i could with out showing people my shrine to you (that sits opposite of Brent's btw) and gushing over each character…just wanted you to know this late fan did actually review it

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