Sharp Ends Limited Edition

August 7th, 2017

There’s a limited edition of Sharp Ends coming from those lovely people at Subterranean Press, with cover and 13 interior illustrations from the incomparable Raymond Swanland.

It’s a run of 500 numbered and 26 lettered editions, but be aware they often sell out pretty fast.  Further details over here

Posted in announcements, news by Joe Abercrombie on August 7th, 2017.

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  • Chris says:

    Glad SubPress kept with Swanland. Fantastic covers that match the tone and style of the words. Plus, one does like a bit of consistency on the shelves.

  • ColinJ says:

    These SubPress editions are always beautiful. I wish I had the money to buy more of them.

    At one point I saw someone on ebay selling the FIRST LAW lettered edition t rilogy for $6000!

  • Martin says:

    As a newcomer to Abercrombie’s work, I would like to buy lettered edition but I can’t 🙁 … Hope to get better luck when “pre First law series” arrive.

  • Chris says:

    Ordered the lettered to match the rest of the series. Looking forward to seeing the forthcoming trilogy given the Sub Press treatment in a few years time. Who cares about the price when there’s writing of this calibre to be read!

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    I’ve now seen the internal art for these, incidentally, and it’s brilliant.

  • Michael says:

    Very beautiful, but who is on the cover ?

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    Pretty obviously Javre and Shevedieh, I would’ve thought…

  • Jesse Hutchinson says:

    Is there any chance of reprints on the other books? Future me has money and would love to get them. Present me is a low income student with a love of your books since the release of The Blade Itself.

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    Hey Jesse,
    They’re limited editions, so I guess by definition they don’t print more. That’s part of the appeal for collectors, and because they pretty much always sell out they change hands for quite a lot more on the second hand market too. I guess there might be other limited editions in the future, though, or maybe unlimited special editions. We’re doing 10th anniversary hardcovers in the UK at the moment. I believe Before They are Hanged is out in a couple of months…

  • Jedi M says:


    How do you pronounce Shevedieh?



  • Joe Abercrombie says:


  • Jedi M says:

    Awesome, thanks for the reply.

  • Zura says:

    But Shevedieh was balck skinned girl, here seems she is’t dark skinned.

  • JMac says:

    Zura are you mixing her up with Ferro Maljin?

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    Shevedieh’s dark-skinned, certainly. I guess I think of Arab/Persian as the comparison. I’d have thought the artwork is pretty much consistent with that? Bit hard to judge cause of all the blue in it…

  • Zura says:

    JMac no , as Joe said and books says she’s dark skinned , but comparing with Javre on the picture , Shevedieh’s skin is little bit darker than Javre ‘s . 🙂 maybe cover of the Russian book is more consistent

  • Zura says:

    Joe, I’ve read all 7 First Law World books and have some confusing questions

    1) in Best Served Cold Monza frequently had nausea, before meeting with Rogont and after having sex with Shivers. At the end she doesn’t know who is child’s father. Is that frequent Nausea a hint that child’s fatehr is Shivers, or that sickness is just an usual because of throwing from balcony or because of Husk??

    2) In The Heroes, when Finree meets with Black Dow, Dow asks whether her father is taller or not, Is it possible that Dow had never seen Lord Marshal Kroy?? I thnik they could meet each other at Dunbrec or at Ostenholm at least, or in High Places after defeating Bethod or at least Dow could see him.

    3) In Red Country, when Lamb and Shy met with Waerdinur bathing in the stream, Waerdinur says “Ah” . . . ” you are Shy”. Ro frequently said that she would com for her and her borther,(that’s why He knows her name), after Lambs speech, Waerdinur says “You, she did not mention”. Waerdinur didn’t know Lamb’s name and when he comes to Pit, he asks folowing : “Who is Lamb?”
    Where did Waerdinur know that name from ?? No one mentioned it

    4) In The Heros , Sergant forest asked to Corporal Tunny How many Marshals had he outlasted, Tunny asnwered 8, 5 others and then Varuz, Burr and West(584 AU).
    In the Sharp ends “A Beautiful Bastard”(566 AU) Corporal Tunny is servant of Colonel Glokta, where he is young soldier, at that time Lord Marshal was still Varuz, if Tunny was so young at that moment how could he oultast 5 more Marhals ?

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    Ha. Okay. Long time since I read the books through so I’m probably a little rusty. I’ll do my best.

    1. Sickness as a result of heavy husk use and Monza kinda suppresses her conscience and feels it in her stomach. That symptom starts a long time before she gets pregnant but, yeah, Shivers is very likely the father.

    2. Don’t think they’ve ever been introduced – Kroy would just be some Union officer Dow saw from a distance among a crowd of others, at best. I don’t think there’s any real reason he’d know exactly how tall Kroy is.

    3. Dunno on this one, I’d have to read it carefully again to be absolutely sure. But I’m not *totally* immune to mistakes…

    4. There are two Lord Marshals at a time, a senior who remains at home to administrate(Varuz in First Law), and a junior who is free to lead campaigns (Burr, then West, in First Law). Varuz has been long standing (junior Lord Marshal at the time of the Southern War), but the other has been often replaced. Tunny has seen them come and go.

  • Tom Gillespie says:

    Thank you so much for the special places and characters you have created for me to escape to.
    I have read all First Law and related stories, pirchased audio-books as well so i can listen on the road as well. Have turned my wife , daughter and two sons onto your work as well. We all have our favorite characters. And an interesting phenomenon occurred last time we went to the beach( we are aboit 45minutes from Oregon coast)we all discussed the first law and relative characters the whole ride. This is the first series we have ALL read and enjoyed enough to discuss/ argue/ fight over…as a family…all my kids are post High School ranging from 18-21 in age…in that moment driving along the Columbia River on our way to the ocean..i realized what an truly amazing gift i was enjoying that day and it is credited to your great story telling. My credits on audio- book are piling up because i just listen to your books over and over…i will throw a steve Erickson in there once in a while…but thanks again man. We all love the hell out of your characters…they have become ..friends, ha.
    I appreciate being able to give you some kind of idea just how much I and my family appreciate your hard work. Thanks again Joe!
    Tom Gillespie & Family

  • Tom Gillespie says:

    I aplologize for all the misspelled words in my earlier comment…i fired it off from my phone before i made sure it was correct. Gdamn phone keypad is too small for my gnarled, busted up fingers.

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