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June 1st, 2009

Rejoice, my friends, for Best Served Cold now walks among you! In fact it’s been available in bookshops here and there for a few days, as UK bookshops have a flexible attitude towards release dates, but from today it should be in Waterstones across the nation and is also, it would appear, shipping from amazon uk as well as other reputable internet purveyors…

And what better way for an author to celebrate the publication of one of his books than to sign a few?

A thousand, in fact, at the warehouse. Two pallets full. I’d never done anything like this before, so it was quite strange to see so many in one place. After signing about fifty your signature (which is a bit of a scrawl in my case anyway) turns into a complete shambles. You can’t remember how it works any more at all. Then, strangely, after about a hundred, it goes onto automatic and comes out pretty well. Took about two hours to do the lot, with help from the wonderful folks at Littlehampton Book Services, and I swear, by the end, my hand hadn’t hurt so much since I was thirteen.

Writing for three hours solid in an English exam, obviously. What did you think I meant?

Apologies, by the way, for ongoing email silence. Still don’t have a regular internet connection, let alone my email accounts repaired. This time next week, with any luck, we should have actually moved into the new house and things might be up and running again. We shall see…

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  • Bob Lock says:

    and I swear, by the end, my hand hadn’t hurt so much since I was thirteen.Did you check your palm for hairs? I was warned of this side-effect, and of course, blindess…

    …who said that?

  • How can we get one of the signed copies? Will they be going out at random or to specific stores? I was lucky enough to get a galley at BEA, but I’d love to have one signed by you since you’re not making it to the states.

  • โˆ… says:

    Hmm… not sure if I should try to get a hold of your book now (online) or wait until you come to Oslo and buy it then for you to sign (supporting the shop).
    Maybe I should do both?
    If I read it before the signing I could ask you stuff about your latest book in addition to the 200 questions I have on my notepad for the Q&A; from the last three (j/k)

  • Emma says:

    Hey joe, How come that I could Buy my Best Served Cold at reduced prize even before it should be released?
    Just guessing, you thought it isn’t worth it money?
    Or the Bookshop?

    Either way, just glad I got it, even though it isn’t signed.

    You said your Internet isn’t stable?
    Just make sure you can fix it.
    If youre kids grow older an they are chatting or in some forums they will kill ya if ya arn’t able to repair it.
    My Dad experienced the same.

    Well until then~
    I’m gonna read the last 100 pages and will then be waiting for your next book like a dog for it’s food.

    best regards

  • AgaBalazy says:

    can’t wait to see you in London! I’m just mad that I’d have to ration my reading coz your writing is just too good to read the book in 1 – 2 days!

    Will have to read First Law again ๐Ÿ™‚

  • enjai says:

    Joe, have you found since signing that many books that you unconsciously sign things? Signing the shopping list, eating food with signitare movements, that sort of thing. Maybe I will have to ask for something more challenging for the signing on Friday.

    When ever my hand gets sore from signing/writing in exams, I find using the other hand can provide relief as well as mix things up a bit.

  • Anonymous says:

    Went to buy it from Waterstone’s at lunch time today. Not a trace of it. I’ll try again tomorrow.

  • Hadean says:

    Argh, mine shipped on Thursday last week and still hasn’t arrived somehow. Better be here tomorrow!*

    *Not like I am any further than 3/5 of The Blade Itself (which RoCkS), but I am impatient to get my hands on it!

  • phild says:

    You mean to say that they have printed more that 1,000 copies of this one? It must be good.

  • Melanie says:

    Joe, is your book delayed in Canada? is showing the woman/map cover as available in July, and the nicer all map cover as available in August. Chapters (our terrible chain bookstore) also says August. I will pout if I have to wait 2 more months for your book!

  • Mad Hatter,
    I’m not absolutely sure, but I think they basically go out to stores that ask for them (in the UK). You can get signed copies from some dealers, though – Goldsboro books and Forbidden Planet, probably. How shipping works for them, not sure.

    I shall look forward to the many questions…

    My problem is I now refuse to sign anything else.

    Surprises me. It should be in all the Waterstones now, possibly as their SF/F book of the month.

    A few more than 1,000, I think.

    Don’t know of any reason why it should be delayed in Canada. I think they take the UK editions – or possibly a trade paperback version of it intended for export. Possibly there’s some delay on the printing of that version? Don’t know why there would be.

  • marky says:

    Cooooool!! That means I should get my copy from Amazon tomorrow. It’s a good day.

  • Ross Warren says:

    Cheltenham branch of Waterstones still haven’t had theirs in yet so I’ve had to order it on line to save any more wasted trips into town.

    Can’t wait!

  • Chris Allen says:

    I managed to grab a copy on Saturday in the Forbidden Planet in Southampton. Only a couple of hundred pages left to go, really enjoying it. Although I guess that means a very long wait ’til the next book. Oh well…

  • Susanne says:

    Witness my epic struggle to not buy it until Friday. This is hard, man.

    Look forward to the signing! I’ve decided to spend the night at FP as Guillermo del Toro is signing on Sat. *squeeee!* Awesome.

    So, camping at FP. Who’s with me?

  • Hadean says:

    Alright, my copy arrived today.
    Joe, you must be really proud – this is the first hardcover I’ve ever bought, and I did pre-order it before I was even 100 pages into The Blade Itself!

    Now if you have any hints how to stop my computer games addiction and finish up the first book, as well as the 2 sequels, so I can move onto this pretty looking tome…

  • Shelley says:

    Hey Joe…congrats on the 1000+ signings, you know you’re somebody when they want you to sign that many books!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Unfortunately, I can’t get BSC until the end of July!! Oh well… Good luck on your up coming book tours and the new house!!

