Red Country UK Tour

October 17th, 2012

Rejoice, for Red Country is out tomorrow in the UK!  Tour of the UK also begins, in historic Guildford, where we had one of our best events last year.  To refresh your memories of all the dates, and with a couple of extra details:


Thursday 18th October

12.30pm – Waterstones Guildford

7pm – Waterstones Piccadilly, London (ticketed)


Friday 19th October

12.30pm – Waterstones Staines

6pm – Forbidden Planet London


Saturday 20th October

2pm – Waterstones Bristol Galleries

We hope to swing by Bristolcon at the Ramada Hotel later, so I’ll more than happily sign books for anyone there if I make it…


Monday 22nd October

12.30pm – Waterstones Liverpool One

7pm – Waterstones Manchester Deansgate (ticketed)


Tuesday 23rd October

12.30pm – Waterstones York

7pm – Waterstones Leeds (ticketed)


Wednesday 24th October

12.30pm – Waterstones Chesterfield

6pm -Waterstones Newcastle Emerson Chambers (ticketed)


Thursday 25th October

1.30pm – Waterstones Glasgow Sauchiehall St.

6pm – Waterstones Edinburgh Princes St.


Friday 26th October

7.45pm – Toppings Bath (ticketed)


The lunch time events will be just a signing.  The evening ones will be a brief talk about the book, a reading from it, and a Q&A, followed by a signing, with the possible exception of the Toppings in Bath one, which I think may be an interview, reading, and Q&A, plus signing, something along those lines, anyway.  I’ll hope to see some of you out there…

Rules of engagement – I’ll pretty much sign anything I’ve written, so by all means bring old books with you, though it would be only good manners to the store to be buying at least one book at the same time.  Dedications and lines are no problem, but I don’t draw.  If you’ve got a big stack of books and there’s something of a queue you might be asked to wait until the end.  Proofs (that is Advance Reader Copies sent out by the publisher ahead of publication) are a slightly different matter, as policies are prone to shift, so I can’t promise to give you whatever you’d like in a proof, but honestly I usually do…

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  • FlyMonkey says:

    Curses,curses and thrice curses! Why am i always working when your at my end of the country.Ah well.

  • Michael says:

    Have fun, and thanks for sharing all the process stuff with us.

    The Chesterfield to Newcastle leg seems a bit tight on time. Is it a train trip or do you get the rock star limo laid on?

  • Luke Kidson says:

    Friday – a good day to begin with, ends with a signing by my favourite author and then a mate’s band in the Intrepid Fox. Doesn’t get much better!

  • Good luck with it, Joe. Sadly, I shall not be able to join you on Friday at Forbidden Planet (and you know how I like to support struggling authors). I hope you can push on through without me.

  • Ciaran McBride says:

    Hi Joe,
    Any appearances planned for Ireland? C’mon were neighbours!

  • Dale Milbourne says:

    So just to confirm, you’re pretty sure there won’t be a book signing at the Toppings, Bath one? That’s the only one I could come to! Bugger…

  • Storm in the High Places says:

    Please no spoilers for the people in the US we still have another month till its released. FML…. But at least I received my copy of Limited BSC.

  • Keith says:

    US tour info coming?

  • Kevin says:

    And by US he means Canadian, of course.

  • Yeti says:

    I, also, need to know if the US tour info is coming. Please come to Santa Monica! I’ll buy 2 copies…

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    No, I’ll be signing at Toppings, absolutely. Signing at any and all events.

  • Jacob says:

    That’s the bad thing about artists (musician, author, etc) coming to North America: We’re such a damn big, stretched out nation, that it’s impossible to find decent locations to go to.

    You end having to tour New York, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, LA, a few more places in California…but in the end we’re too damn big to centralize a decent spot for these things. Costs money to travel. The UK is closer and easier for a man such as Joe.

    Used to burn me up as a teen when all my favorite metal acts from Europe wouldn’t tour the states anywhere close to home. Didn’t even consider the logistics until a later time period.

  • Migraine says:

    Coming to Australia any time soon?

    That’s a serious question. Somewhat less seriously: you might want to talk to your distributors when you do. Red Country is in the Australian iBooks store (the contents of which are far more limited that the UK and US stores) at AUD$16.99. The release date for actual bookshops – where the trade paperback will probably hit the shelves at AUD$35 – has just been pushed back for the third time.

    Some of us still like reall books …

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    I’m going to be in Australia for three weeks at the start of November. Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, and Hobart, I believe. I’ll post all the details in a couple of days.

  • Giasone says:

    Hey Migraine. Nobody in Australia buys books from bookstores anymore unless they have to. Everyone uses Book Depository. 😉

  • T.C. says:

    Not a Happy Bunny.

    As I write this, it’s the 18th. No post up today as yet, so I thought I’d bitch here.

