September 4th, 2013

The Heroes is out this week in Russia, and I’m going over there for a week or so as a guest of my publisher Eksmo, attending the Moscow Book Fair, EveryCon, and doing a bunch of interviews and other events.  The schedule for public events, in as much detail as I have:

Sat September 7th
13.30 – Event at Moscow International Book Fair, VDNH, pavilion 75
17.00 – Public Talk at the Bookmarket Book Festival with Dmitriy Glukhovsky

Sun September 8th
14.00 – Meeting with Readers in Dodo Bookstore, Moscow

Mon September 9th
15.00 – Reading & Meeting with Readers in British Book Centre, St. Petersburg
19.00 Meeting with Readers in Bukvoyed, Ploshad Vosstaniya, St. Petersburg

Tue September 10th
19.00 Meeting with Readers in Zinger Bookstore, St. Petersburg

Wed September 11th
19.00 Meeting with Readers in the Moskva Bookstore, Tverskaya St., Moscow

Thurs September 12th
19.00 Meeting with Readers in the Biblio-Globus Bookstore, Lubyanka Underground Station, Moscow

Sat September 14th
13.30 Q&A and signing at EveryCon, Moscow

If you need more details, I’d contact the relevant venues.  Perhaps I’ll see some of you out there.  Posting here and email response may, understandably, suffer until I return…

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  • Chevi77 says:

    Nice, Moscow and Saint Petersburg, beautiful cities, specially the second one. I bet they love Glotka and Logen in tha neck of the woods. Have a good time, and I hope you get some inspiration there… is a country full of it, in many ways

  • sword1001 says:

    I’m looking forward to reading your Vodka Death Match posts . . .

  • Tim says:

    OMG I’m going to be in Moscow then. In St Petersburg now but I’m heading to the capital next week

  • Ferro Ninefingers says:

    A challenging schedule, isn’t it? Still, why not Ukraine? I mean, why on Earth don’t you visit Ukraine as well? Seriously, if I had the chance to choose between seeing Logen and Ferro reunited as King and Queen in the North PLUS watching a superb screen adaptation of all your novels and meeting you in my city just for a brief chat, I would be at a loss as to what I should choose.
    Anyway, greetings from Kiev, lots of love and good luck! Whatever you do to your readers, you’re still awesome!

  • Catfeesh says:

    In (formerly)Soviet Russia, book signs YOU

  • AntMac says:

    Chevi77, where did you see that he was visiting Nice?.


    Mr Abercrombie, I just want to point out you have almost ruined Larry Niven’s books for me, after 35 years of just loving his work.
    Reading the new one by him, I come across one of his characters, one of his stock, “Competent Man” sort of characters, suddenly having to react positively and violently to save his group from “Bad Aliens”.

    I read the scene through, the whole time trying to protect my Niven Love from invidious comparisons . . . but it was no good at all. I was going “Crikey, that is so unrealistic . . . what a wimp, and talk about far-fetched. . . even Calder would be more threatening, and probably five times more effective, and OH, so very much more believable”.


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