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February 27th, 2009

You need no longer only read my words upon a computer screen, but can now be privileged to watch me say words via the miracle of You-Tubular technology. A five part interview with the fearsomely knowledgable yet wonderfully polite Marcus Gipps of Blackwells, accompanied by music only slightly reminiscent of the feast scene from one of those forties hollywood medi-evil films in glorious technicolor:

Part 1 Best Served Cold
Part 2 Of Series and Standalones
Part 3 Gruesomeness
Part 4 The ‘M’ Word
Part 5 Characters

Strangely, this is the first of several bits of video of me blathering which were shot recently. Others will no doubt surface soon, and believe me you’ll be the very first to know. I mean, this shit is like a DRUG. One taste and you are HOOKED.

Posted in interviews by Joe Abercrombie on February 27th, 2009.

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  • Swainson says:

    “you can’t overdo the, kinda, splatter” Joe Abercrombie part 3

    Can you put that on the cover?

    If I didn’t know what a self effacing shy chappie you are I would now be making some comments about your genius.

    Do I really need to watch the words “Coming June 2009” five times? I f***ing know, don’t keep reminding me!!

    Re: Point Blank, total class. I have a vhs with Point Blank, The Unforgiven and Dirty Harry on. Best video ever. I was shocked to find out Donald Westlake died at the begining of the year.

  • Steve Aryan says:

    Really looking forward to reading Best Served Cold and it was interesting to hear what influenced it and the First Law trilogy.

  • Marcus Gipps says:

    I managed 5 seconds before my own voice made me give up and cringe. How does it end?


  • marky says:

    Great stuff. You remind me of a cross between matthew broderick and Hugh Grant. Very posh accent as well.

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