    A friend tried to purchase a copy for me this morning. Nothing in Waterstones, or the local chain, the supermarkets, in fact, not a copy to be found anywhere in Belfast.

    And I thought nothing could spoil my day, dammit!

  • Jonathan says:

    Started reading the apple store version at midnight last night. Will buy a hardback copy at waterstones in glasgow for you to sign. Great job!

  • SwindonNick says:

    I am delighted to report that Swindon Waterstones has it and has it on display in the SF/Fantasy corner. I loitered in my investigations long enough to read the short story as well!

    So I suggest you hot foot it over the water to Swindon. (Swindon is just like Sweden, just swap out the attractive blonde types for tattooed overweight people in tracksuits with fags glued to their chubby little hands)

  • dking says:

    So true, Nick, so true.

  • Dan Cook says:

    Just got back from the signing in Guildford, was good fun. I was worried that I was going to be stuck at the end of a line equivalent to a free all you can eat buffet in America, luckily however, despite being only 15 minutes early I was third in line. I felt a bit risky that day so I decided to give up my place in order to secure a cup of tea to pass the time.

    Though I was only bumped to 9th place with a slightly heavier bladder, I was distraught to find that two eager gentleman ahead of me had in fact prepared a song for Joe, which was lovely (I’ll be uploading it to his FaceBook page shortly) which left me to present myself without proper tribute, alas.

    Whilst I feared imminent destruction for not appeasing his unholiness, he was in fact pretty cool. And is spending too much time at the gym.
    That, or he does what I do which is to simply tell people that you go to the gym, then over a course of weeks and months gradually replace your wardrobe with smaller and smaller clothes.

    Cheers for the signature Joe, ’twas a pleasure!

  • Dan says:

    Just read first two chapters on gollantz. So bloody brilliant! Such a breath of fresh air every time I read your work for the first time. Thank you Joe. Can’t wait for my copy to arrive!

  • Matej says:

    Wow! Yesterday I couldn’t sleep, knowing the book comes out today, but I wasn’t sure if it they’ll have it in the store in Slovenia. They did! The lady from the bookstore called me to say they have it, so I rushed to the capital and bought the hard cover version! Already on page 150. Thanks for the amazing book Joe!

  • Garry Tibbs says:

    So we get to Guildford and find the store, after a one hundred and twenty seven mile journey from the Fens. Our group of three (me, my brother and my mate Ricky) had a little song we had penned ready to go. Alas my counterparts wimped out and I was forced to shame them into joining in… Ricky who had penned the song was a little nervous to perform. My brother was on the harmonica and I performed the vocals.

    The song we sang to the style of the 12 bar blues.

    Woke up this morning, I fell out of bed. I went down face first, now I’ve got a flat head.
    Traveled over a hundred miles, we like your books. But now that we’ve met ya, we don’t like your looks.
    Hey abercrombie, we wrote you this song, we hope that you like it, its not very long.

    We then went to a pub and read the first chapter… **SPOILER ALERT** ITS BLOODY AWESOME!

    Sorry we pinched your spot Dan… But we would have fought you for it and we fight like we play, like mad bastards…

  • Tim says:

    No copies at Basingstoke Waterstones, including my pre-order. Not entirely sure they’ve understood what a pre-order is for. It took a good ten minutes to convince them that the book both exists and was apparently released today!

    Not sure I can cope with a weekend at the in-laws if it’s not there tomorrow!

  • Roshan says:

    Just bought the book, I was positevely surprised that it was already in stores in Switzerland. Can’t wait to read it!!! Will there be a european tour?

    Thanks for the great book and greetings from Switzerland

  • laura says:

    Hope the Signing went well, my g’dad caught a bus from guildford to bognor to collect my copy yesterday so he could get it signed today for me. Three hours and two bus changes here, the same back. All so I wouldn’t be sad and deprived. 🙂

  • country rip says:

    Hmmm , I really do enjoy reading your books . I may enjoy whiskey more . I have read all of your books however .But not yet drank the worlds whiskey supply dry . I know a good thing when I see one though

  • Pharcee says:

    Any chances of a tour in Godforsaken America?

    Damn it, Joe……I cant even get the audio book on Audible our here……the waiting game is a nightmare when you know whats to come.

    By the way, Steven Pacey….perfect choice.

  • David says:

    Enjoyed the Waterstones London evening. Thought of another dozen questions or so on the way home, although I think I did enough damage calling you a geek and part of your world a pseudo middle east (I admit pseudo may have been the wrong word… hey I’m not the writer here…) 😀

    Thanks for doing it, very much looking forward to getting into the new book (just got to get through this pesky world saving farmer first). I shall save the questions for the next time you have a book out…

  • Any chance of popping over to New Zealand around the time you’re in Australia?

  • Jamie says:

    Any chance of a visit to Northern Ireland?
    We’re officially part of the union.. i mean UK

  • Keith says:


    Canada, you mean our Upper Peninsula annex eh?

