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Radio Ga Ga/Verbal Smackdown

So it would appear I am due to be guesting on a Radio 5 Live spot hosted by Dotun Adebayo on the morning of Monday 27th of July all about fantasy fiction. Well, it’s kind of the night of the 26th, unless you get up really, really early, since it’s taking place between 0200 and […]

Forthcoming Appearances

Notification of a few writerly trips, some considerable time in advance, and all subject to change, of course: 17th-18th October: Fantastyval in the Netherlands. Yes, I have been invited back to Holland to speak, panel, and read once again. My second book is coming out there in translation in September, I believe, so it is […]

Back from Scandinavia

I have returned from my trip to Scandinavia, and it went most well. It was a flying visit – a day in Stockholm, a day in Gothenberg, and a day in Oslo, with four hours in airports, five hours on planes, and ten or eleven on trains in between – and hence slightly knackering. I […]

Tour Finishes, Email begins

Well, my mini tour of the UK promoting Best Served Cold has now come to an end. Seemed to go very well, on the whole. Talk in Manchester was good, despite at one point losing my train of thought and standing staring into space for an awful lot longer than was comfortable. An informed and […]

Best Served Cold UK Tour ’09

It’s only three weeks until Best Served Cold comes out in the UK. Can you feel the excitement? Can you? To celebrate the occasion, I will be doing an exhaustive tour of the UK, where you will be able to get lovely new beautiful hardbacks of Best Served Cold signed, and perhaps even lined and […]

Scandinavians Rejoice!

Why? Because you have some of the most progressive governments, longest life expectancies, best education systems, aesthetically pleasing modernist furniture, and finest public services in the world? No, not that nonsense! Because of this: I am coming to visit you! Yes indeed, from the 25th to the 28th of June this year, to read from […]

Klatching on

I mentioned earlier that I would be appearing on a panel at sci-fi London on this Sunday May 3rd at 11.00, discussing the new heroic fantasy along with Stephen Deas, Adrian Tchaikovsky and my dear personal friend and bitter rival Tom Lloyd. Don’t miss it. As a further irresistible inducement, I can now confirm that […]

Heroic Fantasy at Sci-Fi London

Heretofore, Sci-Fi London has been mostly a festival for the sci-fi film, but this year they’re also running some literary events, discussions with proper, honest-to-goodness authors such as that clever China Mieville, that insightful Charles Stross, that talented Chris Wooding, and yes, you guessed it, that unbearably smug Joe Abercrombie. You can see the full […]

Aetherica ’09

So I’m due to be a guest of honour at a new Fantasy Convention next year, called Aetherica, to be held in Chester, June 19th-21st. Peter Beagle, of The Last Unicorn fame, is currently the other Guest of Honour. Not sure what my involvement will consist of, but I’m guessing probably a Q&A; of some […]