Scandinavians Rejoice!

April 30th, 2009

Why? Because you have some of the most progressive governments, longest life expectancies, best education systems, aesthetically pleasing modernist furniture, and finest public services in the world? No, not that nonsense! Because of this:

I am coming to visit you!

Yes indeed, from the 25th to the 28th of June this year, to read from Best Served Cold, sign (and sell) that and other books, and answer all those questions you dare not ask by email. The itinerary looks a little something like this:

25th June 18.00 – Stockholm
SF Bokhandeln, Vasterlanggatan 48, 10317 Stockholm

26th June 18.00 – Gothenberg
SF Bokhandeln AB, Ostra Larmgatan 16, 41107 Gothenburg

27th June 14.00 – Oslo
Outland, Ostbanehallen, Jernbanetorget 1, 0154 Oslo

Man. It’s enough to make me wish I was Scandinavian. Just look at that poster. See how I smoulder. Look at the eyes, the eyes. Are you on fire yet? ARE YOU?

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  • marky says:

    Ya big poser! Look at that picture. Are you doing a nice side-line in aftershave as well?

  • barfly says:

    “smoulder”? really? you kind of look like you’ve crapped your pants and you don’t want to catch hell for it. i’m just sayin’ … 🙂

  • Matt says:

    But… but, it’s not you. It’s Joe Abercombie, without a second R. It seems that he’ll be reading from your new novel, though, so all should be well since he DOES look kind of similar.

    But it’s not you. It’s Abercombie.

  • Marky,
    Yes, I am. Sorry about the book, man, that is gutting. Not much we can do this end but stick it in the post and hope for the best…

    Damn right I’ve crapped in my pants. SMOULDERING crap.

    In Swedish, Abercrombie has no second ‘r’.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is great, I’ll make sure to be there Joe!! Love your books and how they’re released just in time for summer every time 🙂
    True summer books, to read by the water at the cabin… Mmmmmm…

  • Tierhon says:

    I haven’t been to book signings before, but when it’s this close I’ll come (unless I work). You will update the time for Oslo later when you know it?

    Btw, swedish might have some strange rules, but I can at least say that in Norwegian Abercrombie is written as Abercrombie.

  • Anonymous says:

    Tierhon, know your fellow northman! That is a simple typo, names are the same in every language 😛


  • Tierhon says:

    Yeah, I know that, but as a Norwegian I have to pick at the swedes. At least a little. 🙂

  • the mangled badger says:

    it looks like a poster for erectile disfunction…. i like it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sorry to hear about your ‘erectile disfunction’ are you dong a lecture on living with it?


    Oh yes you go north for book signings but manage to avoid Glasgow….

  • phild says:

    “aesthetically pleasing modernist furniture” eh? I think that the real purpose of this trip is a pilgrimage to the spiritual home of IKEA.

    As for the typo, what do you expect from people who can’t spell booksigning? Anyway, everybody knows it should be Abercombrie.

  • Let us all know when you get to the states Abercombie…just don’t bring that poster with ya!

  • rattsu says:

    Yes, I am on fire. Truly.

    Me and some friends are going to hit up either the Stockholm or Gothenburg signing… not sure which.


  • Anonymous says:

    What’s that thing between your eyes?

  • Anon, Rattsu
    See you there.

    I will update.

    3rd Anon,
    The mark of the beast.

  • Ceillon says:

    Nice poster Joe. Even with the third eye. ^^

    Anyway, just curious, do you have any plans on watching Hatton vs. Pacquaio’s boxing match?

  • says:

    This is undoubtedly the biggest thing to happen to norway since the first ever UN secretary general was a Norwegian. Actually thats a lie this is a lot bigger. Hmmm…. or it could be a cruel joke to make up for all the looting, pillaging and raping we did oh around 1000 years ago.

  • Scumpuppy says:

    The times and dates at the top do a good job of hiding your hair plugs. 😛
    But seriously, The scand’invaders have purloined you and dragged you there for some signing duties?? When all we get is ‘ maybe some signing’s in London’
    Bah! I’ll have to continue stalking you virtually for a while. (You can of course help out by nipping into your back yard rattling some bushes, then peering nervously out from behind your net curtains)
    So hurry up with some UK signing dates will ya’
    “What’s that mother? Yes I know he’s a naughty boy”

  • Shelley says:

    Hahahahahahahaaaaaa….NICE picture Joe! Don’t mind all the nay sayers out there, they’re just jealous!!!!! 🙂 Can’t say that I’m happy for the Scandinavians though!! How come the U.S. gets hosed when it comes to book signings?? My other fav author (whose American) did an European book tour recently and NOTHING for the U.S.?? Aaaarrgggg!!! Anyway, have a great time on your book signing gig!

  • Niklas Nilsson says:

    Gothenburg and stockholm… just my luck, why cant anything good ever happen to Malmo? we just get picked on by american tv for taking in to many immigrants and getting posted on top green cities lists. when realy the only thing we want is to have some ****ing booksigning tours come and pay us a visit.

    skip Gothenburg and Stockholm, they dont deserve this!

  • Saibot says:

    Hey, that’s the week I’m in Turkey.

  • Okkimikko says:

    Joe. Be a man and come to Helsinki.

  • Anonymous says:

    Pray tell, for what reason are you skirting the wonderful Helsinki? Please consider what Okkimikko said. We have avid fantasy readers and…uh…chocolate? (:

  • Ann Helene says:

    omg… I wish you could have come sooner or later to Oslo because I am gone to turkey at that time! gah. just my luck *sob*
    and have to say that I love your books! I wish I could have been there.

  • Ceillon,
    I do like a boxing match from time to time, but I have an instinctive aversion to paying huge pay-per-view costs. Thoroughly enjoyed the Carl Froch fight recently, though…

    I hear it was all bad press and the vikings actually spread all kinds of useful technological and cultural advances across the northern hemisphere.

    See above.

    I shall come to the US just as soon as someone pays to get me to the US, and possibly even sooner.

    Saibot, Anne Helene,
    Are you going to Turkey together?

    Okkimoko, Anon,
    I shall come to Helsinki just as soon as someone pays to get me to Helsinki, and possibly even sooner.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank friggin’ Thor!

    Finally, something I might actually make it to. Peter F. Hamilton “did” Oslo a few years ago and I had to ba at some idiot work-retreat talking about team building…
    This time, I’ll be there with bells on. (well, not actual bells – they just look at you starangly if you wear bells, but.. eh, you know)
    Joe, any chance of buyng you a beer? (You really should say “yes” because of the price of alcohol we’ve got) I’d even make sure you went somewhere half way decent…


  • Anonymous says:

    Really wish I had learned spelling at some point…

  • Ann Helene says:

    no, dont know who that person is 😛

  • Anonymous says:

    I really hope that someone in the future also would find some funds to pay you a trip to one of the ‘twin-cities’ Copenhagen-Malmoe.

    John /Cph. 🙂

    In Hope of ‘Someone’ reads this..

  • Anonymous says:

    Will be there.

    First have to call Work and explain why I must Magically Disappear on the 27th of June, and would like to work the 25th instead.

    Luckily, Work is often quite reasonable about these things.


  • Michael R. says:

    I'll meet you in Gothenburg! I bought myself a copy of The Blade Itself today especially for the occasion; I've been wanting to read it for sometime and this was a perfect excuse to finally buy a copy.

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