    Shelley, USA

    P.S. I can see “Young Joe” standing at the chalk board writing 500 times… “I will behave myself and not disrupt class again!” :))))

  • Liz says:

    This is so cool – am reading the US version and can’t wait to get it signed. *shows it off proudly*

    See you on Friday evening! Where you get to sign another 1000!

  • Anonymous says:

    The Book Depository should’ve sent my copy last Wednesday or Thursday. That means that, thanks to the efficient and faultless Poste Italiane (hint: bitter sarcasm here) I should receive the book in at most 15 days. I just hope that it’ll arrive in good conditions and not half-destroyed.

    I’m eager to read it.

  • gsim81 says:


    I’ve been waiting for the release of “Best Served Cold” and am excited to get my hands on a copy…the problem is i’m in the US…Amazon(and like every other major retailer) is saying its not available until nearly August!…Do I seriously need to swim all the way over there to get a copy? Is this a Amazon snafu? If it isn’t to be released in the US for several more months can I order through UK amazon, or are there strange and archaic publishing rites that this would breach? Does this Waterstones you speak of want to send signed copies to poor US citizens, or is this a in-store only thing?

  • Anonymous says:

    Not in bleedin’ Swindon Waterstones it ain’t!! And I’ve been in two days running. But then I was going to come to Bath on Saturday anyway and allow you to meet me!

  • Anonymous says:

    @gsim81 (and anyone else who is looking for the book:

    The Book Depository ( has been shipping the pre-orders of Best Served Cold since the middle of last week. They have free and fairly fast delievery to 90 countries. They have the book in stock, so I’m sure you could get it there for decent price.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh btw, interesting fact from Book Depository:

    Best Served Cold – Sales rank: 41

    And its up there 3rd in their bestsellers list at the moment!

  • enjai says:

    I suspect your signing embargo specifically includes cheques.

  • oteckre says:

    i just found this on the german amazon site:;=gateway&qid;=1244019213&sr;=8-7

    isnยดt it the american cover? admit, you made this up to improve the valuation of the book! i mean, 1700 Euro? donยดt you think this is a bit of an exaggeration?

  • marky says:

    Hey Joe, I hear Pat Rothfuss wants to "mess up your pretty face". Are you going to take that? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Fight, fight, fight!!

  • Anonymous says:

    My Wednesday lunchtime stalk of Waterstones was once again fruitless, no sign of the book.
    Obviously Waterstones in Swindon have got something against you, did you shoplift there as a youth, expose yourself in the history section or have a bad relationship with one of the staff?
    Perhaps when we have our emotional meeting in Bath on Saturday you could 'fess up? (it doesn't matter if the rest of the queue has to wait, most of them will be confused American tourists)

  • C.Branigan says:

    Hi joe – my fiancee is a librarian and got me the trilogy over the last week – its fantastic some of the best stuff I have read in ages – reads a bit like David Gemmell, if you're not familiar with him then do have a look. Please keep it coming and save us from the derivative slush of Paolini and others.

  • Alex says:

    Ive got it, im reading it, its awesome!

    If only i could write about the political structure of Styria tommorrow in my exam!

    I was pleased when a few of my predictions about which characters from the first law would crop up again came true! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Keikoo says:

    Got my copy today !!!I'm so excited…off to reading :))

  • JenMo says:

    I've had my copy pre-ordered for MONTHS and can't wait…

    On a side note, I was just reading Patrick Rothfuss' blog about his time touring Europe with his book. He said he was pretty sick and heavily medicated, and may have mentioned messing up your face in his delirium. Do we get to have an Awesome Author Throwdown?

  • Anonymous says:

    I did my daily skulk into Swindon Waterstones (sadly I have nothing better to do and the sun was shining) and not a sniff of "The Book".
    Waterstones are now anticipating my daily visit and a security guard now follows me around, whispering into his radio. Honestly, the things we readers do for you! er, if I get arrested for stalking Waterstones, I presume you will help with the bail money or at least get a copy of the book to me in my cell?

  • Dan R. says:

    Managed to get a copy yesterday and although I must shamefully admit to being pessimistic towards a new book without my beloved characters, a few chapters in and Monza already has my heart – albeit torn from my chest and still pulsating in her hand.

    Thanks Joe and congratulations on another success.

  • โˆ… says:

    I just bought the book at Outland in Oslo! I'll be devouring it momentarily, I just wanted to share a link with you first as I know you are a fan of historical topics.
    This is the legendary insulting letter sent by the cossacks as a reply to threats from the Ottoman Sultan, its priceless:

  • Faye says:

    Just received my copy from Amazon today! Had to get out of the shower to sign for it and nearly dropped my towel in excitement when I realized what it was!:)

  • Theology Jen says:

    Got it!

    Life is good.

  • the mangled badger says:

    Picked up mine last night! I read until 2.00 am last night . Up at 6.30am for work, i'm like a zombie in here today. Worth it !!

  • marky says:

    Finally, I have me a copy. Let's hope it was worth the tears and tantrums. That's my weekend sorted!

  • Ken says:

    I was in Waterstone's and was surprised to see you described as 'the future of British Fantasy'. Are they mad? Surely you are the NOW of British Fantasy?

  • Susanne says:

    Thanks for signing last night! It was great to meet you. And I want that tshirt. Not yours, obviously, but if you don't mind divulging what "shop" you "stumbled across it"…? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I feel I should apologise for any strange noises that might've been heard immediately upon my departure – I was ambushed by an errant squee someone had inconsiderately left on the very stairs in Forbidden Planet. Containment failed, I'm sorry to report. If anyone sustained any injuries, lease contact my lawyers – they're quite used to this.

  • William Blade says:

    I love the cover, it really caught my attention!!! Good Job!

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