  • Kev @ Guildford says:

    Garry, that song was epic – it will go down as a bit of a legendary moment in our store’s event history.
    A big thank you for coming such a long way for the signing as well!!

    And of course thank you Joe for starting your tour with us – hope the rest of the tour is roaring success for you!

    (p.s I hear there’s a second Conan film due..I knew you’d want to know..!)

  • AdieHa says:

    We’ve got a Waterstones in the Isle of Man, how about coming here for a book signing? Please!

  • Adrian Moore says:

    Joe, you should also mention that the audiobook version of Red Country, narrated by the excellent Steven Pacey is also now up on Audible! Have also ordered the book and really looking forward to it. Good luck with the signings.

  • Garry Tibbs says:

    I bought the Audible version earlier so I can continue the story while on the move.

  • AntMac says:

    @Lazlo Woodbine

    Earlier he said he couldn’t make it over here to NZ, mate.

    Have you had any success finding a copy of the book here?. Not only has no shop in Auckland got a copy, I couldn’t even find one who had heard of the book!.
    Everytime they had to go to google to see what I was referring to, and then their own ordering system had no information even referring to the COMPANY that will distribute it here!. Zero clues of when they will get it, what it will cost, and which format.
    We are not a big market, I realise, but how hard is it for some fat-arsed staffer in the publishing department simply to click a few links and give the NZ retailers at least a heads up?.

    I have brought both Ian M Banks’ and P Hamiltons new books while I have been waiting.

  • @AntMac
    Ah cheers. I probably read that, but have a terrible memory.

    I brought a Kindle over from the UK when I moved here, so all my books are downloaded straight from Amazon. I got the audiobook from Audible UK too. You can get hard copies sent over from Amazon, that may be your best bet. Even with the cost of postage it often works out considerably cheaper than NZs outrageously expensive book prices. It was even cheaper when they were doing free delivery last year. Not great for local booksellers, but I’m often staggered at the price difference.

  • Phil.I.P says:

    Collectors beware!

    There appears to be a shortage of 1st impressions of RC at Waterstones.

    My partner did a four hour round trip to Bristol on Saturday and we later discovered that two out of the three copies that Joe very kindly signed were 2nd impressions.

    I have heard that it was is similar story at the Guildford branch.

    Quite frankly, I am amazed that Gollancz did not order sufficient copies to cover the initial period following publication day.

    If such things matter to you, check your prospective purchases first. You have been warned!

  • Luke Kidson says:

    Big shout for Joe at Forbidden Planet on Friday. Being at the front of the queue (well, second from front) meant that I was in and out quick, early to the pub winning me a good 45 minutes to make a start on the book before my mates arrived – winning!

  • Matt B says:

    Hi Joe just been to see you in Manchester, cracking night, come back up t’north soon!

  • Justin says:

    Hey Joe

    Great reading and Q and A tonight in Manchester, I really enjoyed it!

    I should have asked more questions though….


  • Rob S says:

    Was first in the queue at the Forbidden Planet book signing, had a great time chatting to Luke Kidson who was second in the queue and then met the man himself.
    Joe a pleasure to meet you again and thanks for signing my four books – the brother S and Rob C were delighted.
    Also I never got lost on the way home – first time ever for a FB booksigning

  • SeanM says:

    Morning Joe,

    Came to the Leeds reading and Q&A last night, really enjoyed it.
    Thanks for answering my question!!

    Enjoy the rest of your tour!!

  • John Donegan says:

    Thanks, Joe for a great talk in Leeds last night.

    Not having been to a book talk by anyone before, I was somewhat concerned it might be dull as hell.

    Instead it was funny and interesting (as well as greatly enhancing my appreciation of the importance of characters who are a bit bastard in fantasy 😉 )

    Clearly, they don’t pay you enough for your star qualities!

  • Anthony Wright says:

    Hey Joe, just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed the talk in Newcastle earlier tonight. I’d never been to any book talks before either but it was a really informative and good humoured evening. Can’t wait to get stuck into the book now!

  • Thanks again for the night at Deansgate Joe, and for signing that poster for us. Some lucky twitterite is going to be very happy with it!

  • Jonathan says:

    Just got to water stones Glasgow 20 minutes ago must of just missed you gutted maybe next time the book was a great read btw cheers

  • Dale Milbourne says:

    Amazing event in Bath last night, thanks again Joe.

    Was definitely worth coming a long way to see it 🙂

  • Jennifer says:

    My husband and I met you at the Liverpool One Waterstones signing, I’m the girl from Canada who asked you to write in my father’s copy “Read my books or else!” Well, I just wanted to let you know he has started reading your books and absolutely loves them!! Another disillusioned Fantasy reader who only came back to the genre for George RR Martin and now you!

    Was lovely meeting you (the husband and I hope you come back this way again with the next book), all the best with the promotional tour!

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