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In Orbit

Just a quick announcement since there’s been a press release, that Best Served Cold will be coming out in the US with the redoubtable Orbit books. In June 2009 (fingers crossed) roughly simultaneous with the UK release from Gollancz. No bust-up whatsoever with Pyr, who’ve been my US publisher to this point. I’ve got nothing […]

Czech Mate

Oh, that pun really stinks. It really stinks. But like strong cheeses, I find the worst-smelling puns the most enjoyable. Besides, it was that or “Czech it out,” so just think, it could have been a lot worse. Anyway, Czech readers rejoice because I have received my copies of the Czech translation of The Blade […]


British SF&F; Magazine SFX have run a poll of their readers of their 100 favourite SF&F; authors. Can’t be bothered to post the whole thing, so I’ll link to a posting and discussion here on Westeros, where I am occasionally to be found shrilly singing my own praises. As such lists go, and barring a […]

Joe Mallozzi’s Book Club Part 2

So I have responded to the questions of Joe’s readers over here at immense and self-indulgent length. Check it out, it is a scream. And exciting. But also makes you think deeply. Kind of like The First Law trilogy, in fact. So if you’ve somehow missed me talking about my general approach to fantasy here […]

Joe Mallozzi’s Book Club

No, not an offbeat episode of the Sopranos, but an exciting initiative from writer, critic, bon vivant, and Stargate Atlantis joint-supremo Joe Mallozzi. We go back a long way me and Joe. We first met at one of Baron Destructo’s interminable drinks events, it’s a long story, and since then we’ve never looked back. You’d […]

God of Publication Dates Part 3

Ah, forgot to mention one interesting detail (well, interesting to me anyway). Looks as if the UK trade edition of Best Served Cold will be hardback only, rather than the previous setup of a small hardback run and a general trade paperback release. However it’ll be priced about the same as the trade paperbacks have […]

God of Publication Dates Part 2

Well, here are two publication dates that I’m pretty sure won’t move back. Why? Because the book’s already written, that’s why! Last Argument of Kings will be out in the US in September, from Pyr books. You can order it now on amazon.com. Before they are Hanged actually shipped a month early, so you never […]

The God of Publication Dates

Gather round, my friends, for I have some (slightly) bad news. Publication Date for Best Served Cold has moved from April 2009 back to June 2009. Only a couple of months, which is probably small fry for some of you folks who are used to waiting for books, but I thought that you should be […]

Clarke, Morgan, Tiny Trousers

I was at the Arthur C. Clarke Awards last night. Richard Morgan won, for Black Man. Wooooh! Go Gollancz! Etc. Here he is, with award: Thanks to Jon Weir for the picture, and many congratulations to Morgsy, couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke. I know what you’re thinking. They give you a book? Surely the […]

Me? On TV?

So, you’re never going to believe this, right, but I was interviewed for a TV show the other day. No, not as an eyewitness to/perpetrator of violent crime, but as a bonafide EXPERT on the field of FANTASY WRITING. I know what you’re all thinking, but wait, wait, it gets worse. Contributors to the series […]