SFX on Half a War

June 23rd, 2015

SFX, the world’s biggest SF&F magazine, have spoken on the forthcoming Half a War, and they have spoken 5 starrily:

“The final instalment in the Shattered Sea series is the perfect ending to an outstanding YA trilogy … Joe Abercrombie has long been the master of grim and gritty fantasy, but Half a War proves that he’s got all the skills of a master romance writer. The battles are bloody, the twists are shocking, and the deaths are heartbreaking.”

As it happens, SciFi Now also have an early review, and they quite liked it too…

“In his Shattered Sea saga, Abercrombie has created a series that is by shades engaging, mesmerising and jaw-dropping, possessing themes and complex characters so rarely interrogated by YA fiction.”

Less than a month to go now … Half a War is out in the UK on 16th July and the US on 28th July. Further details, an extract, and preorder information over here…

Posted in reviews by Joe Abercrombie on June 23rd, 2015.

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  • Peter Tibbs says:

    “The deaths are heartbreaking”
    People die in the book?!

  • Lisa says:

    Great to hear this kind of a review. Not that any of your fans would listen to anything other than a 5 star review mind you!

    Will be seeing you in York for my early release signed edition Joe…..


  • Dan says:

    “People die in the book?!”

    Certainly a departure for Joe Abercrombie but I think it’ll be alright as long as there’s no moral ambiguity.

  • Roger says:

    Please, let Koll, Brand and Thorn survive. Or at the very least Koll and Brand. I don’t think there’s much hope for Thorn…

  • Greg says:

    Greatness beckons.

  • Steven Willliams says:

    Mr. Abercrombie,

    Thank you for saving the summer for fantasy readers. I just finished Half a War. Wow!

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