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November 11th, 2012

Monday finds me in Brisbane, following a brilliant event with Ellison Hawker bookshop in Hobart.  A big thanks to Richard and the rest of the folks that made that happen, as well as the good people of Tasmania who turned out to see me.  I’d have liked to stay longer but sadly had to be up at 3 for a flight to Brisbane.  I’ve been at SupaNova over the weekend, which I guess you could say is Australia’s answer to Comic Con, signing books, talking out of my ass, and watching the Cosplayers swarm by, some in fantastic costumes, and some in fantastically ill-advised ones…

Meanwhile the press chugs on.  Nice to see a review in The Independent, since I don’t think I’ve ever been reviewed there before, and doubly nice since it’s rather a nice review too:

“This is not the epic fantasy of your fathers. Abercrombie has attempted something quite audacious – he’s essentially written a Western in the style of one from Clint Eastwood’s classic period, but set it in an epic fantasy world. And, darn, if he doesn’t pull it off … Red Country reads like neither a Western nor a fantasy novel, but something new, fresh and exciting – exactly what a genre still worshipping at the altar of J R R Tolkien needs.”

And another nice review from Nick Sharps at SF Signal:

“The exploration of themes is Red Country’s highest accomplishment. The characters are believable in their cowardice and their courage, and those recurring characters are bound to incite no small amount of excitement. The action is intense and grisly. The writing is finely constructed.”

Many interviews about also.  One with Michael Flett at Geek Chocolate.  A concise little video interview with Megan at Shearer’s Bookstore in Leichart.  And a much longer interview via skype with Dark Matter webzine.

Right, now to Canberra, and then more SupaNova in Adelaide.  I’ll look forward to seeing some of you there.  And, incidentally, I believe Red Country is out in the US as of tomorrow…

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  • Elfy says:

    Real shame you didn’t make it Melbourne, would have loved to have you sign my copy of Red Country. Thanks for writing that it was capital A Awesome and one of the most fun things I’ve read this year.

  • Slogra says:

    Thanks for reminding me about it being out tomorrow, Mr. Joe. Been re-reading Ice and Fire, and I needs some new gritty fantasy! (On a side note… after the disappointments of the 4th and 5th Ice and Fire books, I’d much rather read an Abercrombie. But of course I might just be saying that since I’m on your webs…)

  • Brian says:

    Thanks for the event in Hobart, it was a great evening. My wife, who attended somewhat reluctantly, now wants to read your work after enjoying the q&a session.
    Brian from Hobart, with the red truck that is actually yellow.

  • Jake says:


    *collapses through the door gushing numerous stabwounds while muttering incoherent dribble*

    Head hits boards.

    This is exactly how I felt the very moment I discovered, realized, and contemplated the dread and horror that I shall have to wait until tomorrow to grasp my copy. Why?! Why must you torment us slaughtermaester?!

  • Hope to make it down to Adelaide Supanova to meet you in person. Red Country’s a mighty fine tale.

  • Dave says:

    Wow I forgot the American release was yesterday. I paid double to get it shipped from Britain (isn’t this illegal in some way?) and got it 3 weeks ago. More than worth it!

  • Andrew says:

    Any plans to come to the US?

  • Luke Kennedy says:

    Hey Joe! Question man: Will be stopping by in Ireland? If you are not, then would you consider to? It’s probably a lot to ask, but in the dire of need of meeting the man who wrote an absolute gem (The gem is bearded and covered in blood of course) it would be greatly appreciated; The irish fans and myself.

  • David Wagner says:

    Joe! Congrats on Red Country. I hope it is a devastating success, that you become a billionaire, and make a bloody attempt at world domination. You have my support. And my axe!


  • The Grumpy Buddha says:

    Just picked it up on the Kindle — loving it so far! (There are a few missing quotation marks in the dialogue, though, which is kind of annoying.)

  • The Grumpy Buddha says:

    Also, everything David said.

  • JDA says:

    Just got my copy on the way home from work. Looking forward to devouring this one Joe.

  • Mike the Jones says:

    Hey Joe, this is strange but I’m a fan and I haven’t read a single book of yours yet. I worked a night shift with a mate and ended up talking about your books over the whole night. I was waiting to borrow the first book off another mate, but after that night shift I ordered all 6 from amazon when I got home. Now feels like Christmas waiting for them to arrive.

