February 15th, 2008

If you should have a few spare moments at work and need to fritter them away needlessly on the internet (and let’s face it, you almost certainly already fritter at least 70% of your time on the internet or there is NO WAY you would have found your way HERE), you could do an awful lot worse than visit Joseph Mallozzi’s Spambait.

Yes, the Canadian internet raconteur, bon vivant, humour stylist, and occasional Executive Producer of Stargate Atlantis has finally bowed to his own popular demand and gathered together in one place his email responses to various internet scammers, including contributions from the Cookie Monster, FBI Agent Felix Wexler, and my own personal favourite, Baron Destructo.

I suggest you begin with the brief Baron Destructo’s response to Mr. Zemin. If that appeals you could graduate to his lengthy discussion with Martin Holme, and take it from there…

Brilliant stuff.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Longtime fastly reader of Big Mick blog I wish to say not so gritty thank you for Before They Are Hanged which I like to enjoy reading very much. Thank you for preparing book with extra mustard. Yum yum good.

    I ask muchly if frittered time is delicious like deep fried Happy Meal. If roughly equivalent then must consider give up frittering cold turkeys. Gladly to find your blog link waaaay back in 2007 in Joseph Mallozzi’s blog. Fritter time estimate of “at least 70%” now sliced at least 50% by deep fat fritter fryer and at least 99% by having link to happily click. Add 0.02% click time and here you are. You do math.

    Spambait much more very funny than one Amazinly weird book review and or especially this comment, also much tastier than Spam in can, even with nice dry white. Mr. Mallozzi is funny like Mr. Abercrombie on a sesame seed roll in laugh out loud parts of his books.

    Back to cursing at computer for The Last Argument of Kings not able to being ordered yet.

    Best wishes for all future and books to come.

  • Anonymous,
    I agree unreservedly with everything you’re saying.

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