Sharp Ends US Cover

December 11th, 2015

Following last week’s release of the UK cover for my collection of short stories Sharp Ends, here’s the cover for the US edition, coming from Orbit on 26th April…

Abercrombie_SharpEnds-HC.jpgDaresay it will still feature a map internally not to mention, of course, just the same entirely wonderful 13 short stories from the world of the First Law.  For blurb, full table of contents, and so forth, by all means look to the previous post…

Posted in announcements, artwork by Joe Abercrombie on December 11th, 2015.

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  • James says:

    Awesome. Just don’t want to wait. I will, however, and probably stay up until I read the whole book. I love that your books are really well written, and also so delectably re-readable.

  • Rick Janssen says:

    I wish the US covers were as attractive as the UK cover. I’m getting tired of paying for shipping from the UK instead of picking this up at the corner store.

  • B+Whitworth says:

    I think I actually prefer this to the UK cover, for the first time. It comes across as less a cover that one would normally expect from a fantasy novel, looks quite noir inspired, all gritty and modern, whilst still keeping the fantasy identity. So fricken cool.

  • Em says:

    I like the concept for this but unfortunately that is just what it looks like – a concept or rough sketch for a design, not the real thing. Did they get the two artwork files mixed up and there’s actually a finished piece to go on the real cover?

  • Phil.I.P says:

    Looking at the comments from readers in the US regarding the UK cover, I suspect they will be disappointed – and I would agree.

  • Dennis+E.+Henley says:

    Just curious why the UK cover has the George RR Martin quote but the US cover has the quote from The Guardian.

    The US cover almost looks like it’s trying for the horror or thriller market.

    Really looking forward to this.

  • Andrew says:

    How many pages will the book contain Joe?

  • Brandon B says:

    So we here in America will be getting a cover 1/8th as cool as the UK..
    Would Glotka or Logen stand for getting shafted in this way? I think not..

  • Rodolfo ACO says:

    Have to admit, after seen the UK cover this one is definitely a big disappointment, it almost looks like a cover from a Stieg Larson book, the art work just doesn’t speak fantasy genre to me.

  • Matt M says:

    Fellas, just purchase the UK version at book depository and you get free shipping anywhere in the world. That’s why my whole collection of Abercrombie books are the UK covers. They’re fantastic!!!

  • Casejord says:

    Well, I have to agree with others that I’m leaning toward purchasing the UK edition.

    By the way, I loved your story in Unbound and can’t wait to read more about Shev and co. Also quite an interesting “early appearance” of another character.

  • Ovi says:

    Well I actually enjoy this cover quite much, but I think I will go with the UK one just to maintain the similarity in design with the other 6 books from the series that I already proudly display in my bookshelf. But still… if you would have the alternative covers for the other 6 books, I think this one would be a neat addition.

    By the way, Joe, is there any possibility for a resume of the first law comics? Perhaps we could try and help with some crowdfunding if it’s halted due to financial reasons?

  • Rodolfo ACO says:

    Talking about beautiful editions and artwork, anyone knows if there are plans for a 10th anniversary edition of The Blade Itself? maybe with a slipcase? that would be NICE!!

  • Janusz says:

    Sorry to be rude, but this is awful. The UK cover is much better.

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