November 6th, 2013

No, not the kind you wear, or the kind you drink – though I’m a BIG fan of both – but the kind you read. Yes, the lovely people at have teamed up with those charming gentlemen of the speculative George RR Martin and Gardner Dozois to bring you a sample story from their forthcoming multi-author collection Dangerous Women (US/UK), and guess which story they’ve selected? You can’t guess? It’s MY story, Some Desperado, featuring Shy South. That’s right – the full 8000 or so words, available for your viewing pleasure right now on her Majesty’s interwebs, free of charge. What aren’t you waiting for?

In other short news, Legends, Stories in Honour of David Gemmell, is now available in Hard and Softcover editions from Newcon Press, featuring my story Skipping Town, among a galaxy of other authors. A share of the profits go to the undeniably good cause of supporting the David Gemmell Legend Award which I just lost for the fourth time. Not that I’m upset or anything. These are tears of joy for Brent Weeks.

It’ll be positively raining short fiction of mine over the coming months, in fact, as I’ve got another story (A considerable over 10,000 worder) in GRRM & Dozois’ next anthology Rogues, which I believe is complete and due next year, as well as three more stories (2 already written) which we’ll be serving up with some new editions of the First Law trilogy. Stay tuned for news on those…

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  • Chevi77 says:

    Interesting to say the least… Is that short with Shy South pre or post Red Country?? I know you always move forward with your characters and stories, but I wonder if you did not write before Red Country to have some background for her personality, story, etc.

  • Smoochie says:

    From the Tor link: Abercrombie is also a freelance film editor and lives and works in London.

    I thought you’d moved to the West Country. What chance does a honest stalker have with this level of misinformation flying about?

  • Deb E says:

    That was fun (o:

  • sword1001 says:

    Thanks, no need to buy the book now 😉

    It’s a good story, but it highlights the reason I don’t like short story collections . . . they always leave me wanting more

  • Hmph.

    I know I should get with the groove and get into short stories and novellas… but I can’t. I want a big, fact, 120,000 word opus, Abercrombie. and I want it now!

  • danielle says:

    I have already bought this book, unfortunately I have to wait a month until I can read it. I was hoping that the woman you picked to write about would be ferro… no such luck.Good prequel to red country however. What did happen to ferro???? I want to know. I read all your books in a week, At least I found out what happened with the bloody-nine.

  • SwindonNick says:

    Enjoyed it a lot thanks. Surprised at the publishers giving away “the precious” for free!

  • Jordan says:

    Very cool news.

    Regarding the new editions, I just saw on that it seems like a new paperback edition is being published in the U.S. soon (November 13), which has the British cover.

    Will this contain the short story that went with one of the British editions?

    Also, doubt you will offer spoilers, but really interested in knowing about the subject of the story being published in Rogues.

    My guess would be a first meeting (Vitari and Shenkt? Vitari and Morveer? Vitari and Monza?)

  • MatthewG says:

    Well, I was going to say something flippant about ‘why bother buying the collection now if they’ve given away your story for free’, but then I had a look at the other author’s stories & realised there should be at least one or two more decent shorts in there… Martin & Butcher/Lindholm/Sanderson; though Butcher’s burnt out, Lindholm’s repetitive & Sanderson’s passionless…

  • Morgan says:

    Finally some good news.

  • red snow says:

    I do hope this means there’s going to be a collection of your short stories at some point? I understand them being scattered around for marketing reasons but this would make a nice anthology for us in a 2 years time (when the first law thirst is getting strong)

  • Simon Ellberger says:

    Will the new editions contain any changes to the text of the original First Law Trilogy books?

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