Rothfuss and Abercrombie – in Conversation

December 7th, 2009

Have you ever wanted to see your very favouritest new-ish epic fantasy author interviewed by, say, your second favouritest? Well now could be your chance…

For over at his blog, you can witness the transcript of a conversation between award-winning, New York Times bestselling, widely highly thought of author of Name of the Wind Patrick “best new beard in fantasy” Rothfuss, and award-nominated, not quite New York Times bestselling, widely thought of author of other books which aren’t Name of the Wind, Joe “could you even call that stubble” Abercrombie.

Unfortunately it was a conversation carried out via her majesty’s email rather than in leather armchairs, upon a spotlit stage, with much furrowing of brows, steepling of fingers, silences exploding with meaning, and staring at the ceiling in consideration of the fantastic depth of our own thought processes before a rapt audience. But still. No less (or, indeed, more) insightful for that.

The occasion? For anyone unaware, Mr. Rothfuss last year ran a fundraiser for Heifer International which pulled in over $100,000. This year he’s at it again, and he has all kinds of wonderful things to give away contributed by persons in the science fiction and fantasy community. Among them some signed copies of some book called Best Served Cold by some author who isn’t Pat Rothfuss. So give today, and you can combine that warm glowy feeling (no, not of wetting yourself, of philanthropy) with the joy of self-centred acquisition.

Proof positive that the world isn’t actually as evil a place as you’d think from JUST reading The First Law.

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  • JenMo says:

    New best beard! My favorite line of the week. I hadn't gotten around to donating yet, now I won't put it off anymore.

  • Bombie says:

    Damn but I've been waiting for this interview since you mentioned it three days ago!

    You do bask in your own glory with this one. Not that there ever was any doubt.

  • Anonymous says:

    Very entertaining! And it looks like a great cause too.

    ps Swindon has just been twinned with Disneyworld. Knew you would be jealous.

  • Well, this is clearly not the place to say this, so I will:

    You should collaborate with Louis McMaster Bujold.

    She writes character-driven books where bad things happen to good people, but the universe is essentially populated by reasonable people, or at least there's some smart-alec manipulative genius, and people generally get what's coming to them and generally resolve all their issues genially and productively.

    You write character-driven books where bad things happen to everyone, usually because everyone's bad, and the good people get ground up beneath the wheels of a sociopathic society/x-cracy.

    I think the collision of those world-views would leave some interesting wreckage.

    Of course, you could always team up with Peter Watts and have a Darkside-Off.

  • Jason says:

    "Have you ever wanted to see your very favouritest new-ish epic fantasy author interviewed by, say, your second favouritest? Well now could be your chance…"

    actually yes, and actually its probably you and Mr Rothfuss. Fun interview Joe, weird and interesting questions and I hope those on Pat's blog who don't know you (I pity them to) pick up The Blade Itself and revel in its absolute awesomeness.

  • Susanne says:

    There are no points given for lights under bushels

    That…explains a lot. ;p

    Nice interview, Joe! I chuckled, I nodded, I learned stuff. And I really like Pat's summing up of my favourite characters as "endearing bastards". Spot on!

  • Jon says:

    fun conversation w/ you and Pat. Thanks, Joe.

    As to tracking sales: I have no affiliation w/ the site, but for better Amazon tracking than the clunky one you mentioned, check out:


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