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Germany on FIRE…blade

The German language edition of Before They are Hanged is available on amazon.de – Feuerklingen (or Fireblade for the Engish-speakers amongst us). This is, of course, the breathlessly awaited sequel to Kriegsklingen (or Warblade to you and I). You will note immediately that the German publisher, Heyne, have gone for a much more “straight ahead” […]

American Edition

American copies turned up in the mail a couple of days ago, and my thanks to Lou Anders and all the folks at Pyr for making a very handsome book. Minor changes to the cover – slightly different font, and some capital letters, which I like quite a bit actually – more authority. Same background, […]

Hello America

Although the US edition of The Blade Itself isn’t actually due in stores until 6th September, I’m delighted to report that amazon.com is stocking it from today, and at a generous discount. Only think, you could order that bad boy right now and crack the spine ten days before publication date. Only imagine: for those […]

Best Served Cold

Seems strange to be talking about it, what with the release of Last Argument of Kings still a good 6 months away, and The Blade Itself only just about to appear in the US, but a couple of people have been asking what’s coming next, so: Reached an agreement with the good folks at Gollancz […]

A Tale of Four Covers

Covers. We all know about the dangers of judging a book by ’em, but it’s amazing how many people do. I imagine that most publishing folks would agree with me that they’re the most important marketing tool when it comes to selling a book, especially by an author who may *ahem* not necessarily yet be […]

The State of Things

So, the final part of the First Law trilogy, Last Argument of Kings, is edited and sent back to the publisher. It finally weighed in at a beefy 235,000 words – a good 15% longer than either of the other two – but there’s not an ounce of fat on that bad boy, I can […]

Characters, Worldbuilding, and a Couple of Gags

There’s an interview with yours truly over at Aidan Moher’s blog A Dribble of Ink, where we discuss such matters as: how I got into this crazy game, characters, worldbuilding and so on. I advise you to take a look because it is a hoot. Out of interest he’d also reviewed my books The Blade […]

Up and Running

Welcome one and all to joeabercrombie.com, the website of fantasy writer, film-editor and bon-vivant, Joe Abercrombie. That’d be me. Welcome, specifically, to the blog section, the beating heart of the entire enterprise, where I will be writing and updating regularly (and not at all five times in the first week, once a week for the […]