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The Brief, Wondrous Road of Oscar Finch

For a man who reads few books, I have read quite a few books recently. Three excellent pieces of fiction in particular, though only one of them could be considered fantasy and that of a rather peculiar and fungus-ridden variety. Still, I warmly recommend all three to anyone capable of reading in English, for they […]

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Various things to link to. A lengthy and in-depth interview with me up at Literatopia, a german books-related site. English version here, German translation should be coming shortly. Though it occurs to me that if you can read this, your English is probably good enough to follow the English version. Anyway, we discuss all kinds […]

Two More Things

Tired of reading me make an arse of myself? Now you can LISTEN to me make an arse of myself, because I’ve been interviewed by Michael Stackpole, Summer Brooks and Michael Mennenga at The Dragon Page. I am really not so good at this spoken interview business yet … but conversation runs towards language, violence, […]

The Other The Blade Itself

So I’ve just done a little piece for a website called Writer’s Read, a website where writers say … what they read. Shockingly, I have actually been reading something recently. Thought I’d crosspost it here: Over the last couple of weeks – in an airport, on a flight, and standing on the stairs for an […]

This Writerly Craft

There is a positive Trilogy of Interviews with yours truly up at Writer Unboxed, a site devoted to the craft and business of Genre Fiction and run by a whole set of writers, including Juliet Marillier, who ran this interview. It focuses a lot more on my approach and techniques of writing than the usual […]

Italy, Germany, Greece

Konigsklingen, Heyne’s german translation of Last Argument of Kings, is out a month early, and now available on amazon.de. Get ’em while they’re hot, German speakers… In great news for the ancient nation of Greece, Unicorn publishing have secured rights to translate the entire trilogy into Greek. I think that’s fourteen translation deals for The […]

If You’re Just Joining Us…

Is there no end to the talents of Jon Armstrong? As well as being the author of the acclaimed sf book Grey, he also does frequent and regular podcasts. He’s a nominee for this year’s Campbell Award for best new writer, and he’s in the process of interviewing the other five nominees. This week’s interviewee? […]

Joe Mallozzi’s Book Club Part 2

So I have responded to the questions of Joe’s readers over here at immense and self-indulgent length. Check it out, it is a scream. And exciting. But also makes you think deeply. Kind of like The First Law trilogy, in fact. So if you’ve somehow missed me talking about my general approach to fantasy here […]

Ownership and Back Pain

I did an interview recently with Marcus Lanyon, a London-based artist and occasional reader of edgy yet humorous fantasy, for a piece about ownership in The Royal College of Art Magazine, mostly focusing on working with the staples, cliches, tropes etc, of an established form, and how one goes about trying to twist them, turn […]

Hot New Authors (and me)

Jeff Vandermeer has run an interview in two parts (Part 1, Part 2 and some additional material including a truly mighty cover of the US Blade Itself) with some of the new wave of heroic fantasy authors: Karen Miller, Brandon Sanderson, Brian Ruckley, oh, and that Abercrombie bloke as well. It’s what you call a […]