  • Brandon says:

    Red Country arrived Tuesday night, but I had meetings for my kids wrestling. I like to read in the morning for an hour or so while the kids get ready for school. Helps to clear my head, I then drop off the kids and start my day… Yesterday, the kids were late to school, late getting picked up and I ate a dinner prepared by a 5 & 6 year old. Now I get to clean up that mess, and work twice as hard to make up for yesterday. And I will be doing it with a smile on my face. Yesterday was one of the absolute funnest days I have ever had. And my friends and family would tell you, I specialize in a good time.
    So I paid $21 for my book, ate some crunchy top ramen for a meal, cleaned up a HUGE mess from the kids (WTF, how the hell could they destroy the kitchen making ramen noodles?), and play catch up for a day. Your only going to make millions off of this, and have super hot nerd chicks throwing themselves all over you. I’m feeling a little guilty, is there something else I can do for you? I don’t want any hard feelings if we ever meet, but it feels like I’m ripping you off.

  • Shane says:

    Joe or fellow fans, should I re-read the first law trilogy and the stand alone books before delving into Red Country? I know I probably should of done this months ago but I don’t have a ton of time but want to experience the book at its best.

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    Forget re-reading, a true fan RE-BUYS all the books every time a new one comes out…

  • Shaun Deacon says:

    Can’t wait to tear into Red Country sir. I do hope to eventually see the Bloody Nine again so that he might bury an axe into Black Dow and Bayaz and put them back to the mud. Those are two of the best villains in, not just fantasy, fiction today.

  • Slogra says:

    This book delivers so far. How could the sixth book in a series deliver? It’s either a mystery as to why other authors don’t accomplish this, or how one accomplishes it at all.

    That having been said… Mr. Abercrombie, you have me jumping every time you introduce “new” characters. You have such a rich history to reach from that I expect every non-descript little girl to secretly be Bayaz in drag, or some such thing. Like a character from your latest, I’m constantly expecting Juvens himself to come skipping along at any moment.

  • Daniel Soussan says:

    Hey Joe. Literally (i.e. 30 seconds ago) finished Red Country and wanted to thank you and to congratulate you. Your best yet. Loved every second of it mate. Echoing the comments of others in that I hope you make it down to Melbourne sometime soon. Already looking forward to your next book – please keep em comin’!! 🙂 cheers DS

  • neoloki says:


    I imagine you are very busy these days with obligations surrounding your new book, but i am wondering if you are playing any games currently. I just picked up Dishonored and am hoping you will be doing a blog post on the game in the future.

    Thank you for another great read and Pacey is an amazing narrator for your audio books. He should read everything of yours in the future if possible.

  • Crowbar says:




  • AntMac says:

    I honestly enjoyed that morethan somewhat. It is full of scenes that had me laughing aloud with glee, and grinning with anticipation, cringing with fear for some REALLY EXCELLENT CHARACTERS ! whom one didn’t really want to see die horrible bloody deaths.

    As a person who has been lowly monkey on cattle farms, I thought you really beautifully captured the cow-distaste everyone develops who has to do with the stupid creatures.

    Thanks a million, Mr A, I got a lot of pleasure from that work.

  • ssgorik says:

    Just finished Red Country. These last three books fit really well as a trilogy, you should give them an (un)official trilogy title. Seriously, if they have one problem it’s that I have to call them the standalones. Of course, now I’m expecting you to say you’re calling them The Standalone Trilogy.

  • Nick says:

    Hi Joe wish i could have made the event last Wednesday but i had to work. I should have just shut the shop and let everyone go thirsty. Hope you enjoyed the whisky half as much as i enjoy the book. Thanks

  • Zissou8 says:

    Very sharp, sir. Very sharp.

  • RewWrecks says:

    No pressure, but when is the next book coming out?

    I would never say you are a brilliant fantasy writer.

    If anyone were to ask me. I would tell them you are simply a brilliant writer.

  • Dave Wagner says:

    Shaun Deacon… I take it you haven’t read The Heroes yet..?

  • Shane says:

    Welp took your advice Joe and bought new Hardbound copies of the First Law trilogy, mainly because I didnt have hard copies yet but still! Red Country was amazing you’re still on top of my list when it comes to fantasy writers.

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